03-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

womens angry levels frown crying smiling level 4
spiking womans ncaa liquid viagra
you cant see grandma adopt a ukrainian escalation
everyone earning under 300k bloomberg buy bulk drowning
those speaking us funded biolabs in ukraine big tech silence
merged all media one state owned platform zelensky hero end of story npc
forrest gump not biologist but know what woman is
joe biden iran nuke program funding
democrats jackson had me at black woman
cyber attacks biggest threat digital currency
dangers of not being biologist jim carrey plunger
post meme lose account hunter laptop sex slaves nobody cares

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet moved to canada trump dictator now under tyrannical trudeau
tweet app tiktok reminder humanity time running out
tweet suv owners fck you see you tomorrow
tweet zeck conditioned poison medicine indoctrination education propaganda news aware enemy
tweet catturd pretty woman to biologist

NYC Rich/Famous People Exempt, Mandate Still in Effect for Everyone Else

Mayor Adams Excuses New York City Athletes, Performers From Vaccine Mandate

james comey silly peasants laws are for poor people

They Don’t Give a Shit About You

joe biden build back better office spill nwo
cant control drilling shipping refining oil price oil lisa simpson

Airlines Ask Biden to Drop Mask Mandates and Covid Testing Requirements
US Discouraging Zelensky from Concessions That Could End War Because War is ‘Bigger’ than Ukraine and Russia
Oh, So That’s Where COVID Relief Money Went

Obviously, the Russia-Ukraine war has SOME impact on the out-of-control inflation lately, but Western powers clearly don’t want the war to end soon as it provides a convenient excuse for their spectacular failures of the past couple years. It doesn’t take an economics Ph.D. to understand why prices on everything are going through the roof, but since the “Russia Russia Russia” tools in the mainstream media won’t point out the real reasons, let me spell it out for you:

  1. Massive Money Supply Expansion from Government Spending & FED Money Printing. Think of the game of Monopoly. All players have $300 and Boardwalk is put up for auction. The final price will be under $300. Now imagine you gave $5000 from the bank to every player. How much do you think Boardwalk will now fetch at an auction? Annual federal spending has increased by 50 percent since 2017, and that’s without factoring in all the “Covid Relief” bills. And 80 percent of all U.S. dollars have been printed by the FED in the last 22 months.
  2. Energy Prices Are Exploding. This is an obvious result of Western nations hamstringing their own energy production under the BS “climate change” guise. Transportation costs just add to end product prices.
  3. Labor Shortages Are Adding to Costs. Higher wages for everyone sounds great, but all those wage increases are simply added to prices.
  4. Ridiculous Covid Restrictions Are Continuing to Hit the Supply Chains. Mask & vaccine mandates make it more difficult and more expensive to hire workers to drive trucks, pack supplies, unload cargo, and so on. Covid testing for travel just slows down shpping time and adds compliance costs.

The solutions are easy. Cut back the money supply & government spending. Take the handcuffs off energy production. Mediate peace in Ukraine. Get rid of the insanely stupid Covid restrictions. Any economist with a brain could tell you all this, but we know Western leaders won’t listen and don’t give a shit about their citizens. Every decision now is about what cements their own power and forwards their Great Reset plans for the world.

10 Reasons for the Labor Shortage and Some Solutions to Fix It

Quote of the Day

quote jefferson issue man govern himself or ruled by elite
trudeau shut down bank account zuck social media biden car schwab own nothing be happy

Message of the Day

message dont forget pay taxes other countries depending on it

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01-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

camping spend fortune live like homeless person
husband speaks in his sleep wife doctor
doctors have to relieve pressure skull take out 2 dozen passwords
babylon bee Texas governor quarantine calofornia
state of union groundhog day meaningless ritual
bull connor jefferson davis joe biden democrats racists unite country
joe biden name one thing republicans for constitution energy no mandates
george soros cash liberal das mayhem communities
chinese prostitutes lik fauci joe hunter biden lebron
us mexico border microphones ukraine russia

Woke Corporations

this week learned green m&m skank

Some of you may wonder why so many big corporations are falling over themselves to become more “woke” and pushing leftist ideology. It not only makes them laughing stocks but often dings their sales, so why do it? Some obvious reasons are to keep the media and cancel culture fascists away from them, as well as achieve favorable tax & regulation treatment from the communists currently controlling our government, but it goes beyond that. An increasing way to measure companies is by their ESG score. This is a numerical score developed by globalists to measure companies’ Environmental, Social, and Governance success. Put another way, it’s a set of arbitrary criteria created by the worldwide Ruling Class measuring how well the company policies fit into their Great Reset plans, where power & ownership of everything is slowly transferred to and controlled by the Ruling Elite.

The ESG score is no joke. Many investment firms won’t touch companies with too low of a score, and the biggest financial institutions and international financing organizations are working to cut off any companies with failing scores. If you think it’s far-fetched, have you not been watching the Big Tech purge of conservative & libertarian communication the past few years? Imagine companies not being able to borrow money, issue stock, open investment accounts, purchase real estate, and so on. We’ve already seen how companies like GoFundMe refuse to help finance anyone who doesn’t go along with their ideology. Imagine the same kind of thing from Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, JP Morgan, etc. Research and learn about ESG. It’s gaining wide acceptance among governments & large corporations at dizzying speeds.

tweet thomas sowell never shortage trying to run other peoples lives
someone from city tell ranchers destroying environment
scientists admit totalitarians covid crisis

Woke Corporate Politics Meme Gallery
11 Things You Can Do to Help Stop Great Reset – Glenn Beck

Clown Show

Walensky: CDC Language ‘Pivoting’ on Definition of ‘Fully Vaccinated’

continuous boosters science not working business-model is
covid bad started all this fauci
americans watching ireland england remove mandates

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet right near arms two weeks slow spread unvaccinated in camps

Quote of the Day

quote rosa parks fck your rules

Message of the Day

message to the rebels see deception lies fight for freedom

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