03-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

ancestors watching me pgs been 14 times
cat looks wearing fur of enemies
great minds think alike unfortunately so do stupid ones
kids homeschooled like some of taxes back
squidward reaction everything at this point sunglasses
if using pronoun act of violence erasing entire vocabulary to describe women
media democrats wolf sheeps clothing trump threat to safety
dad son each person is unique dont make generalizations except politicians trash
liberal things still believe trump collusion hunter laptop fine people
may think woke compared to google diet woke
wsj mandatory lockdowns no benefit health economy harm

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x meet new boss same as old mike johnson no fiscal responsibility
x why scan all body parts tsa scan airplane parts
x top defenders of liberty 2023 rand paul mike lee braun jd vance lowest romney
fb louisiana national guard on way to help texas secure border gators
x russians cut off frim youporn cnn facebook coke healthy well adjusted
x ladies dont be mother replacement elusive monster under bed
x gotta get going no plans rather be home
message reelect biden titanic back up iceberg
quote sowell no one understand politicis problems reelected number three far behind

Every Once in a While Maher Gets It Right

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Random Thought of the Day

I see another “racial slur” has been added by the PC police, which I only learned was a slur because the mainstream media made a national story out of a Starbucks employee writing “Beaner” as the name of a Hispanic customer named Peter. Am I only one that thinks “Peter” sounds a lot like “Beaner” and could have been misheard? I’m guessing 99 percent of the population didn’t even know the word was recently banned by the PC police, so I highly doubt the employee intentionally wrote a slur. I’m guessing Starbucks will do the typical tail-between-their-legs apology like all corporations do nowadays. When will a CEO be brave enough to say to the media, “Oh, STFU about your damn political correctness bullshit! No one cares about this BS except a handful of whiner politicians and race hustlers.”

Political Memes and Funny Pictures





Quote of the Day

Now they’re getting so politically correct you can’t even stick your tongue out at somebody. — Richard Petty