01-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

lighter fluid fire say cause shtstorm anyway
prince harry adjusting america metric system drug dealers
when told normal may have exaggerated slightly
star trek biden extremists killing with dank memes
cnn nbc facebook twitter msnbc msn no evidence mass formation psychosis
joe biden maximus stupidous illegitimacy to president
kmala harris joe biden maybe just one more variant piles cash breaking bad
cdc science wrecking ball credibility
nancy pelosi hope inflation not too high eyebrows
simpsons old man yell cloud biden corporate same picture office

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet song from 2000 like 1978 start day
tweet dillon biden great job dont think people need food or gas
tweet just get through week two years
tweet djokovic symbol free choice kangaroo court banana republic

Mental Disorder Report

tweet sotomayor remote gorsach wont wear mask
cnn shooter factually morally white

Psaki Triples Down Defending Biden’s Angry Gaslighting Calling Half of America ‘Racist’

Unapproved Thought Distribution Must Be Stopped

DirecTV Drops Conservative Network OAN

tweets rand paul canceling direct tv after ban oan

How long before the cable providers start removing FoxNews? Or what if one of the fascist-leaning “news” networks decides to actually start practicing journalism? Now that they’ve demonstrated they will censor purely for ideology reasons, it will be easy enough to threaten them until they return to 24/7/365 state propaganda.

Keep in mind that AT&T owns DirecTV. So if you were thinking about switching to Verizon, T-Mobile, or Spectrum, now would be a good time. Since AT&T is also a major nationwide Internet Service Provider, how long before they start blocking access to websites like Rumble, MeWe, Gab, or this one? Fascism no longer requires armies and SS troops. You’re seeing why.

Rand Paul Tweets Out Asking If ‘Snot-nosed Censors at YouTube Will Come to My Office and Kiss My …’

quote mlk king comes time take position conscience

Fauci Flashback

flashback aids touching breathing same air fauci

Quote of the Day

quote sign intelligence awareness owns ignorance

Random Thoughts of the Day

A while back I challenged all followers of this website to find ONE SINGLE DEMOCRATIC POLITICIAN in the country who supports a photo ID verification for voting. As of yet, no one has found one, which is all the evidence you need to prove their Voting Rights sham is nothing more than preserving the right to cheat. Here’s another challenge, find ONE SINGLE DEMOCRAT who, in the discussion of Covid, has used the words, “quality of life,” “enjoyment of life,” or something similar. It simply NEVER enters into the discussion when considering Covid restrictions. Mask mandates, social distancing, cancelled events, and all the rest of the school & blue-state restrictions NEVER take into account quality of life even a tad in their decisions. What good is the preservation of life if you never get to enjoy it? And as we know by now, Covid restrictions in blue states will go on for the rest of our lives.

This point is especially relevant to the lowest risk group with the strongest natural immune response–kids. Many people think childhood should be fun, care-free days that you should look back on as some of the best days of your life. How about now? From 2020 on, they will know only: wear your mask constantly, walk on lines evenly spaced apart, sit with glass desk separators, spend minimal time with friends, do everything remotely or electronically, and get your required Covid shot every 4 months. But hey, maybe we can stop that 1 in 10 million deaths from Covid infection. Of course, we have no evidence to prove the restrictions would stop that 1 in 10 million deaths anyway, but just trust Fauci, the CDC, and the rest of your Covidistan overlords.

And if it saves even one life in 10 million, than the quality of life of the other 9,999,999 kids doesn’t matter.

tweet vitolo not looking for herd immunity herd mentality
liberal endless boosters you will die soon
teachers unions rotten apple worm education
dog human obedience training facemask

Messages of the Day

message if fooled card trick how psychological warfare
message great grandfather foxhole so show papers buy food

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03-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

government use stimulus wisely minigun
joe biden kids cages butterfly built back better
pepe le cuomo nothing like cousing le pew
news media georgia secretary of state lie trump post
media car fitting any crime white supremacy
us dollar inflation stimulus
nice weather fresh area bacteria filled piece of cloth before breathe it in
joe biden falls 3 times stairs kamala harris
jen psaki we inherited broken stairs from previous admin trump
babylon bee newborn thrown out of nursery for refusing to wear a mask

We MUST Prevent Death At All Costs!

I think we should set a speed limit of 10 mph for all driving. Any higher might result in traffic fatalities. We should ban skydiving, rock climbing, boxing, skiing, and whitewater rafting. There have been amusement park ride accidents and plane crashes. Better ban all those, just to be safe! Tourists have fell to their deaths at the Grand Canyon, so we better close that up. Heart disease, strokes, and cancer kill people, so we better ban smoking, alcohol, donuts, pizza, chips, cookies, candy, and other unhealthy foods. Almost all drugs, both prescription and illegal, have caused deaths, so we better eradicate them all–can’t be too careful. How about sex..AIDS and other STDs! Better make sex legal only for spouses and just for procreation. If any of these save even one life, isn’t it worth it? Or are you one of those heartless, selfish people not willing to sacrifice for society?! Anything that has ever caused a human death, no matter how low the percentage chances, must be stopped!

Most people will see the previous paragraph as an absurdity, but it precisely summarizes the mentality we’ve adopted on Covid-19. To the mainstream media, Big Tech Covid censors, the CDC, WHO, Dr. Fauci, and Leftist politicians, nothing in this world–and I mean NOTHING–matters now more than minimizing Covid case rates. Business survival and people’s livelihoods don’t matter. Kids education and socialization don’t matter. Strengthening immune systems doesn’t matter. Human relationships don’t matter. The world economy doesn’t matter. Psychological & medical issues caused by masks & other restrictions don’t matter. The Constitution and basic American freedoms don’t matter. Sports, concerts, fitness events, theaters, festivals, religious services, travel, family reunions, lunches with friends all don’t matter. QUALITY OF LIFE DOES NOT MATTER! It never ceases to amaze me that so many of these supposedly educated people, who think they’re soooooo much smarter than what they see as the ignorant rabble of the world, have total tunnel vision. There are no pros or cons to any Covid policy restriction. The only factor of every decision – does it minimize Covid case rates? Yet, despite their hyperfocus on this one factor, they’ve been spectacularly wrong and inconsistent every step of the way!

How much longer are you going to let these fascists rule your lives?!

twilight zone imagine if you will banning travel masks protests vaccine
covid restrictions for business mask capacity blind targets
simpsons was there psychological war of 2021 front lines posting memes

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet raymond nichols vaccine masks guidelines disservice humanity never questioning

Message of the Day

message your obedience is prolonging this nightmare

Quotes of the Day

quote ron paul americans masks form of psychological manipulation tyranny
quote power of people stronger than people in power

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04-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

babylon bee american sports fans would even watch soccer at this point
bernie sanders once again asking you to support same candidate spent year telling you not to trust
truck window essential dr evil quotes
red dawn on scale 1 10 how sick of government are you wolverines
how we all look staring out windows right now hannibal lecter
dr tedros who no human transmission of coronavirus kiss ass of china
kevin hart remember when you wished weekend last forever you happy now
when your girl drags you to house not be asshole see prius with bernie 2020 sign its showtime
new york deaths from flu pneumonia heart attack covid 19 theyre the same picture
socially distance few weeks flatten curve escalated stay fuck inside all times call cops
sesame street count new york just making shit up number deaths
whats magic word to get what you want im offended
cnn trump should shutdown nation doesnt have power will kill people because of actions
kids going back to school no barber dentist teacher dumb and dumber carrey
wonka where does flu go not flu season

Tweet of the Day

tweet rand paul constitution if we dispense with restraints more to worry about than virus

Quote of the Day

quote william blum no matter how paranoid conspiracy minded what government doing worse than imagine

Message of the Day

You could set the speed limit at 5 mph and stop traffic deaths. You could prevent injury & death by banning skydiving, rock climbing, boxing, football, skiing, hunting, and other dangerous activities. You could ban all sports, parties, weddings, flying, parades, and so on to slow the spread of almost every communicable illness. And yes, we could follow all the freedom-crushing orders of tin pot dictators like governors Evers, Northam, and Whitmer to MAYBE slow covid-19. But who wants to live in such a boring, mundane world where many people can’t even make a living?

Those who want to live in fear are welcome to cower in their homes and only venture out in hazmat suits. That is their right. It’s also my right to live my life. It used to be in a free country that people could use their common sense, make educated choices, and live with the consequences of their actions, both good and bad. Now we’re forced to follow a bunch of arbitrary rules straight out of Orwell’s 1984. What has it got us?…22 million new unemployed, hundreds of thousands of businesses teetering with bankruptcy, a plummeting stock market, $4 trillion in new government debt, trillions is lost tax revenue. Sports, weddings, concerts, festivals cancelled. School years ended with many graduations delayed. The cure has destroyed FAR more than the Corona illness. I’ve spent a month following government Covid-19 guidelines like a good little peasant citizen, but I’m officially done! Come arrest me if you want for the crime of seeking life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

quote every man dies not every man really lives

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