11-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

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baby yoda grogu boss leave early sober bored work
alien explaining way of thinking normal people
flight dogue squirrel tennis ball
government racist corrupt corporations give more ony weather liberal
fact checked partially false mostly true
what learn school none of business change gender
babylon bee biden asks for covid amnesty inflation weaponizing war gas prices

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tweet life balancing why not invited how to get out of it
tweet no way maintain dignity pull two shopping carts apart
tweet welcome middle age injuries year to heal
tweet bowl halloween candy office work from home

Don’t Ask Questions, Conspiracy Theorists!

tweet pelosi house surveillance cameras lying about everything
tweet pelosi surveillance body cams common sense
hillary clinton nancy pelosi husband liability help
democrats biden pelosi hammer attack milk almond

Attack on Paul Pelosi: Bring on the Left-Wing Hypocrisy – Larry Elder

Random Pre-Election Thoughts from a Dangerous Extremist Threat to Democracy

Is there anyone in the mainstream media capable of an original thought? Not only do they stick to the same Ruling Class-approved narratives, they use the exact same words. I think the newly-invented term “election denier” has been used more in the past few weeks than in the previous history of mankind. It’s exclusively used by leftist/Establishment types who want to stop all discussion and intimidate the population into whatever gaslighting BS they spew out. “Denier” is being added to everything the liberals want to silence dissent on: climate change denier, science denier, election denier, January 6th insurrection denier….how long before we start hearing Pelosi right-wing attack denier? The denier description is purely to lump anyone who makes common sense observations in with the same nuts as Holocaust deniers. It’s hateful and divisive, and it needs to be answered EVERY time the words are spoken in the way Kari Lake did. BTW, I dare you to try to find the video of her perfect response in a Google search. It’s been filtered out the same way they did with Fauci Covid flip-flops. I found it on the first link in DuckDuckGo.

Speaking of election deniers, why is Biden suddenly focusing all his pre-midterm energy on such attacks? It’s simple–the prominent people who question the 2020 election shenanigans are the exact kind of people that will work to stomp out the Democratic cheating techniques used in this and every future election. Cheating in elections is one of the pillars of Democratic power, and it’s slipping away. Consider all the other pillars that are collapsing:

  • Mainstream Media. Virtually no one believes their BS propaganda anymore. In fact, their attacks on a candidate often drive up that person’s popularity, as it is with Kari Lake, who is opening up double-digit leads despite 100% negative coverage.
  • Big Tech Censorship. People are increasingly using alternative social media and search engines. Twitter, Parler, MeWe, and Truth Social are now owned by conservative/libertarians. Facebook is plummeting in users & influence while their fact checks have become the butt of jokes.
  • Education. Parents are actively working to fix leftist curriculum, moving their kids to private schools, or homeschooling. Colleges are massively losing donations & enrollments as Americans switch to cheap online learning and tech schools, which teach more practical skills rather than what pronouns to use and the joys of communism.
  • Entertainment. Joe Rogan, Gina Carano, Kanye West, Kelsey Grammar, Elon Musk, Aaron Rodgers, Rob Schneider, Adam Corolla, and so many others are starting to break from the mindless Leftist groupthink among prominent celebrities. And few Americans put any stock in their leftist parroting anyway.

So if the Left can’t cheat, they’re screwed. We all know they will try to do a repeat of 2020, but it’s simply not going to work this time. The polls show a massive red wave, more election controls are in place, and there are way too many eyes on everything. Note: Biden’s “voter intimidation” = conservatives passively observing vote counting, filming dropboxes, volunteering as poll works, or simply asking for ID. In other words, ANYTHING that will prevent the Dems from cheating is a “threat to democracy.”

We are witnessing the most divisive president in the history of America, and it’s not even close. Trump was divisive to be sure, but he saved his attacks for Ruling Class/Establishment types and their prominent enablers. Biden, on the other hand, regularly attacks half the population with the most slanderous, hate-filled rhetoric we’ve ever seen. And really, what else can he do than try to turn Americans against each other? Is there anything in his record that can even remotely be spun as a success?

Examining the Biden presidency, one thing that is not getting enough attention is the national debt and annual deficits, which are pushing America to the brink of financial collapse. It’s bad enough that we have record deficits due to insane Covid spending & Biden’s laughably-named Inflation Reduction Act, but consider that already-unsustainable deficits had the advantage of record tax revenues, a by-product of all-time highs in the stock market, corporate profits, and personal income coming out of the Trump presidency. What about next year? The taxes collected from all those stock gains will turn to deductions from huge stock losses. Plummeting corporate & personal incomes means less income tax. As for spending, we know that government never cuts spending once it jacks it up, but consider that most of the spending will not even be controllable. Social security just had one of the biggest cost-of-living adjustment in history. Interest on the national debt is going up with every CPI report & Fed rate hike. Health care expenses are going up like everything else in the inflationary environment. So I’m sorry to say, get ready for deficits like you’ve never seen in 2023…globalists’ Modern Monetary Theory in action.

Speaking of taxes, Dems’ Inflation Reduction Act will double the number of IRS agents to roughly 165,000. We currently have less than 20,000 border patrol agents, in case you were wondering where Biden’s priorities lie.

Sorry to mention Kari Lake again, but she is perfectly executing the most important technique every conservative/libertarian should be using in their campaigns–preparation. As I mentioned, the media uses the exact same talking points across the board. Be ready with a response to every single one, complete with examples and sources. They will no doubt lie, misdirect, name-call, and toss out overgeneralized statements like “experts all agree,” but this kind of BS crumbles when you can whip out reports with quotes & sources. Trump rightfully fought against nonstop unfair media attacks, but too often he resorted to name-calling and personal attacks rather than logic & persuasion, which is why I really don’t think he’s the best person to lead the conservative moment. Ron DeSantis, Kari Lake, Blake Masters, and others are the wave of the future. And yes I know, these candidates aren’t all perfect, but there will never be a perfect candidate, so we must go with ones who have principles and who can change hearts & minds.

bidenocchio nose inflation economy gas son covid
days of brandon marked homes fbi irs might pass them over
twitter execs mainstream media stop free speech elon musk
try to discredit extremist doc holliday no idea

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quote politicians diapers changed often for same reason mark twain

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message th8ngs people integrity do differently

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03-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

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canine motivational speakers whos good boy
new math common core flip bird
sumo trillion dollar propaganda machine memes
hold bone like normal dog
joe biden economy this end up graph
ammo gas lumber prices hard to be redneck
homer simpson inflation trump transitory good putin did it bushes
afraid speak out lose friends no one remember your name
media putin did that america people horn

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tweet gas prices regret not getting daughter pony birthday
tweet wife christmas gift already anniversary this week
tweet parenthood buying kids cheap expensive they will break

Two Systems of Justice

Jussie Smollett Appeal Considered, Actor Walks Out of Cook County Jail

It’s tough to find a more infuriating story the past decade, but I didn’t blink an eye when I saw this report. I guess watching Hillary get away scot-free with virtually every crime in the book has conditioned me to expect this. In your lifetime, how many Americans can you think of who were released after multiple felony convictions while lawyers “worked on their appeal?!” January 6th defendants have spent more than triple the time of Smollett’s full unserved sentence in solitary confinement, many without even being charged with a crime. Is it any wonder why vigilantism is so often seen as the only solution in dealing with the Ruling Class scum that run two systems of justice? You can bet they’ll follow the tried & true formula of delaying court proceedings until people stop caring about the case, then quietly dismiss the charges on a low news cycle day like a holiday weekend.

there is democrat privilege in america change my mind
spent more time facebook jail gave smollet

Inflation – A Mystery Wrapped in a Riddle Surrounded by an Enigma

And That’s Why They Call It ‘the Swamp’: Already $30 Trillion in Debt, 2700+ Page $1.5 Trillion Spending Bill Passed with ZERO Cuts

government spending pig debt taxpayer learn live less
5 year old wish infinity dollars give people wreck economy federal reserve fed
tweet every progressive afford tesla but not student loans
china russia full scale attack biden get climate czar

Wholesale Prices Soar 10% to Highest on Record

Quote of the Day

quote weather john coleman global warming manufacturered crisis

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message homer expecting truth corporate media love from prostitute not why exist

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02-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

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deep thoughts boomers regret no college millennials going to
superbowl should be saturday change my mind
tom jerry dynamite memes support awakening newsfeed
jake state farm patrick mahomes aaron rodgers fun vacation plans february
college majoring cancelling anyone i dont agree with
biden supporters hiding box year later
fauci dont always lie about science kidding all i do
senate hearing supreme court recuse affirmative action cases
nancy pelosi running for children indoctrination crt communism
does ivermectin work google no men pregnant yes
democrats ukraine wag the dog chasing tail
reddit 4 years mostly peaceful protests 1 week trucks honking royalty

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tweet cnn covered up andrew cuomo charges zucker former comms director wonder why trust rogan
tweet want rogan whoopi speak freely if dont like hearing wont listen turn off
tweet would care about groundhog day if different past two years
tweet james olsson board certified cardiologist 700 papers not conspiracy theorist
tweet groupies rockers not down just wanted drugs bang

Don’t Worry. It’s Fine. Everything is Fine.

national debt 30 trillion shaggy

That’s over $91,000 per person for every man, woman, and child in the United States. And since half the country pays $0 in federal income tax, figure $182,000 per taxpayer. On top of that, we’re adding trillions more every year, even before factoring in money flushed down the toilet for Covid crap. Gee I wonder why cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and collectibles are becoming such popular investments lately? 🤔

government spending pig debt taxpayer learn live less
for love of god farley biden pelosi stop spending money doesnt exist debt
joe biden what happens print trillions inflation debt
republicans on national debt under obama republicans now

Patch of New Cult

joe biden patch cult forced vaccinations soviet

Quote of the Day

quote muhammed ali impossible just big word thrown around small dare potential

Message of the Day

message everyone goes through destroys see who are

The Fascists in Power Will NEVER Admit They Were Wrong

Sweden Joins List of European Countries Removing All Covid Restrictions
Fauci’s Gain-Of-Function Conspiracy and Why I’ll Continue To Hold Him, His Allies Accountable – Rand Paul
Covid: The Greatest Government Failure in American History – Stephen Moore
Dr. Ashish Jha Took Less Than One Minute To Inadvertently Demolish The Entire Concept Of Forced Masking

No matter how much new research confirms what common sense folks have been saying for 2 years, Fauci, Walensky, Biden, Trudeau, and the rest of the Branch Covidian leaders will NEVER admit that forced masking is useless & destructive. In solid blue states and the majority of school boards, science no longer matters, freedom doesn’t matter, the health & development of our kids doesn’t matter. It’s now only about POWER and EGO. The time for being polite and nice with these people is over!

quote be nice until its time to not be nice dalton swayze

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