07-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

can keep moith shut read subtitles on face
let dog on future borrow car
griswold me 5 minutes talking people enough
sign tell her three little words margarita
aliens come in peace two fingers
government have to pay taxes protect what you do if dont how mafia works
clarence thomas affirmative action stigmatize accomplishments racial preferences
student loan shock faints ambulance share national debt
want me to trust science stop telling me man woman expert healthy
zuckerberg winklevoss facebook threads user data

Liberals: “Conservatives Made a Movie. We Haven’t Seen It, But Thumbs Down 👎”

media running attacks sound of freedom thriller

rotten tomatoes sound of freedom
caviezel movie expose child trafficking left media fck you are

The Communist Entertainment Industry

josef stalin kill 4 times as many people as hitler

Over four decades ago, as a former head of the Screen Actors Guild in Hollywood, Ronald Reagan sounded the alarm about the communist infiltration of the movie industry. Occasionally, mixed in between hundreds of superhero and LGBTQ shows, you’ll see some event from history covered in today’s movies. It’s almost always some anti-American propaganda piece such as the endless amount of movies covering slavery and racism of the past. One of the few historically neutral topics is Nazism, where many movies such as Schindler’s List have detailed the attrocities. Hitler is synonymous with evil, even in the most history-ignorant of Americans. What about Stalin and the USSR, which in many ways was far worse than Hitler & Nazism? I’d guess that 90 percent of Americans know little or nothing of Stalin’s brutal communist regime.

As for Hollywoord, can you think of ONE SINGLE MOVIE OR SERIES ever that covers the topic? Sure, right, Hollywood definitely isn’t made of communist propagandists! 👌 But hey, a conservative made a movie based on a true story, so that’s definitely “QAnon adjacent” propaganda. 🙄


Attention Peasants: No Gas Cars, No A/C, No Gas/Wood-Burning Stoves, No Meat, Eat Your Crickets…

tweet climate steven spielberg superyacht carbon emissions

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mulvaney destroying multibillion company over this
tweet texted wife how day limes answer
tweet netflix search bar know what want dont have
tweet ticketmaster 55 ticket 400 total

Quote of the Day

quote rumi beat 40 scholars fact one idiot

Message of the Day

message stop talking speaker phone public

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05-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

lemon drops teds pocket pool
introverts anonymous nobody showed up
teenage daughter cat comes out eat hisses be nice
facemask sign will trade toilet paper for gas
world economic forum climate change priority jet planes
ron swanson taxes government greedy piglet taxpayer nipples
democrats midterms inflation bidenomics open borders upply chain empty shelves
stick come on facebook do monkeypox info box
liberal npc abortion ban ineffective guns
trojan shitty named for condoms broke stronghold guys poured out
disinformation governance board we will think for you
joe biden inflation transitional transitory green
wear mask government greatest children threat covid climate change
babylon bee lebron james confused by hockey players knocked down up not crying
willy wonka tell me again police protect me if give up guns

Easy Way to Know If a Movie/Show Is Worth Your Time

rotten tomatoes ricky gervais supernature

As with the Academy Awards, critics at Rotten Tomatoes are dominated by woke, whiny, far-left liberals who give few points to the artistic merit or entertainment value of a show. Instead, whether or not it sticks to the Leftist script is an overriding factor. Luckily though, they give two scores–the leftist critics and the normal audience members. Whenever you see a wide disparity in ratings, you know there is a political angle the Left either really loves or intensely hates. Ricky Gervais’s politically incorrect comedy show is a perfect example.

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet breathe quieter walking up hill bystanders fighting for life
tweet crossed lose my sht off list productive
tweet texas law enforcement mrap ready battle covid lockdowns

Quote of the Day

quote collective fear russell ferocity not members of the herd

Message of the Day

message life like soccer use your head need good swift kick

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