10-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

at first glance you have arrow in head but we will do covid 19 test to make sure
people driving car with mask why pop tarts come with instructions
dont worry biden wont ban fracking just transition from it my vote will transition from joe
joe biden lets take back our country come home to dc swamp
joe biden monkey mechanic fix car 47 years needs 4 more years
trump lied he said i would get tired of winning ray liotta
smokey bandit daddy got my laptop joe hunter biden
no you cant go as hunter biden for halloween
flintstones 2021 automobile aoc biden harris omar schiff no oil no gas
mainstream media hunter biden elephant if we pretend cant see it might go away nbc cbs cnn msnbc nyt wapo abc

Did You Ever Think You’d Live in a Country Where This Would Be a Rallying Cry?

legalize recreational dining

Tweet of the Day

tweet defranco dont believe polls in florida if choose between ass cancer sandwich narrow
tweet prageru california highest tax rate cant keep lights running record homelessness

Quote of the Day

quote jeff deist lockdowns never justified economic tradeoffs liberty stolen hysteria media

Message of the Day

message if biden wants stop climate change stop flying to speak to 4 people rallies

Random Thoughts of the Day

By now most informed voters know you must look at the internals of a poll to see how good it is, particularly is it of “likely voters” and roughly even in Democrats & Republicans sampled. Do you want to know the biggest reason media polls are meant to suppress voter enthusiasm and shape opinion rather than inform? You almost never see this information! Whenever the media shares a poll result, how hard would it be to put at the bottom of the graphic the percentages of self-identified democrats and republicans? Or to simply say is this of all adults, registered voters, or likely voters? It is because they’re PURPOSELY trying to hide the truth!

joe biden sure trumps rallies huge but youre ahead in polls just like hillary basement
public trust poll cnn vs gas station sushi
media polls clinton up trump down crossout biden up

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10-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

someone needs to read this dont need mask while driving your own car
that was then media bias cnn msnbc abc cbs nyt wapo npr now on steroids
hard to swallow pills when say taxes only go up 400k remember 15 days slow spread now day 216
when rappers see joe biden tax increases snoop todd doggy 50 cent
dont understand why socialism popular with young people anyone group project whos why it doesnt work
joe biden hugging chinese flag trump us flag hunter chinese profit
election night of the living dead deceased cast ballots
joe biden president 2020 halloween scariest thing i could think of
american people help nancy pelosi covid relief and give trump win treasure chest
hunter biden lemonade stand selling dads influence million dollars
rip freedom of speech in america cnn nyt msnbc blind fold no joe biden evil big tech only censor conservatives
oh boo hoo joe biden had to deal with uncooperative congress
who built the cages children joe barack obama construction

Random Thought of the Day

I don’t know what to make of the Hunter laptop & Biden family payoffs story. It seems legit, but I’m always skeptical of stories that come out the last month before an election. To me, the far bigger story is the media blackout/coverup and tech censorship of the story. Think, if they were so dishonest & corrupt on this story, can we trust ANY of the information they’ve allowed us the see the past four years?

media bodyguard protecting joe biden questions about hunter laptop
trump biden crime family feeding facts lesley stahl no

TV Talking Heads Just Seemed to Glance Over This Without Comment

joe biden just said give 11 million illegal immigrants citizenship

Tweets of the Day

tweet not jt cbs substitute for stimulus dose of meth
i for one happy not running stories unless verified christine blasey ford

Quote of the Day

quote an evil enemy will burn own nation to ground to rule over ashes sun tzu

Message of the Day

message reform section 230 big tech what allows them publisher masquerading as platform

Lesson of the Day

As in 2016, there were never really double-digit gaps in presidential voting intentions. Pollsters are part of the same corrupt establishment as the mainstream media. Early polls are designed to dampen enthusiasm and suppress conservative/libertarian turnout. However, as the election gets closer, pollsters know they must narrow the results; otherwise, they’ll be so far off in the real election that they’ll lose all future creditability. For 2020, if the poll is of “registered voters”, add 5-8 points to Trump. If it’s “likely voters”, add 2-3 points. If it’s “all adults”, just throw it out in your guesses. And check the sample. The Democrats and Republicans should be roughly equal at best. If it’s higher in self-identifying Democrats, add some more points to the Trump column. Even an equal number is likely to go Trump’s way due to the enthusiasm factor. My best guess – Biden wins the popular vote. The electoral vote will come down to the wire in another Gore-Bush 2000 type of fight. Judging by the Pennsylvania emphasis in the debate, I’m thinking the candidates’ internal polling is showing it may decide the race. Biden did NOT help himself there with his oil/gas/fracking answers.

tweet rasmussen reports biden campaign manager race closer than punditry suggest

Are Pollsters Missing a Key Factor That Could Benefit Trump? – Guy Benson
Two Key Polls Show Biden Tumbling, Trump Rising
Poll: Biden’s Lead Drops 5 Points In 2 Weeks In Pennsylvania

silent majority stepping over every stupid poll november 3rd
new poll trump biden 100 cnn anonymous sources

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07-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dogs 2020 because humans suck sign
essential employees opening covid 19 bonus checks jelly of the month club
marriage is hard nelson mandela got divorce tortured years 6 months with wife cant take this
tick makes you allergic to meat spreading weaponizing ticks for august
national debt democrats republicans well have it under control when pigs fly
when you dont know what capitalism is so call it fascism ok dont know what that is either
democrats after the election throwing blm coronavirus out of car
cnn breaking news jimmy hoffa remains found covid 19 likely cause of death
nadler violet antifa riots portland a myth mask over eyes
one positive about covid no one has died from cancer heart attack pneumonia flu or old age entire year
joe biden black people incapable of achieving anything without white help not racist herman cain can achieve set minds to
washington post knowingly exposing aids not felony pandemic california bans singing in places of worship

Tweets of the Day

tweet eric carmen accepting socialism admitting you cant compete give up liberty not america
tweet buck sexton print out hydroxychloroquine before social media monopolicies erase from internet

Quote of the Day

quote abraham lincoln those who deny freedom to others dont deserve it for themselves

Message of the Day

message by now should be clear vote democrat or else fires riots biden obama hillary

Random Thought of the Day

I’ve talked many times how election polls can be distorted, and most people now realize the mainstream media will hype these biased, unscientific polls to suppress enthusiasm and hopefully get conservative/libertarian voters to stay home on election day. However, keep in mind the same principles when you look at non-election polls. The media use them to shape opinion. For example, when you see polls saying the majority of the country supports lockdowns or mandatory facemasks everywhere, do not believe them for a second! They’re just as distorted and inaccurate. The media touts the polls so gullible, unprincipled politicians take action they seek. They also use them to make the majority think there’s something wrong with their views. A fundamental principle of brainwashing is the use of peer pressure. It’s tough for the average person to hold onto their views when they think the majority disagrees with them. And those strong enough to maintain their views are less likely to vocalize them, which in turn leads to the other side being the only one heard. Rest assured, you’re not alone! A silent majority of the country is tired of being manipulated, lied to, and having their freedoms taken away. Polls are just another tool in the corrupt media toolbox to control the country and put it on course for one-party rule.

Cato Study: 62% of Americans Say They Have Political Views They’re Afraid to Share

Why Media & Democrats Are Suddenly So Pro-Mask

trump i am pro oxygen liberals masks

Big Tech Censorship Gestapo Update

facebook google twitter youtube censoring covid press conference doctors hydrochloroquine
twitter andrew surabian donald trump jr tweet suspension hydroxychloroquine video
I would post the video, but the link will likely show ‘Unavailable’ by the time you view this page. If you haven’t seen it, it’s yet another pack of doctors speaking about treatments for Covid-19 such as Hydroxychloroquine. It is beyond insane that doctors and scientists are NOT ALLOWED to express ANY opinion that goes against what the government and Big Tech overlords decide you can see.

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