02-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

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finally pay debts enjoy your youth old woman
short circuit ally sheedy telling kids terminator sarah connor
study economics resource allocation hate backwards sunglasses
wife husband when toddler asks dangerous
jones 900 people koolaid fauci hold my beer
dog gear taxes taking from treat budget

Maybe the Gaslighting Facepalm of the Year

Justin Trudeau: Canada “Stands Against Authoritarianism,” Announces Sanctions Against Russia

liberty justice for canada trudeau fascist
wonder list of freedom convoy donors leaked but not list of epstein clients
soldier reporting gave 15 dollars to truckers
sign lets go brandeau justin trudeau

This Can’t Be Emphasized Enough

lesson reality of social credit system criticized government facebook account suspended

Wow – Shocker 🙄

Likely Democrat Voters Overwhelmingly Support Trudeau’s Dictatorial Crackdown

‘The View’ Host Says U.K. Officials are ‘Jumping Ahead of Themselves’ By Dropping COVID Restrictions

Flashback a Few Years Ago

ukraine donated to clinton foundation romney kerry pelosi biden all want trump impeached

Pressing the Reset Button

Do you remember this idiotic moment in American history?

hillary clinton russian reset button

This was Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State under Obama, bringing a ‘reset button’ to symbolize a reset of U.S.-Russian relations after 8 years of Bush wars & threats. I won’t discuss the cluelessness of using a reset symbol that for decades actually meant the nuclear destruction of the planet during the Cold War. Putin walked all over the Obama administration for 8 years, but it’s actually taken only 1 year of his VP’s rule to truly ‘reset’ America-Russian relations…back to the 1950s. Once again, we’re back to useless military & economic warfare in an area of the world most Americans couldn’t care less about, where the costs of involvement far exceed any hard-to-find benefits.

Have you wondered why Putin didn’t invade any countries during the Trump administration? We heard for 4 years how he supposedly was Putin’s puppet. If that were true, why wouldn’t Putin take over all the surrounding countries then? No one would be there to stop him, right? Actually, Trump simply didn’t pose a threat to Putin. He criticized Iraq and the War on Terror. He worked to defund NATO and spoke the very obvious truth of “Why is it still needed?” I get that NATO was needed when we were facing a brutal Soviet madman responsible for 20+ million deaths who was rapidly expanding in Eastern Europe, but those days are long gone. The Soviet Union collapsed 30 years ago. And what good do the U.N., NATO, and other such world organizations really do? If there’s a war or threat, some countries participate while others sit on the sideline. Every country does whatever is its own best interests (well, except maybe for the U.S. under FJB).

Remember, from Russia’s point of view, the U.S. has been fighting wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria for 20 years. We still have troops stationed across Europe. So when Biden, well compensated by the Ukraine government, ships a ton of weapons to them and talks of adding Ukraine to NATO, Putin feels threatened. His buffer is disappearing. Putin is ex-KGB and has been in the Russian power structure most of the last half-century, almost all of which he has been conditioned to believe the U.S. is the world’s greatest threat. There’s also complexity in the Russian-Ukraine history that goes beyond the understanding of most Westeners. There’s obviously better ways for Putin to handle the issues, but nothing good is going to come from this useless tit-for-tat battle. All that will happen is the world economy will nosedive, gas & inflation costs will shoot even higher, and many innocent young men & women will lose their lives.

Chalk up another spectacular failure for President Select FJB, who’s only success has been pumping cash to the defense and pharmaceutical industries.

quote ron paul most threats to liberty near capitol hill

Barely One-Third of Americans Support Biden’s Handling of Russia

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tweet melville wash your hands to freeze your bank account 2 years journey keep safe
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quote george washington people should be armed abuse government

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message never green energy climate change safety slowing spread control

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