06-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

how to keep same lifestyle inflation fish sushi
math for dummies total 50 dollars
wife kitten talk husband dog understand
husband picking out melons grocery store
hanks gas station pumps crying baseball
joe biden thumping american people putins club
men destroyed nba nfl nascar ncaa usa biden lebron kaepernick wallace lia
babylon bee gas 2 dollars your age 1 year
democrats murder supreme court abortion civility
student debt noose put on taxpayer forgive biden
president destroyed energy independence beg oil country happy pride month

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet 50s grown kids kiddie pool chardonnay no fcks given
tweet spilled coke husbands shoes kid to blame
tweet rhododendron no dinosaurs thesaurus
tweet wife turning 50 last chance woman sex 40s

Quote of the Day

quote sowell change set in ways

Just Let People Live Their Lives

FDA bans Juul’s vapes, pods citing ‘conflicting’ data on potentially harmful chemicals

Vaping is already illegal for minors, so this is really an action to stop adults from a decision that only affects their own health. Personal freedom NEVER enters into the decision-making equation where government is involved.

18 year old no freedom to vape can go to war
this plant based alternative promises to help high schoolers quit vaping

Send These Traitors Packing

Here are the RINOs who voted for red flag laws and other removal of your civil liberties. Primary these swamp creatures out of office! Boo and harass them at every campaign event. If you live in a district not represented by one of them, then pressure your reps to make sure they’re demoted from any committee or leadership positions. Show no more mercy for these Ruling Class slime whose ONLY concern is maintaining and expanding their own power!

republicans voted for gun bill

leftists disarm american citizens intend do things would shoot them for

Do Republicans Even Know What Democrats Did to Them With This Anti-Gun Bill? – Matt Vespa

Message of the Day

message deadliest mass shootings happend after gun control takes away defend government

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07-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

snowflakes never would have made it through our day sanford son archie bunker
older i get more i understand why ernest bass threw rocks at people
imagine if you will world where dont get arrested burning property for not wearing cloth mask
walmart 2 for 8 dollars limit 1 hand sanitizer
joe biden for president mr hand what are you people on dope
budget deficit damn bursting here you go more legislation
we are coming to take your guns away protester sign looking forward to it wyatt earp doc holliday
sorry no questions joe biden going into the basement
babylon bee antifa lectures dday vet how to fight fascism
government must order food at bar coronavirus seeing buffalo wings force field ny cuomo

Random Thoughts of the Day

For the record, if I tested positive for Covid-19, was directly exposed to someone positive, or showed symptoms, I would self-isolate. And if I absolutely had to go out, I would definitely wear a mask…and not one of the reusable paper towels with strings that a lot of people use, but a surgical-grade one. Since I’m healthy, have no symptoms, and have never tested positive, I feel I should be able to go about my day and enjoy my normal freedoms, counting on my immune system to protect me if I do become exposed. I’d have a different attitude on going out, if say, I was a 75-year-old with emphysema, as I’d be putting myself at high risk. Yes, I realize asymptomatic people can transmit, but it’s rare, and I will still wash my hands, socially distance where reasonable, and not cough on anyone. This behavior wouldn’t change even if there were no rules handed down by petty, fascist government dictators or gutless woke corporate CEO’s.

A funny thing happens in a free society where people live with the consequences of their own actions: they use common sense and take personal responsibility! If you’re honest with people and ask for compliance, you’re more likely to bring people together to develop solutions without fostering resentment. Instead, the ruling class has created a divided, hostile environment with ridiculous, arbitrary lockdowns and mandates that tear at the very fabric of a free society. In addition, we’ve been subjected to lies and exaggerations on a daily basis, not to mention the fact our leaders don’t follow their own rules. You may call me selfish for not following every stupid Covid dictate, but I think it’s far more selfish to ask EVERYONE to give up their freedom and quality of life just to ease the irrational fear of a small, loud, obnoxious minority.

farley for the love of god shove the mask up your ass

Lesson of the Day

message mid level local government has more power than wealthiest capitalist

Tweet of the Day

tweet robby soave if public schools teachers unions defund give money private education tutors daycare

Quote of the Day

quote are lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter martin luther king jr

Question of the Day

question would it make you question beliefs only way to win elections lying voter fraud riots destroy economy biden

Big Tech Fascism Update

tech fascism twitter andrew cee banning qanon accounts

How Fake News Is Manufactured

fake news wheel of mainstream media bullship cnn msnbc abc cbs anonymous sources

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