12-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

The latest media outrage talking point is the “sexist” Peloton ad. It reminds me a lot of the sexist “Baby It’s Cold Outside” lyrics, which were written in 1944 but suddenly became sexist a few years ago. Here’s a tip: if you have to explain to 99 percent of listeners why something is considered sexist, racist, etc., then it’s not! The lyrics for “Baby It’s Cold Outside” are so bad that John Legend wrote new ones for the song. There’s no word yet if he’s going to rewrite all the rap songs about smacking your ho up. These lyrics are “art” and you’re racist if you think otherwise!


Political Memes and Funny Pictures

10 year challenge winner snuggle ted teddy bear
only difference between democrat and hooker one will stop screwing you when run out of money
were going to need bigger bumper kill coal universal child health care green new deal tax rich
democrats announce plan to dangle cash in front of voters
eagles cowboys arguing over futility
saudi terrorist remember something like this 18 years ago ok boomer
mom me running with weird light saber found under bed joker

Quotes of the Day

quotes memorable military vindman mcauliffe farragut john paul jones

Question of the Day

are you a domestic terrorist according to the government

Tweet of the Day

tweet charles payne canada france bad economies but macron trudeau found time to snicker about trump

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