02-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog cat claiming own spots new mattress flags
virtual reality -3400 bank account deduction
skeletor someone calls you crazy dont know potential
family guy electric chair facebook 30 day bans delete account
black history month begins corporations costanza
fairy godmother scary sickness magic potion
biden dog picture lying dog faced pony soldier battle corn pop
myth government keeps corporations in check fact grow monopoly
biden done all can for border problem car wreck
criminals get out of jail free card blue cities bail
mayorkas processor agent us border promotion
babylon bee new york city replaces thomas jefferson statue lizzo
joe biden robbin hood steal from working poor give to lazy poor

Random Thoughts of the Day

* Sorry I fell behind on some current event memes lately. I’ve been on a 8-day cruise and didn’t feel like paying $25 per day per device for slow, heavily-restricted Carnival internet. I remember a time where Caribben travel meant sun and relaxing food & drinks. Lately, it’s just become overcrowded and filled with a 24/7 barrage of sales pitches or other lines of people with their hands out. I don’t mind spending extra on vacation, but can you please let us go anywhere without having to fend off the vultures?

* So much of travel nowadays, especially at Carnival, is the obsession with pictures. Sure, I love to take a few photos to preserve great memories, but that’s not why 99 percent of photos are taken these days. They’re taken to impress others and portray some lifestyle image. Carnival had someone with a camera at every corner of the trip trying to sell you on some situational photo that usually didn’t portray an actual experience of the guest. Wouldn’t it be nice if we focused our vacations on actually enjoying the time rather than projecting an image of enjoyment?

* Someone tell me in the millions of flights that have taken place to date that the airlines haven’t figured out it’s stupid to load the front of the plane before the back?! Why clog the front with slow-moving passengers who create bottlenecks, preventing the rest of the plane from loading? Slow passengers in back who take forever to pack a bag in the overhead bin can lollygag without blocking the rest of us. Problem solved.

* Paper straws may be one of the dumbest inventions to date. Not only do they make your whole drink taste like paper, they often dissolve & crumble before you finish it, especially in a warm, tropical environment where the beverages are one of the highlights of the trip.

* I’ve blogged about business scams that need to die such as mail-in rebates and hard-to-cancel subscriptions. Another one is the now commonplace one of quoting a smaller price, then tacking on a bunch of added fees such as a “service charge,” “ordering fee,” “convenience fee,” or whatever bullshit term they choose to use. Carnival even charged a $20 “corking fee”–Yes, $20 to remove the cork from a wine bottle. Gee, do you think customers might catch on to the scam of not quoting the real total price? Here’s a quiz for you businesses, do you think customers will love or hate your company more when you pull this crap? 🤔 Just give us the total f-ing price already. If you want a separate line for the additional amount government is stealing, that is fine.

* Related to that, I’ve found there is one question that will stump nearly every salesperson at a cell, cable, or internet company — “What is my total with all fees and taxes?” Granted, I may be the only person in existence who’s ever asked them this excruciatingly difficult question. 🙄 Even after the inevitable long delay to answer, I’ve never once in my life been given the correct overall total by a utility company rep. Again, a question for people at these businesses, what do you think the reaction will be when the customer is forced to pay more than quoted? 🤔

* If you didn’t already know that Nikki Haley was an Establishment hack, the SNL appearance should have clinched it for you. Like Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, Mike Pence, and others, the goal of her campaign has NEVER been about winning. Even campaign interns in their first week on the job could figure out, if you really wanted to win the 2024 Republican nomination, you’d do virtually everything the exact opposite of these people. Even if you want open borders & endless wars, and even if you hate Trump and think he’s the worst possible next president, if you REALLY wanted to win the nomination, you would not be stupid enough to say these things. Nikki Haley is another in the chain of media-pushed candidates who are there for no other reason than to attack Trump and any anti-globalist/anti-war policies. After she loses the nomination fight in a landslide, watch for her to join the rest of the RINO brigade who are far more willing to attack Trump than any leftist candidates. Winning & personal integrity have never been part of their campaigns, or at least not once they joined the list of bribed and/or blackmailed national politicians, destined to join the lobbyist ranks after their destroyed political careers are over.

costanza paper straw dissolve iced tea taylor swift 13th soulmate
airport baggage too heavy plane carry on same
tweet ticketmaster additional fees concert
x rino romney blaming trump over biden for border
nikki haley rino mask 2024 dark money

Social Media Posts of the Day

x foreign invaders stealing future dan crenshaw grasp ukraine
x husband stopped drinking coffee no headaches crises trap him study for science
x havent gotten responses internships same email 4th grade
x called cops own party wanted go to bed

Quote of the Day

quote john mark green younger not fitting in flaw freedom

Message of the Day

message speech policed more than southern border ned flanders

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01-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog dream jury guilty broke treaty in half
child drawing my hero mom
cat devil angel whispers ear shove it nudge glass off counter
far side rx questions prescriptions pill smaller larger go ask alice
gun questions car how much where install driver passenger side
what if spend less steal less my money government clinging to cash
ev charge stuck snow range anxiety manual
fred scooby doo godfather look how they massacred by boy
why so many young people have mental health problems big pharma
modern society coffee made at home 7 dollar made by bisexual starbucks
greta thunberg robot from future programmed kill schwarzenegger

She Still Likes to Brand Herself as an “Anti-Establishment” Candidate 🙄

x cnn exit poll 70 percent haley voters not registered republicans
nikki haley growing up indian girl deep south elizabeth warren

Flashback Quote of the Day

flashback joe biden wont go back to forever wars

Social Media Posts of the Day

x spouse seen meme already stop using same internet
x anxiety worse coffee social media new high score
x before voting government power politician hate in charge

Quote of the Day

quote huxley brave new world systematic drugging individuals benefit of the state

Lesson of the Day

lesson stalin farmers enemy if the people millions starved wef war

Message of the Day

message some of you should thank me for stuff i dont post

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01-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

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taylor swift driving past jason kelce bills stadium
not allowed complain netflix loading 3 seconds dialing attempt modem
girlfriend bed thinking other women giraffe throw up
wife upset husband relax office get in the coffin
see something suspicious say something snowden nsa
hit me up pricing homeschool program milei
me 2050 truck police ban all gas diesel powered cars
remember demolition man future everyone pssies everything illegal
wef milei yes youre all wrong
federal officials airline safety severe intellectual abilities
babylon bee kamala harris the view finally smartest in room
2023 illegal immigration cost 150 billion taxpayers tired poor huddled masses

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x wef right about misinformation biden covid townhall
x asked me what i meant confused too of of mouth
x happy wife happy life philosophy irritated amusing

There Isn’t Enough Space for the Number of Eyerolls This Deserves 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

This is almost as believable as the Patriot Front “white supremacist march” being legit.

x nikki haley teased brown smollett this is maga country
x whiter than nikki haley mayonaise

Playing the victim and feeding outdated leftist narratives — great ways to win more conservative libertarian voters to your camp, Republican Hillary! 👍

Random Thoughts of the Day

* Speaking of staged white supremacist marches, I wouldn’t be so quick to call the recent Patriot Front march a Fed operation. It could be, but it also could easily be something like paid George Soros thugs who were used in the 2020 engineered riots. In any case, I’ve not come across a single right-leaning American–NOT A SINGLE ONE–on Twitter or in real life who believes this is legit. It’s all a show for corrupt/braindead mainstream media lapdogs and the subset of their viewers gullible enough to fall for it. And marching throught New York?! Sure, obviously a hotbed of Trump voters. 🙄 Or at least as many as in Chicago at 2am when Jussie Smollett was attacked. 👌

* Something that really needs to stop is allowing banks 2+ days of float time for transactions. In a time of instantaneous electronic communication, there’s ZERO reason for having to wait multiple business days for access to your funds. With large deposits and weekends/holidays factored in, this can easily turn into a week or more. Banks usually have the most secure and sophisticated technology available, but people using Venmo or Pay Pal on their phones do better? 🙄 This also applies to businesses who can process new order payments instantatenously but require several weeks to refund your money if you cancel or return the item.

* Speaking of things that need to die, another is rebates. In other words, business scams where you pay extra money up front, then fill out a card or online app to get some of it rebated to you. Yes, I get that businesses like the float time for managing cash, but more often than not, they hope the customer will lose the rebate info or forget to send it in. Their motivation is especially obvious when they make it a pain in the ass. “Send us your receipt, model information, cancelled check, where you bought it, blood sample, picture of yourself with the item, blah blah blah….” Then, even if you gather all the info, they often take weeks or months to process, after which they tell you that you’re missing something, hoping the customer will finally just say “F–K it!” If you work for a company that uses rebates in this way, know that I will hate your company. Just like subscriptions that make cancellation a pain, is the small amount of extra cash you squeeze out worth losing my business forever?

* It’s condescending, simplistic, and intellectully weak to apply some common labels & stereotypes to large groups of people, for example, 75 million Trump voters. But it’s amazing how often supposedly intelligent liberals do just that. Pick your “deplorable” adjective–racist, sexist, xenophobic, uneducated, and so on. It’s unfathomable that people can simply disagree with them on an intellectual basis, or perhaps just dislike the other side far more. What’s especially irritating is that leftists are rarely forming their opinions from first-hand experience. In other words, how many Trump supporters do they really spend time with or ask their motivations? For ultra far-left areas like New York, California, and inner city Democrat strongholds, do these liberals EVER venture outside their bubble to actually hang out with people who have alternative views? Could they possibly be forming all their opinions by the alternate realities presented by the MSNBC’s, CNN’s, NY Times of the world? I recently was around four other right-leaning friends and one far-left liberal. He mentioned Nikki Haley being floated as a possible VP for Trump. The rest of us chimed in that there was ZERO chance of it happening, that there would be such a backlash, many Trump voters would stay home. We tried to explain her unpopularity was based on her warmongering, anti-free speech stances, weak immigration policies, her conservative/libertarian backstabbing, etc.  NOPE!!….he explained the real reason was because she wasn’t white. Honestly, the rest of us didn’t even have a clue what he was talking about? If she’s not white, what is she?! And again, what is he basing this on? A few idiots that MSNBC dug up to put on 24/7 repeat? 🙄

All these supposedly elite, educated, sophisticated liberals love to pat themselves on the back on how tolerant they are. They rail forcibly against any kind of stereotyping based on race, gender, sexual orientation, and non-Christian religious views. After all, you can’t so simplisticly label & stereotype such a large group of people based on the actions of a few, right? 🤔 Good thing theeeeeeeeey would NEVER do that! 👍

media liberals trump supporters cultists npc
quote haley ask not what you can do country ukraine israel
americans right to privacy nikki haley taking

Message of the Day

message people cant control you how others view

Quote of the Day

quote libertarian not way of life liberty own values principles rothbard

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