07-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

immune system after washing mask restaurants sanitizing
some days make your own happiness tire hot tub dolls
joe biden 44 years in office time to work democrats tranform america old man
former gw bush appointees for biden rinos republicans in name only
joe biden non essential employee of month 48 years in row
hey liberals 1984 was warning not instruction manual
dday facing certain death liberals 2020 99.7 percent survival covid mask
34 people died chicago this week from covid gunshot wounds will be voting by mail
joe biden if you buy goya foods you aint latino
blm peaceful protests need millions to repair damage minneapolis mayor
maxwell hey its hillary feeling like hanging out tonight call
your friends sheep wearing masks my friends lions
democracy sorry strawman voted fair square wizard of oz fire
babylon bee genius trump wears mask so media now question effectiveness

Snowflake Report

Texas Rangers Name Should Go, Says Washington Post Editorial Writer

Did any of you out there think the PC snowflakes would be satisfied after taking out the Washington Redskins name? Are they going to go after the Packers because those evil meat packers contribute to global warming? What about the Colts glorifying guns? What about the 49ers, celebrating gold rush greed in land we took from the Mexicans? The Browns–a racist skin color?! The Patriots–named after those evil, racist founding fathers? And of course, don’t forget the Chiefs, Braves, and Indians. To be safe we should change all teams to something like Team A, Team B,…

Tweets of the Day

tweet only way to stop cancel culture never apologize no concessions laugh in its face
tweet candace owens stop calling liberals american communists with to destroy western civilization

Message of the Day

message might not want to hear forcing people wear masks not safety see who can be controlled who will be problem

Quote of the Day

quote v vendetta no coincidences only illusion of them

Question of the Day

question if a virus spreads drop of saliva why deep probe for testing mask useless

Problem Solved

covid 19 solution afraid stay home wear mask not afraid go to work school shop eat take kids to park freedom is solution

CNN Is On the Case

blurry photo epstein island bill clinton not trump

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Ilhan Omar Meme Gallery

06-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

friends in 2018 says democrats destroy country to stop trump conspiracy theory is it though
baby yoda when i want your opinion ill remove the duct tape
car window little shits on board
men so unfair women die later also men shoot spider
aliens watching season finale of earth frightening
joe biden here to unite country behind hating trump fanning flames
apparently term covidiots only applies spring breakers partygoers not protesters sponge bob
protesters fishing for cops with donuts
breaking multiple hollywood celebrities donating money support innocent americans just kidding bailing out terrorists

Quote of the Day

quote goebbels if you tell lie big enough and repeat people will believe cnn msnbc nyt post abc time

Question of the Day

question bother you every time major political corruption caught something happens to focus attention elsewhere

Random Thoughts of the Day

While there is a lot of discussion lately about Big Tech censorship snuffing out free speech, there is another force almost as insidious in destroying free speech & thought, and that is political correctness. The political correctness in today’s society sets an agreed upon fascist-created train of thought on many topics that cannot be deviated from no matter what. If you do so, you will be crucified by the mainstream media, social media mobs, and gutless politicians afraid they’ll suffer the same fate if they don’t agree. The latest example is, of course, the George Floyd murder, and the follow-up protests. You have near 100% agreement on all sides that Floyd was murdered by police using despicable excessive force, and who knows, these specific cops may indeed be racists. However, like so many stories in the media, this is simply an anecdotal example used to inflame emotions rather than evidence of “systemic racism”. Anyone looking dispassionately at the statistics of white cop/black victims could tell you Floyd was a tragic statistical anomaly that doesn’t represent the norm, especially when you compare it to white cop/white victim excessive force stats. And George Floyd, who absolutely didn’t deserve to be killed, was no saint. He had several crimes on his record, including one in which he threatened a pregnant woman with a gun held to her belly (what, you didn’t hear that in our fair-and-balanced media?????!).

But as you’ve seen, NO ONE can discuss these facts! Every celebrity, corporate executive, politician, and media pundit MUST say Floyd’s murder was a result of systematic racism, end of discussion! You MUST say the U.S. is a racist nation not much different from the 1960s. Everyone has an implied script put together by the free speech noose of political correctness. If you deviate in the slightest, you will be crucified. Consider Drew Brees, who simply stated he didn’t agree with disrespecting the flag or the country because of all the sacrifices that have been made, most notably by the military. He didn’t say a word about racism, cops, or George Floyd. Sorry, not good enough. The Twitter army, mainstream media, and even sports media immediately went into attack mode, forcing him to do what always happens — the politically incorrect violator must apologize and grovel with his tail between his legs. What’s worse is the message it sends — don’t speak your mind, don’t think critically, don’t dare believe anything but what you’re told to believe — the very definition of Orwell’s 1984 “Thought Police”.

Big Tech censorship and political correctness are slowly destroying the foundations of American freedom. Things will never change until more prominent people have the courage to speak their minds and stick to their guns when the vicious propagandists inevitably come out to destroy them.

Stop Attacking People Who Don’t Talk About Issues The Way You Want To — Herman Cain
Drew Brees Should Indeed Apologize, to All of Us Who Believed He Had a Spine – Mark Davis
‘F**king Ridiculous Clowns’: What Caused a Liberal Reporter to Shred the Left-wing Activist Media Complex – Matt Vespa

Tweet of the Day

tweet tyler zed kaepernick brees voicing opinions

How to Take On Political Correctness

I don’t agree with 100% of what Candace Owens says, but few can match her courage in speaking politically incorrect truths.

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02-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

The stupid blackface controversies really need to end. Conservatives were disgusted by the treatment of Judge Kavanaugh, and while it’s entertaining to witness karma hit back at them with the Governor Northam yearbook photos, no one is ever going to have a perfect background. As I’ve pointed out before, it’s easy to destroy anyone’s character by combing through every inch of their history. It’s bad enough that the media are going back decades to destroy reputations, but new “rules” of political correctness are constantly being added by leftist politicians and media. People really need to lighten up and focus on each person’s current character, or in the case of politicians, their current position on the issues. Did anyone notice the whole controversy about Northam’s infanticide comments disappeared after the “controversy” of a 35-year-old picture? It’s not by accident.

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

how sweet trump invited group of mental patients to watch state of union
im not sure what all those big words mean but im mad ocasio cortez state of union
when you realize youre going to die of old age before you starve your country with socialism bernie sanders
bernie sanders state of union notes
problem solving for leftists identify problem blow out of proportion blame on rich increase size of government repeat
border wall is immoral democrats wall is voter suppression
hillary emerges from her burrow sees shadow 6 more years of not being president
russia cnn glasses not seeing hillary scandals emails benghazi
green new deal trojan horse attacking freedom
i was having hard time watching state of union edited out pelosi
babylon bee cnn to give equal time to isis to respond to state of union

Tweets of the Day

candace owens state of union low food stamps black unemployment

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