09-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bus made it 300000 vehicle personal driver
corky dog head explode squirrels mailbox cat mailman
on diet too rich food stamps poor for food
take her sightseeing dropping clues bj rock
liberal natural polluting environment windmills solar panels better
chalkboard never heard 81 million voters so quiet
lady justice blindfold replaced doj trump head stick
mccarthyism 2.0 have ever been 2020 election denier
flanders homer simpson cdc recommends masks
joe biden whiteboard tax dollars ukraine raytheon lockheed
biden aliases complex money laundering scheme have kamala harris explain
democrats what make mugshot cash raising
explanation federal reserve whats inflation
babylon bee california drought rain evidence of climate change
dont tread on me doesnt represent slavery democrat party logo
fetterman biden feinstein mcconnell spiderman point

Social Media Posts of the Day

x hollywood on strike all summer no one gives af
x newlyweds mine is yours dogs spot
x still afraid of covid masks boosters dont dare demand more mandates
x trump using justice department enemies liberal montage

Hyprocrisy 101: Montage of Liberals Expressing Worry About Trump Weaponizing Government/DOJ

Quote of the Day

quote sowell human condition liberals because others not as wise as them

Message of the Day

message authoritarian on side now wont be history

Random Thoughts of the Day

* Why is that companies can efficiently charge your credit card instantly with one click on a purchase, but if they screw up and owe you a refund, it takes 7-10 business days?

* What goes through the heads of some marketing executives when they design monthly subscription auto charges & renewal? You know the ones–where they enroll you without your knowledge, never inform you that you’re being charged, or make it time-consuming and excruciatingly difficult to cancel? Do they think they’re going to build brand loyalty and encourage future business by scamming an extra monthly charge or two?

* Who came up with the idea of putting Skip Bayless, Michael Irvin, and Richard Sherman on the same sports show–three of the most clueless, annoying assholes in all of sports commentary? And what is about sports show executives that think, “Let’s hire the cockiest, loud, unsportsmanlike, hated ex-players we can find!” Think about it–Michael Vick, Randy Moss, Warren Sapp, Keyshawn Johnson, Deion Sanders, Shannon Sharpe, and on and on. The only reason most NFL fans even know the name Richard Sherman is because of his classless taunting of Michael Crabtree at the end of the NFC Championship, with his follow-up rant to Erin Andrews. I don’t think Michael Irvin, who is totally incapable of speaking at a conversational volume, ever caught a pass is his storied career without doing some kind of in-your-face celebratory taunt. I miss the Barry Sanders’s of the world, who would celebrate amazing plays by handing the ball to an official or fan. At least I’m thankful Irvin, Bayless, and Sherman are all isolated on the same show now, which makes it easy to skip.

* Speaking of sportsmanship, I love baseball, but why is it taboo in Major League Baseball to shake hands with opponents at the end of games, which is commonplace in almost every other sport? At least in MLB, they know how to handle overly celebratory & unsportsmanlike players, who can expect high & tight brushback pitches at their next at-bat.

* I regularly see ridiculous polls such as 64 percent who would never vote for Trump, or 53 percent of Republicans who wouldn’t support him as the Republican nominee. If these idiotic polls were even remotely close to true, then why are Democrats so anxious to keep him from running in 2024? Why not let him run, get slaughtered, then pursue any legal actions afterwards, if necessary? Is it because, as usual, the polls are total bullshit? Or maybe because it’s more important to continue criminalizing the questioning of a stolen election? 🤔

* The Biden admininistration began their new Medicare “price negotiation” program–yet another government idea which sounds good on the surface. What in our past experience leads us to believe that ANYTHING government gets involved with in health care will lower costs? Putting aside the crony capitalism corruption that will likely occur as political allies are rewarded (and enemies punished), when government implements price controls, two things happen — 1) consumers over-buy something they wouldn’t have spent on if the price was higher, and 2) suppliers stop producing the good or service, as the potential profit is reduced or eliminated. Both lead to shortages, and guess what happens to prices when you have shortages? Plus, as with other medical costs, when health care providers are forced into lower payouts for Medicare, they jack up the prices to non-Medicare patients. People love to hate on health insurance companies, but I remember a time when health insurance was ultra-cheap, so cheap that it was provided standard no-cost to almost all employees. Then, government had to stick its nose in things, more than tripling the annual cost from 1992 to 2016. Bill Clinton started the trend with HIPAA and other legislation. George W continued with his Medicare Drug Program, etc. Then, of course, the biggest meddling legislation, Obamacare. While de-regulator Trump was in office, costs rose only at the same low rate of inflation (which was practically nothing back then), but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence. Just in case, government should definitely get involved again. It surely will work THIS time! 👍

nfl defensive backs celebrating after qb overthrows wide open receiver

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03-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kids 2050 2019 2022 history test
nine letter word intoxicated shtfaced
dieting tip fill up gas cant afford food
biden russia oil dollars ukraine dont ever give up
allowing businesses reopen not creating new jobs change my mind
putin arrest fake news cnn fleeing
pray for ukraine wait kenosha blm
beavis butthead cccp ccp tshirts
that 70s show biden russia inflation gas prices
shining gold mask up restaurant 700 days 2 weeks slow spread
great reset covid 19 war economic crisis train
nancy pelosi stock companies coming world war
peter principle kamala harris responsibility incompetence

Wokeness Priorities

tweet major nfl suspensions rice peterson hardy ridley gordon

And don’t even get me started on the fines/suspensions of healthy players who visited a restaurant or didn’t wear a mask or during the season.

Note: the Ray Rice suspension eventually was increased, but only after video emerged of Rice hitting and dragging his knocked-out-cold girlfriend off an elevator. Beaten women–ho hum, whatever. Bad PR look for the NFL–OUTRAGE!

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet indoor masks ignore guidance office turntables
tweet bassler covid gaslighting manipulation government pharma wake up millions
tweet candace owens shutdowns masks punishing dissidents fear dictatorship east have to pass

Don’t Worry, It’s Transitory

commodity price changes over last year oil gas wheat corn lumber

Brainwashed-Induced Hysteria vs. Real Science

Seattle Teachers Union Argues for Continuation of Mask Mandates Until May to Maintain a Sense of ‘Normalcy’

Florida Will Advise Against COVID-19 Vaccines for Children

masks required in school teachers union cover parents eyes

They’re Not Even Trying to Hide Their Plans

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6G3nWyoQ5CQ

Quote of the Day

quote albert einstein blind belief authority greatest enemy of truth

Message of the Day

message only government forcibly extracting money still bankrupt

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12-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when she comes home drunk youre sober cats
leia han ackbar dont have to get anything christmas its a trap
lazy way win christmas decorating yoda
joker it clowns showing 2021 2022
australia copying 1930s germany
me checking for more tyrannical mandates to ignore
with tv no need think for myself perception reality
how have you been liberal joy love peace vs misery hatred discord
donald trump passing torch mean tweets elon musk
merry christmas holiday psaki holy day originated
rioters took everything not defund police woke stickers

Clip & Place in Red Buckets

salvation army coupons redeemable one white apology in lieu cash donation

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet bradford reach biden presidency point telling great

Quote of the Day

quote elon must government biggest corporation monopoly on violence

Messages of the Day

message 1st amendment basics things agree with dont need protecting others written
message biden presidency perfect example why election fraud is bad

Totalitarianism, Fascism, Whatever – Just Keep Changing the Language

tweet pushaw fauci changing words of mandate requirements vaccines masks

Did You Catch How the Left Is Trying to Change the Language on Mask & Vaccine Mandates?

Random Thoughts of the Day

If you play fantasy football, you’ve likely noticed that 100+ players have recently tested positive for Covid, requiring each player to miss 1 or more games, despite the fact the vast majority of cases are asymptomatic. The rest have very light symptoms that go away quickly. I hate to point out the obvious, but why the hell is it so bad to spread an asympomatic infection to some of the healthiest, cardiovascular-strong men on the planet? I’m not a scientist, but my understanding of vaccines (at least pre-mRNA ones) is that a weakened form of the infection is introduced into the bloodstream, prompting an immune response which creates antibodies to protect the person from future infection. Wouldn’t allowing a relatively harmless Omicron strain to spread among these healthy young men accomplish the same effect; in other words, a sort of natural vaccine?

And these are tough NFL pros! They regularly play through sprained ankles, bruises, back pain, broken fingers, and so on. In pre-Covid days, while following fantasy football news, I can think of 100s of times players had a cold or flu during the week. I can’t think of a single time the affected player didn’t suit up on Sunday. Imagine you’re one of these players who’s worked his entire life to reach the postseason & Superbowl, then be forced to sit out with asymptomatic Covid…all because you play for a pack of cowardly, PC pussies too gutless to state the obvious.

As for the relatively harmless Omicron strain, I believe the same kind of thinking needs to be applied to the general population. Omicron might be a gift–an easy way to naturally build Covid antibodies in a large enough portion of the population to achieve herd immunity and end all this nonsense. Instead, we know the powers that be have complete tunnel vision. No matter what the stats, new research, and common sense tell us, they absolutely CANNOT admit they were wrong. Vaccine and mask mandates are the ONLY solution–a totalitarian boot stomping on your face forever.

covid boosters shots drinking pfizer
me watching you play simon says with cdc this week
dr fauci sunny philadelphia covid shots booster mask everyone follow or wont work

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