03-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

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breaking news lucky charms announced keeping leprechaun irish not over sensitive little bitches
coronavirus covid sponge bob me living thru y2k 2012 swine flu justin bieber
dr fauci 2035 masks year 2035 moving goalposts
government media shoving marx book covid 19
kermit making healthy people act sick masks munchausen syndrome none of my business tea
virginia school system drops dr seuss racist
joe biden you aint black clarence thomas you aint president
stop identity theft covid flu

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet kevin sorbo 2nd amendment muskets write me with quill horseback

Quote of the Day

quote clarence thomas if fail to give clear rules elections erosion voter confidence

The Corruption Scams Are Always the Same

How Biden’s ‘American Rescue Plan’ Leaves Flyover States In the Dust
Warren’S Wealth Tax Would Cost 100 Richest Americans $78 Billion
Biden Prepares to Push $2 Trillion ‘Infrastructure’ Plan

So Biden is pushing $3.9 of entirely new spending on top of our $5 trillion dollar annual budget, in a country that takes in annual tax revenue of less than $4 trillion and already has a national debt of $28 trillion. This is INSANE! As always, they throw a few dollars at the public, give it a fancy name like “Covid Relief” and “Infrastructure Repair,” then kickback almost all the money to special interests and campaign contributors. In this case it’s $1400 “stimulus” checks that go to less than half of Americans, which amounts to less than $200 billion, or about 5 percent of the total spending.

To put in perspective how much of a scam this is, if the government sent $10,000 to every man, woman, and child in American, it would total about $3.28 trillion….compared to Joe Biden’s $3.9 trillion. Special spending bills are nothing more than political slush funds. The “wealth taxes” pushed by Elizabeth Warren are just political theater. Even if this one works as intended, which is highly unlikely, it only raises $78 billion, or about 2 percent of the total! The “tax the rich” cover allows them to pass 2000-page bills that slowly come for income of the middle and lower classes.

Don’t fall for it, no matter how much you want your $1400 bribe money now!

joe biden deeper far left agenda debt digging
covid relief pork help taxpayer breathe pig
tweet candace owens biden covid relief stimulus

Message of the Day

message after biden last month glad did nothing for 47 years

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01-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

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shawshawk redemption 2020 2021 sewer
order 3 ways online adult happy meal does it come with toy
sister athletic awards brother academic me meme collection cats
tweet notice how cows all have female names miogyny dont want yogurt from male cow
2nd hand anti trump whistleblower mainstream media my hero 1st hand election traitor
joe biden kamala harris porta potties america car
modern socialist uber starbucks social media complain about capitalism
mcconnell when asked 2000 of taxes back trying to kipnap what ive rightfully stolen princess bride
betty white im still here bitches 2020 can suck it

Tip of the Day

bert no rules saying new years resolutions cant be for evil

Flashback Reminder

top lies of 2020 15 days flatten curve antifa myth peaceful protest voter fraud

Lesson of the Day

In the history of civilization in regards to trade, there have been essentially two kinds of currency. One is based on commodities that have inherent value, such as food, oil, land, and clothing. The second isn’t based on any real value, but the perception of value, often called fiat money. In other words, its value is entirely based on what we as a society say it is worth. This would include government currencies (such as the dollar, euro, or yen), digital currencies (such as bitcoin), and precious metals (such as gold and silver). Recessions, depressions, and sometimes entire economic collapses are often rooted in governments’ manipulations of their currency. Two examples are Chavez’s Venezuela and Germany’s 1920s hyperinflation. Governments devalue their currency to cover out-of-control debt & mismanagement.

This is precisely what is happening in the U.S. right now. The FED is using all its tools to expand the money supply, while the treasury is spending trillions in extra deficit spending. Nothing real is coming from these actions. They’re simply changing the perception of value. Let’s look at an example. Most people have received $1200 stimulus checks are a set to receive $600 more. You may ask, why can’t they give everyone, say $5000…or even $1 million each? Wouldn’t that solve all our problems? Without even considering the future taxes needed to cover the cost, if everyone is now a millionaire, prices are going to go up on nearly everything. Apple can charge $20,000 per iPhone since everyone can now afford to pay it. A house previously selling for $250,000 may now sell for $2,000,000. Rent, food, cars, travel, and everything else would go up in price because in terms of economics, the entire demand curve has shifted. So that million dollars in terms of purchasing power doesn’t make you any richer. The only way to avoid this inflationary effect is to eventually raise taxes and decrease the money supply.

Despicable politicians of both major parties know all this, but they’ve decided to take advantage of the economic illiteracy of Americans. Their only concerns are staying in office and expanding their power, which is accomplished by the perception they’re “helping” us, not to mention the nominal increase in stock market prices. Future leaders will be left with cleaning up the mess, while current politicians will all be long gone. Whatever “stimulus” checks you get in the future, be sure to save them to pay the higher taxes & prices coming down the line.

10 minutes after friend asks what federal reserve does always sunny in philadelphia
ocasio cortez theres more where that came from stealing from wallet to give
bitcoin is not money and is based on thin air federal reserve
question of day when are we going to flatten us national debt curve

Quote of the Day

reagan government spends money like drunken sailors unfair theyre spending own money

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tweet vision my sanity like drawstring sweatpants hanging by a threat

Message of the Day

message if i havent offended yet look through posts in there somewhere

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11-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

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cashier puts protective glass coronavirus customer putting face through
elf me sitting at kids table to avoid talking politics
it clown veggie tray last time asked
steps how to cook turkey win stuff table drunk
inglorious bastards so trump is nazi but lock me in my house take my guns censor what i say biden bingo
liberal praises communism doesnt want to live under mom dads stupid rules
message its been that kind of day i shitzu not corona extra beer
actual photo kayleigh mcenany latest press conference skeletons on fire exploding
clarence thomas matrix red pill blue election ends dispute voter fraud
joe biden dominion buy 1 get 10 free 4am delivery only
ca governor newsome lobbyist dining associate marie antoinette collection
new york closed out celebrating cuomos covid emmy highest death toll economy free fall

Question of the Day

question of day when are we going to flatten us national debt curve

Bush, Obama, and Trump used 9/11, the Great Recession, and Covid as excuses to massively raise spending levels, respectively, yet the bulk of spending increases weren’t crisis-specific. As with taxes and taking of civil liberties, the government will always use crises to put through changes the population normally wouldn’t accept. Don’t expect spending to go back to normal levels after Covid calms down. Expect Joe Biden to leave annual spending a couple trillion higher than Trump’s budget in 2019, but it will probably be below 2020 total levels when factoring in “Covid relief” packages and increased entitlement spending (due to more people out of work). Biden can then claim he “cut” spending when in fact he massively increased it. The same technique was used by Obama in 2009. Bush had authorized the emergency trillion dollar TARP program to deal with the 2008 housing crisis, which Obama added in to to set a new baseline spending level. Of course, if they didn’t have such a corrupt, lapdog media covering for them, they wouldn’t get away with it.

quote rahm emanual obama chief of staff never want a crisis to go to waste

Message of the Day

message keep him busy basic needs never full time for freedom bread key jail

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tweet dinest dsouza gop unified is stolen election wont unite with thieves and tyrants
tweet common sense extremists less respect rinos never trumpers than leftists

Quote of the Day

quote judge jeanine cleansing needed in fbi taken in handcuffs

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