11-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

teenager 90s music old people never hit kid
walking into 2022 step off sinking ship
food delivery not moving avoiding people
turkey wait turn fat boy santa
car faints gas prices flipped over
joy reid preparing blame waukesha attack white supremacy msnbc
archie bunker meatheads now running country
government breaks leg sells taxes regulates wheelchair
mask are you anti vaccine are you pro coercion
target stockings lets go brandon
crt critical race theory not taught liberal then ban
from now on money laundering called infrastructure spending
babylon bee no longer safe beat people death skateboard
rittenhouse prosecutor mcdonalds drive thru
mainstream media rittenhouse peace black protesters video blind

Questions of the Day

question why gaige not on trial murder rittenhouse

Maybe even a bigger question is why not one single “journalist” has asked this question? If he had beaten Rittenhouse to death, would he have been charged with anything? If so, would Kamala Harris, celebrities, and tech companies raise money for his bail & legal fees? Do you think GoFundMe would take down fundraisers for his defense like they did for Rittenhouse?

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet if surprised rittenhouse spent year deranged headlines rather than widely available video
tweet melville austria uk california australia italy
tweet complain out of shape dont want fitness tips

Quote of the Day

quote prager u nothing holds back victim not responsible

Message of the Day

message not challenging authority denying it completely

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01-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

wooden woman no bra duck shooting hunter
like to cancel subscription to 2021 ran 7 day trial not interested
literally anything government mainstream media says about anything me doubting
everyone freaking out 2021 2020 won 2022 too hes right
senators stop using gender specific pronouns what about big brother
1999 movie dick nixon drive in signs
joe biden kamala harris shut up obey stole election fair and square
big game yesterday patriots vs stealers
bobulinskis cellphones now safe in fbi hands never hear about again hammer phone
excuse me maam fear cough new normal accepted mainstream media lord savior

Random Thoughts of the Day

I don’t support political violence, not because I give a shit about slimy politicians or other members of the Deep State, but simply because it’s usually innocents that end up bearing the brunt of the suffering. For example, the storming of the Capitol building this week was fought off by innocent DC police simply doing their jobs, most of whom were likely Trump supporters themselves. Also, the media will do what they always do–cherry pick the worst scenes and then put them on repeat for several months to paint all 74 million Trump supporters as violent & irrational. Good luck finding a single member of the mainstream media who looks for underlying causes of the pent-up anger. Everything I’ve seen or read so far has used this incident to portray all Trump supporters as crazy zombies simply following commands from a president the mainstream media hate. The same people who can find subconscious racism in a cop shooting an armed suspect can’t see the slightest hint of voter fraud, media bias, tech censorship, Democrat dishonesty & corruption, fascist violation of civil liberties, and all the other things that have boiled anger to a point not seen since 1861.

peaceful protests blm trump supporters worst day american history
tweet told you jesse kelly level of anger
cnn just property damage omg breaking things call national guard
leftists in 2020 compared to 2021 trump blm
quotes kamala harris maxine watters nancy pelosi calling for protests

In Case You Don’t Understand These Memes

they live conform blm obey joe biden kamala harris masks

Younger people may not understand these alien subliminal message memes. They’re from a cheesy 1980s science fiction movie named They Live, maybe more metaphorically true than ever before.

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet upstate federalist if you think government will give all clear normal

Quote of the Day

quote ronald reagan evil is powerless if good are unafraid

Message of the Day

97 percent of scientists agree with those who fund them

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04-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cheech chong maybe april 2020 government pay us stay home and smoke
america building held up tiger king 1200 stimulus checks memes poles
how european friends think i have breakfast actual guns bacon eggs
samual jackson dont say bless you sneeze just stare like this
me walking around quarantine first shift didnt do shit today
mainstream media lies about everything im going to need to verify that claim with link to credible mainstream media article
shawshank redeption what you in for trying to go camping
sign post apocalyptical fiction section moved to current affairs
chinese communists puppet who biden
breaking new york medical examiner changed jeffrey epstein cause death covid 19
quarantine angel devil perfect time to get fit we have sweat pants snacks
you there you better have kings permission to be outside

Random Thought of the Day

Whenever there are large protests and the mainstream media doesn’t agree with the message, it’s become standard operating procedure to find a few idiots in the crowd doing something stupid, waving a swastika or whatever, film it, then play the clips on repeat 24/7 as representative of all the protesters. Sometimes the ones they’re filming are even planted in the crowd so it’s easy to attack the whole group. The same thing was done with the Tea Party protests. Regardless of whether these people filmed are really part of the protest, it’s purely anecdotal and used to foment hate and division. It’s sad how many people fall for it every time. Reasonable people can differ on the stay-at-home orders, but when you start labeling the other side as white supremacist, racist, selfish, stupid, uneducated, etc. because they think different or because you watch too much of the hate-filled propaganda in the mainstream media, you’re part of the problem.

skeleton waiting for mainstream media to report actual news instead of propaganda

Tweets of the Day

tweets tesla elon musk cnn surprising still exists
tweet bill de blasio report not social distancing text dont send inappropriate pics to that number

Quote of the Day

quote american patriot see me watching you will know my name

Adventures in Fake News

los angeles jacksonville beach showing same people in pictures

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