05-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

you and child find cash in van what lesson lift with legs
what really happened in wuhan cat knocking covid jar off counter
free lunch entrance jobs now hiring comparison
bill gates ask for privacy office tables turn
democrats using race hammer tear usa apart mainstream media
arnold people fighting for freedoms bernie rest of humanity chair mittens
you shouldnt feel proud ancestor accomplishments shame over wrong doings
trump free speech big tech twitter google amazon facebook apple tear down this wall

They Will NEVER Admit They Were Wrong

One of the reasons science and politics should never mix is those involved can NEVER admit they’re wrong. Everyone goes into cover-your-ass mode. No matter what science, common sense, or obvious observation tells them, they must double-down on their statements. That is why the media, Democrats, Big Tech censors, and corporate CEOs have pushed half the country into a face mask cult that won’t go away anytime soon.

This Infographic, Backed By Over 70 Citations, Completely Obliterates The Masking Children Narrative

The Left Loves the Mask – Jeff Crouere

covid 19 updated far left media far apart truth misinformation
nurse right in hear put masks on useless has to follow orders
debate dr fauci march 2020 2021 debate epic
lady and tramp facemasks kamala bon appetit

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet candace owens weird have to say cdc doesnt grant you rights
tweet love how pretending not insane eat plastic bubble mones
tweet larry chipolte take anyones order

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Cats Meme Gallery

Quote of the Day

quote single bee ignored but millions bravest run fear stand together

Message of the Day

message want better future for children stop complying rise up

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