07-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

If you haven’t figured out, this latest obsession with finding racism in ANY comments made by Trump is all part of a very organized, coordinated campaign by Democrats and their allies in the media. The President’s approval ratings among blacks and Hispanics has been climbing, and if the Democrats don’t completely dominate minority votes like they usually do, Trump will easily win re-election. It’s all about creating that branding in the minds of voters: Trump=racist. So, they must twist, clip, analyze, interpret absolutely anything he says as “racist”. No free thinking individual can interpret the remarks of the past few weeks and find them racist. Those that are screaming racism are simply parroting what they’ve been instructed in the media. Here’s a good test. Take any of Trump’s statements and repeat them to someone, yet tell them the speaker is Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, or Barack Obama. See how many people still consider the remarks racist.

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

xx i dont always get called names but when i do because won argument with leftist
girls sound like murderers complementing each other want your skin hair
trump and for next trick ill make democrats defend rats
rare image of communism working
cnn msnbc islam religion of peace dove machine gun
remember to wash hands after touching dirty animal dog washing
mueller book anyone who acts angry at frame job is obstructing
so ones dont believe in guns going to area 51 natural selection
what would you say you do here robert mueller thats out of my purview
digging for years on island hold on have someone good at that mueller

Tweet of the Day

tweet bill mitchell if you keep calling everything racist people stop paying attention

Observation of the Day

trump doesnt destroy opponents he shoves to spotlight to destroy themselves omar aoc pressley tlaib

Even Google Agrees

even google agrees baltimore is dump mess slum

Quote of the Day

quote democrats rich people convincing poor people other rich are reason theyre poor

That Explains A Lot

bill de blasio warren wilhelm jr quixote center sandinista marxist leninist

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04-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

let me get this straight julian assange in jail for exposing truth about hillary but not hillary
when you post something funny every soul on earth is offended
obama domestic bully international pussy
nancy pelosis district compared to gated home see how socialism works
elizabeth warren here to collect my reparations check
nadler mueller report dead horse
netanyahu obama youre little plan didnt work ill be around long after youre a bad memory
mueller report redacted democrats guilty
we love bernie convicted felons of america

We’re All Gonna Die!!!

Now known as “climate change” so any weather condition can be cited as evidence of a crisis.
1977 time global cooling 2008 global warming

Not a Single Democrat Showed Up

no democrats show up border officials testify capitol hill

Tweets of the Day

tweet thomas sowell beauty of doing nothing
tweet maxine waters chair financial services doesnt know government took over student loans

Quote of the Day

quote one person can make a difference john kennedy

No Bias at All

Since Google has created a movie category of “Propaganda”, are they going to go back and re-label 95 percent of the movies coming out of leftist Hollywood? Have Michael Moore and Oliver Stone ever created a movie that wasn’t 100 percent communist propaganda?

google search unplanned movie
Google Slammed for Labeling Unplanned Movie as ‘Propaganda’

Follow up: Google fixed the “mistake”. Isn’t it amazing all these mistakes by Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc. are always biased only one way?

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03-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

How many of you have done one of the following?

  1. Fought in the U.S. Civil War.
  2. Completed global climate experiments.
  3. Received treatment in a Cuban hospital.
  4. Spent a month in Iran or China.

If you answered No to all of them, that means all your knowledge of these comes from what you’ve read or what other people have told you. If you think about it, probably over 95 of our knowledge and beliefs come from other people rather than person experience. Now think about how easy it is to spread lies on the internet, to echo misinformation a teacher has taught you, to teach from and revise history books; think about all the fake or misleading new stories you see or read every day, and think about what it must have been like in an era of TV/newspapers that can’t easily be countered or corrected by media watchdogs; think about all the information that comes from countries with state-controlled media. The point is you always have to question your beliefs. A good example is the current Climate Change hysteria, which has been built on a global propaganda scheme the likes of which the world has never seen. How many of the current “Sky is Falling” politicians and celebrities have any solid knowledge of science or have done any hands-on studies on the subject? Almost always they’re relying on the steady stream of propaganda stories on their liberal websites & TV channels that brainwash them into a certain way of thinking. As they become more entrenched in their views, they themselves become part of the global propaganda campaign. It shows no sign of slowing as Democratic leaders seem to be trying to one-up each other every day on who can make the wildest end-of-world prediction. I’m waiting for the new Democratic campaign slogan to come right from Ghostbusters: “Rivers and seas boiling, 40 years of darkness, earthquakes, volcanoes, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria!”

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

meanwhile in artic circle al gore keeping dream alive firethrower
beto 2.0 marry me before the climate change apocalypse
how i apologize to people im sorry your behavior made me act out of character
barbie realizes ken is progressive liberal no dick
wealthy keep moving to california middle class driving out
1984 now moved to non fiction section

Founder of Greenpeace Silenced by Google

Patrick Moore has been a vocal critic of the climate change hysteria and Green New Deal. As part of the continuing propaganda effort, he must be destroyed.

patrick moore tweet erased from greenpeace founders google

Tweet of the Day

tweet bill nye fake scientist meet fake economist ocasio cortez

Quote of the Day

walter williams social justice i keep what i earn you keep what you earn

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