05-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

tell me about self trying to remember streaming
k9 cop yappy dog right remain silent
stand up for what you believe weird al yankovic rock n roll hof
concert dumpster fire biden cornpop bosey pony soldier
trade school employed paid way philosophy degree biden pay back student loan
sign donner lake knife fork cannibalism
no superhero fatigue only sht woke product
jerome powell buttons crash economy inflation both
babylon bee american flag defended by frat boy heroes dylan dylan
second boeing whistleblower died young bush whisper
trump supporters dangerous cult orange man bad biden 2024 economy strong
leftist protesters burn down city police stop work it out crazy man stopped jail
biden press media 148 gaffes corrected misstatements list
facebook zuckerberg censor ban opinions musk x pay say what want
babylon bee white house immigration decreased since redefined

Definitely Legit Graqssroots Protests 👌

x students arrested ut dallas booking photos
protester tents yale uw milwaukee columbia michigan

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x flagged airport security magic 8 ball
x us capitol code of conduct allowed terrorism
x jerry seinfeld leftist killed comedy blogger knows more billion
x democrats reject amendment inform eating bugs
quote snitches get stitches william boeing
quote marley ruling class dont want unite fighting
message trust neighbors more freedom than government more power

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05-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat sign 3 days since i smacked someone no reason
marked safe watch lebron temper tantrums
perfect security camera placement doesnt exist
no pills exercise photoshop classes
government giant gimme more taxpayers
liberal npc who radicalized you no one normal person 20 years ago
walmart shelf look what 1 dollar will buy
when still had sense of humor archie bunker sanford
teacher student powers of government print money overspending wrong
why does inclusiveness include everything except opposing views
irony buy electric car save planet tree falls kills it
lady injustice destroy trump more than constitution lawfare democrats
biden teleprompter no joke comma hook speaker to forehead

I’m Sure It Will Be Well Spent 👍

joe biden 44 percent capital gains 25 percent unrealized gains tax

If you think the tax system is a clusterfuck now, just wait until they start taxing unrealized gains, or even worse, implementing a wealth tax. And we all know any new revenue will be spent before it’s even collected.

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At Least These “Protests” Are Entertaining

babylon bee history repeats itself communists run out of food
x hans gruber leftist blogger starve death soy latte bagels
columbia student guided tours death to america
x merrick garland arrest university protesters when wear maga hats
x pro anti israel protesters alabama f joe biden together

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x learned dentist block dealing drugs never knew
x complaint box work not hr petty drama
x new rule order standing not tipping
x musk woke mind virus borders spending racism right wing
message family guy dei better branded racism
quote coelho world changed by example not opinion

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05-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cats used to play watching ipad videos
sign at age if text after 9pm texting back am
robinhood prince of memes stealing one group spread across the land
lion dragged irs taxes half paycheck other
japan germany naval exercises putting band back together
need to try cricket burger me gun
biden build back better shark wallet
debt killing economy paul krugman more debt fix
systemic racism dei qualified water foutain straight white men out of order
billion dollar movies specific angry blue haired liberal
al gore climate change end is near endless repetition
feminists blind women middle east abused video game character too thin
babylon bee woke extremist destroy indoctrination center

Seems Legit

x student protesters arrested university florida

Definitely apontaneous, grassroot protests. 👍

university florida how do you do my fellow college students

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Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x havent seen single trade school protest college indoctrination camps
fb skip bayless lebron biggest sore loswer never be michael jordan
x post women more sex better developed brains explains feminism
x cant find whisk before after kids drawer dishwasher
x us test theory do anything get away with reassuring free
x describing women clean house multiple children not working
x if maga blocked highways 247 coverage domestic terror fbi doj
message never let bad day trick bad life
quote pound slave one waits someone come free him

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