02-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

my pro bowl tackle vs yours flag football
dog cool bar dont let her know like her wagging tail
being woman hard want to buy kill lose weight sweet
skeletor only difference harassment flirting level of attractiveness hr
feeding providing ukraine israel not usa americans
joe biden closing liquified natural gas terminal putin europe

zoolander defying federal government so hot right now
biden speeches 90 percent hate filled angry rants trump not helping polls
elmo biden one puppet childlike thinking speaking
artery comparison body positive one
biden other countrys borders secure usa open all costs
millennials words hurt everyone born 1995 blazing saddles
babylon bee trump legalize punching vision pro wearers

Social Media Posts of the Day

x nutrious food expensive illness fitness doctors dividends
x confusion senators how many illegals let in zero
x where american journalists challenge zelensky musk bj

Quote of the Day

quote dont live same year 75 times call it life sharma

Message of the Day

message outdoor exercise antidepressant pills synthetic chemicals

You Would Think People Would’ve Learned Their Lesson By Now

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