10-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kermit discussion respecting wrong opinion
devito willing to shoot steal dog value start blasting
explaining new world order just comply restrictions go away
bare shelves sign of good economy biden bottleneck
make america great again my pillow joe biden
f joe biden ron swanson worried said lets go brandon establishment
pinnochio puppet cdc shots masks can I be free now
scientific method inability to question blind trust
zuckerberg revolution wont be televised not in newsfeed either
mayor pete handling supply chain paternity

Just Arrest Dr. Mengele Fauci Already

tweet rand paul nih collins told you so fauci

Dr. Fauci’s Lies About Funding Dangerous Research in Wuhan Corrected By His Own Agency

The Infinite Pattern of Government Spending

“Public schools are failing because they’re underfunded.”
“Here’s more money.”
*scores go down again*
“Public schools are still underfunded.”
“Here’s more money.”
*scores go down again*
“Public schools are still underfunded!”
*Here’s more — far more than ANY country in the world!”
*scores go down again*
“Maybe money isn’t the problem?”
“You hate our underappreciated teachers and don’t care about the children!”
“Fine, I will lose re-election if I don’t go along with this BS. Here’s even more money!”
*scores go down again*
“Public schools are underfunded!”
“But why are all the private schools doing well? Maybe parents should be able to decide where kids educational funding is spent?”
“NOOOOOOO! That is violation of church/state separation, you religious nut!!! And it takes money from the underfunded public schools! Boycott this politician!!!!
“Fine. I give up! Here’s more public school funding.”

School Spending Up, Test Scores Down
11 Reasons Government is Less Efficient Than the Private Sector

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet notorious what do differently divide transfer wealth
tweet charlie kirk fake white house actors spending bill nothing real about white house
Poland fining big tech censors communism

Quote of the Day

quote thormas paine greatest tyrannies always name of noblest causes

Message of the Day

message mayors governors fake president youre our employee

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04-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

Those of us who grew up in the 80s remember an era of nasty double-digit inflation. However, Reagan and Federal Reserve policies have brought rates down over time, and now, based on the Consumer Price Index, we have little or no price growth for national expenses as a whole. In many sectors (e.g. TVs and computers), we have negative inflation as prices continue to come down every year. There are are two notable exceptions – education and health care. Over the last 30 years, costs of both have risen at 5 times the rate of inflation. Here’s a trivia question – which two sectors of the economy have had the most meddling by the federal government? Hmmm…Obamacare, HIPAA, Dept of Education, FDA, government takeover of the student loan industry,…. No matter how well-intentioned, government policies always mess with the supply & demand curves of a normal market economy and add compliance costs & inefficiencies. In upcoming elections, you can bet politicians will scream for more government interference to “fix” the industries that they screwed up in the first place.

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

6 vs 9 democrat republican years ago today racist
ocasio cortez iq tests came back negative
obama wheel of fortune wire tapping wine tasting hobby
hillary clinton civility maxine waters go after them crenshaw omar words not ok with democrats
pelosi i love immigrants just keep them the hell away from me
trump when you troll entire left to defend sanctuary cities
no bias at all from google unplanned michael moore al gore movies
omar shoveling opinions on internet help racism islamophobia

Tweets of the Day

tweet cnns business model of taking people out of context is broken
tweet james woods hillary loss tantrum in cereal isle

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