04-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cant watch movie dog dies serial killer netflix relax
traffic lane closed we felt like it
charles manson oj dry heat
history books left england taxation theft
multimillion realty corporations real estate market kids average want to buy
what if the view scientist fast food construction worker doctor instead of rich lady
founding fathers watching trade away rights totalitarianism security pathetic
most goverment jobs welfare unnecessary change my mind
unlucky genetics diet cereal fast food oils sugar no exercise
new communist leaders seize power for themselves no free stuff
trump poll numbers up media insanity
grim reaper oj simpson george soros in
news npr liberal fainting gop

Being a Solid Voting Block for Democrats Is Working Great for You Young People 👍

headline millennials gen z groceries splurge
headline liberal white women under 30 mental issues
gen z cant live on income president ukraine billions aid

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x daughter donate toys sisters ready to be politician
x have undivided attention cant get my attention add
x apocalypse rich people safe bunkers rattlesnakes air vents
quote ramsey gun or government take money thief
message make sure brain connected tongue start talk

No Matter How Much You Think You Hate the Media, It’s Not Enough 🙄

x ap legendary athlete actor oj simpson homeland german dream

Keep Spending, It Will Be Fine 👌

national debt interest exceeds defense spending
us debt clock 20240412

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03-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

amphibious pitcher makes debut right word print
dog want rock stick road kill cat gormet meal
the dude trophy husband participation one
sponge bob only serotonin molecule brain dead cells
tell my grandkids taylor swift dee snider
someone visits page wholesome content lost
me 2050 patiently waiting electric cop car battery die
blank complete list scotus justices trump colorado ballot constitutional
cavemen ban fire before someone gets hurt first liberals
if build back better was person
joe biden breaking us border wall cbp blame congress fault
just paid taxes illegals should get refund soon
took highest court land cant punish never been charged with
zuckerberg admit it thought banned you for last stupid meme you posted

Message of the Day

message wont take medical advice biological males babies breastfeed

Remember–You’re a Right-Wing Extremist if You Want to Control Spending and Balance the Budget 🙄

headline turkey inflation rate soars

CNBC: The U.S. national debt is rising by $1 trillion about every 100 days

book reading way pay gas electric prostitution inflation

Because All Industries & Companies Started Price Gouging Simultaneously 👍

headline biden ftc doj crackdown on pricing

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Social Media Posts of the Day

x schneider gavin newsom gas prices to nation california
x we had 24 hour walmarts 1 dollar mcchickens had it all
x food label 70 different names for sugar first ingredient
x liberals government founded slavery protects powerful make bigger

Quote of the Day

quote biden nation good hands end of quote dont repeat smile and wave

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02-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog squirrel master treadmill walk sprint
sign ace hardware plumbing issues next door taco bell
problems overblown drugs quicksand not warned bagging area passwords dread
please dont feed the government taxes
california burger menu 20 dollars hour gavin newsom
gemini not artificial intelligence artificial racism
un americans own 46 percent worlds guns registered ones bart homer simpson
babylon bee democrats concerned biden too old finish destroying country
media democrats cpr reviving racism

No Worries–Paul Krugman and Robert Reich Said We’ll Be Fine 👍

us national debt per citizen 100k

U.S. National Debt Clock – Real Time

breaking bad friend researched fiat money works

Social Media Posts of the Day

x libertarian milei first argentina budget surplus
x top streamed shows all old why the hill
x girl allowed earth shattering scream once a day
x planned parenthood toddlers boy or girl son spiderman
x it was solar flare guy ate bat in wet market same people

Quote of the Day

quote joe rogan mental health problem disguised gun tyranny security

ICYMI: Summary of Last Trump Verdict

summary new york trump economic assassination new york
joe biden stalin show me political opponent ill find you the crime

Message of the Day

message imagine what government politicians did couldnt see crimes on phone

Explanation of Big Tech on Artificial Intelligence

Link: https://twitter.com/MattWalshShow/status/1760756960452821446

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