08-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

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It occurred to me, if the tech companies want to justify their latest coordinated effort to censor conservatives and libertarians, wouldn’t it make sense to play the actual clips of the offending “hate speech” videos that got the users banned? Could they maybe ask one of the 24/7/365 cable news stations to carve out a few minutes to play them so people can see for themselves just how awful they are? I know it’s asking a lot for the “news” stations to interrupt their played-on-repeat Trump hit pieces for any real stories, but aren’t journalists more than anyone supposed to be in favor of free speech? It’s not just the incendiary Alex Jones who is being banned. It’s also calm, measured, logical conservatives like Prager U that are being banned. Has a single person out there heard the actual words in context of what Alex Jones said about Sandy Hook? Jones posted a 13-minute on Twitter responding to the tech censorship, but surprise surprise, that video has been removed also. What don’t they want us to hear? The book 1984 by George Orwell taught us about how totalitarian regimes gain and hold power. It introduced terms like Big Brother, thought crime, 2+2=5, and memory holes. It is eerie how close to reality this book has become. Free speech is the only thing saving democracy in America right now, and it’s slowly being stomped out bit-by-bit.

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One Last Thought

Speaking of 1984, is there any better illustration of the 2+2=5 concept than equating the revocation of John Brennan’s security clearance with suppressing his freedom of speech? He hasn’t shut up since it happened, and as long as propaganda networks like CNN and MSNBC still exist, he’ll have a platform to regularly air his grievances. We’re talking about perhaps the most dishonest, corrupt, and treasonous CIA director in American history. He should be in prison for the many times he’s already been caught leaking classified information. The same critics that called for his firing when Brennan worked under Obama are now criticizing his security clearance revocation under Trump?! The media hysteria over this is more evidence they’re all unthinking lemmings who simply distribute the coordinated propaganda hit pieces they’re given.


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