03-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

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dog job looks ruff feed family karen
autocorrect accepted how mich swear talk about ducks
venn diagram cat inkjet printer moody ignores requests
human sacrifice not how climate change works mistakes both sides amnesty
bathroom doors no balls at birth
biden trashing trump border policies rinos democrats border dhs
hate video games male fantasies low gas prices flashback
gestapo thats one wont date me have penis
student graduates from colllege loans owes life debt phantom menace
pillow simpsons biden 2024 finish the job
teacher 80 percent complied unethical experiment authority
daughter what be grow up threat to new world order
biden debate trump president cookie monster deflect inflation blame
biden apologize for calling victim lincoln no illegal yes

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x unknown callers talk first breathing competition
x how millenial filter phone calls if rings spam
x cant throw rocks teammates outfield read the rules doesnt say
quote hannah cox cant strangle industry blame capitalism
message biggest cancers of society george soros bill gates klaus schwab
quote bertrand russell fascism first fascinate the fools muzzle the intelligent

Starting the Dump Phase?

A few days ago I wrote in a blog about Wall Street & the financial press’s tendency to pump-n-dump stocks; I specifically mentioned Nvidia, now a $2.2 trillion dollar company. Could they be starting the “dump” phase?

headline cnbc nvidias terrible friday momentum
headline cnbc nvidias massively overbought stocks

This is not to say that Nvidia isn’t a great company. I’m simply stating that the financial industry & media love to make themselves rich by overpumping good companies to insane levels that have no reasonable connection with profits & cash flow-based valuation models. Then, as they jump ship, they save their credibility by coming up with reasons why they must now sell, beginning the “dump” phase. In my blog I specifically mentioned Cisco as an example of a great company that was pump’n’dumped. Here’s a Yahoo Finance chart of Cisco’s stock price the past 35 years. See if you can spot the pump’n’dump phase. 🤔

cisco yahoo finance stock chart

If you want more recent examples, look at charts for Zoom or Tesla. Maybe I’m wrong though. Maybe Nvidia is bid up to a $3 or $4 trillion dollar company, surpassing Apple & Microsoft. You never know how high a stock will get before enough investing pros figure out the numbers just don’t add up, or if they find enough other reasons to dump the stock. Case in point–Tesla, one of the most overhyped companies ever based on profit & cash flow projections. When Elon Musk stood up for free speech by buying Twitter in 2022, he became an enemy of CNBC and the rest of the financial media, meaning there was no longer any reason to overhype the company. Check out its chart up to and after 2022.  Spot any pattern? Oh, they’ll say it’s based on disappointing profits or growth, as if the valuation was based on any of that in the first place. 🙄

tesla stock chart yahoo finance 2023

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happy retirement words about time company swear jar
liberals remove the thinker statue offensive their way of life
instead 10 million pakistan gender studies million liberals degrees
things need government permission build house drive car fishing married drugs i am free usa
sound of music wished death on you not complying still here 3 years later
guy girl wht put up with sht remind her pants
wife dont make a scene police trumpet
irish police if girl stabbed angry far right mcgregor
bud light joker clown it absolut vodka woke broke

Dipshit Ass Clown with Zero Understanding of Economics

cnbc biden price gouging corporations

A commonality of EVERY communist dictator is the redirecting of anger at their failed policies to other convenient targets.

Social Media Posts of the Day

x cardona education secretary misquoting reagan knowing history
x see ipad cash register about to tip something never tipped before
x weird meeting people havent broken matrix lost ancient tribe
x media dont hate enough shame kc fan kid wearing blackface

Message of the Day

message whether or not climate change real global totalitarianism not solution

Never Held Accountable

The stock market as a whole is up lately, but if you drill into it a little, almost all the gains can be traced to a few large stocks such as Nvidia, Amazon, and Microsoft. The vast majority of individual companies are down for the year, especially ones that sell fundamental necessities like food and gas. This disparity is partially driven by higher costs and a shaky economy, but also with the all too common practice on financial channels of “pump’n’dump.” This is where advisors & commentators oversell stocks they own, driving the price up (pump), then sell for a large profit, starting a spiral down of prices (dump). Financial personalities like Jim Cramer are never held accountable for wrong stock picks, and his success rate is obscured by short-term gains he himself brings on with pump’n’dump techniques. As long as you jump on the bandwagon at the right time, you might be alright in the short run, but look out if you’re at the other end of it. If you watch some advisors regularly, it’s almost comical how they switch their allegiances on certain stocks from quarter to quarter.

The latest pump’n’dump craze is Artificial Intelligence, which is why you see AI-heavy companies like Nvidia and Microsoft soaring, Anyone who’s worked in AI can tell you these financial commentators really don’t have a clue how the technology actually works, and however amazing certain technology is, there often isn’t a clear way to turn it into actual profits. Ask IBM how much they’ve made from Watson, an AI technology that’s been around for decades. I expect a crash of certain stocks when this reality sets in, but don’t worry, your favorite financial TV personalities will be fine, as they will have dumped their positions well before the downward slide, and they’ll be on to the next great pump phase.

jim cramer like svb silicon valley bank still cheap
dilbert financial market advice lost stocks only works people give it
say economy is great jim cramer msnbc
jim cramer cnbc titanic ship unsinkable

Quote of the Day

quote markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent keynes

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