06-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

relaxing driveway after winning argument with wife
woman getting ready 4th quarter no timeouts
prefer real top gun maverick top gun hot shots
cat step on keyboard when set password window open
shooting at walls of heartache finger guns bang around 50
joe biden tired of comments walked back taiwan ukraine 2nd amendment
feminists sex strike against us not trump women
mick dundee crocodile sheila not biologist
joe biden guy you voted bend over red rover
chinese expectation reality joe hunter biden
biden pay my college debt student loans limo worker
dragged out of health food store not wearing mask reciting constitution
distribution plan crack pipes state farm hunter doesnt smoke formula

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet how many ar-15s jesus own not enough to avoid being murdered by government
tweet working class help us please republicans democrats no
tweet 2nd amendment under attack basis for existence manifesting
tweet inflation ship millenials date gas share rent

So Glad We Have “Fact” Checkers Looking Out for Us 🙄

polifact fact checking gun control authoritarian regimes

There’s absolutely NO evidence that Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, and others would be any less successful in their genocides if their victims were armed. 👌

Quote of the Day

quote rand individual rights not subject public majority vote

Message of the Day

message be careful not dehumanize those disagree become things we criticize

The Reason It Seems Only One Political Party Rules the Country

rinos undocumented democrats mcconnell mccarthy sasse collins murkowski romney toomey

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