10-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

say only old how you feel exhumed egypt coffee sent to work
cats bed have to sneeze
halloween pumpkins marker identify as carved
labor shortage employers nighmare quit job
checkboxes single taken fighting new world order sarcasm common sense
some of old white men reason not speaking german japanese today
steve harvey family feud something might hear people chant college football game
archie bunker meathead jfk rfk lbj not fjb
4 of 5 servers regret switching trump votes biden
kermit car dr fauci now recommending
babylon bee san francisco vaccine requirement to poop on sidewalk

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet trump wuhan truth banned china fauci lies
tweet jason bassler facebook not private company federal company subsidies messages fbi
tweet price trillions offshore not best stimulus

‘Propaganda’ Understates How Pathetic the American Media Has Become

NY Times Retracts Massive Exaggeration of Children Hospitalized by COVID-19

Biden Has Largest Decline Than Any Other Post-WWII President, Yet Gallup’s Headline Notes ‘Steady’ Approval

CNN Finalizes Discrediting Itself with Insane Response to Joe Rogan-Ivermectin Flap – Brad Slager

Our Pathetic White House ‘Press Corps’ – Tom Tradup

tweet chen chappelle lasted longer media afghanistan
tweet powers biden fing up entire country media trump golfing sand dunes

Quote of the Day

quote officer parker wanted us hate each other so dont pay attentions

Message of the Day

message if people reject me stand for truth no problem walking alone

Speaking of Propaganda

Pfizer says Covid vaccine 91% effective in kids 5-11

Is there a single member of the mainstream media that can cover a story like the one above and point out the obvious fact that kids recover from Covid in over 99.99% of cases? If you run the numbers in a calculator, you often end up with one of those -e numbers because the decimal is so small. Yet, here they are as always, celebrating a much smaller rate of vaccine “success.”

vaccine debate medical tyranny vs freedom core

In Case You Need Another Reason to Hate the Guy

Bipartisan Letter from Congress Demands Answers from Fauci on Why Taxpayers Funded Experiments on Puppies

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