11-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

revenge nerds legal action panty raid 1984
cats exam human allergic jump lap butt in face
coworker crazy uncle bullets guns more in my car
facebook police on thin ice axe
greta doll lecture me carbon footprint
name brand foods dr pepper biden you buy generic
biden if i close my eyes the eonomy looks fine
drag trans so inappropriate say lets go brandon time meant for children
biden republicans for constitution low inflation borders no mandates
farley musk for love of god buy facebook now
democrats election denier buttons deny upcoming election
ray epps secret agent man costume spirit halloween

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dont need cart 100 groceries
tweet dog chase his tail entertained just watched 10 minutes
tweet earthlings killed leaders economy thanks aliens

Quote of the Day

quote coolidge nothin easier spending public money

Settled Science Update

CDC Director Walensky Tests Positive a 2nd Time, Joining Quad-Vaxxed Biden and Fauci as Covid Rebound Examples

tweet libertarian homer simpson atlantic pandemic amnesty
school unions covid shutdowns test scores social issues men in black neurolyzer
tweet peer reviewed articles sources shot no ingredients testing free

Message of the Day

message identify as conspiracy realist pronouns they lied

Don’t Ask Questions

media nudist 2 random websites 2am qanon wheres nancy

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10-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

ancient vs modern philosophers life soup me fork
cat gym toilet paper
im not ahole hemorrhoid irritate them
superman fighting for truth justice radical wokeism way
joe biden butthead cornholio
china nuclear capable hypersonic missile joe biden 4 star transgender admiral
biden rally empty shelves economy
bernie sanders once again asking you lower expectations biden
parents wall children crt propaganda socialism
joe biden we need this kids hole debt 3.5 trillion

Quote of the Day

quote trump if biden gets in depression lucky have country at all

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet llama no movie good 4 hours 8 episodes 30 minutes
tweet martini kama sutra but people over 35 back issues
tweet robyn cable guy time between 8 and 12
tweet regan parents today vs 80s texting


tweet rochelle walensky cdc definition fully vaccinated changing

The Goalposts Keep Moving: CDC Director Says the Definition of Fully Vaccinated May Change

Remember the CDC only “allows” us certain freedoms if we’re “fully” vaccinated, so if they change the definition, we’ll be back to square one for the vast majority of Americans. And schools & businesses, like the lemmings they are, will do the typical, “In accordance with CDC guidelines, we are REQUIRING……”

me trying to figure out how sane adult could believe covid shit
dr fauci after telling everyone need 3rd shot cash pile
message freedom not reward for good behavior thats how prisons work

We Need More Examples Like This

quote in out burger disagree private company force company discriminate
moment realize cheeseburger company more courage than school board

Let’s give more business to companies with this kind of courage and curtail our buying from the enablers who are too cowardly to stand up to tyrannical governments!

Messages of the Day

message truth surgery heals lie painkiller
message slaves standing up to masters whip we are here

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WATCH: CNN Freaks After They Accidentally Let Someone Tell the Truth On Air
Rose McGowan goes OFF on ‘Whiny U.S. Netflix Employees’ for getting their fee-fees hurt by Dave Chappelle
ICYMI: A Private School in Florida Requires Students to Stay Home for 30 Days After Each COVID-19 Vaccine Dose
New Quinnipiac Survey Is a Disaster For Biden
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08-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

chucky me searching for personality for day
pussy cat not seeing resemblance yoga
bridge 99.97 percent safe government have to swim
stilts holding building government trying keep covid story up
butthead bunghole covid variant tp shortage
aoc joe biden destroying america for dummies
kermit only way for us government leave you alone be in afghanistan
buffalo bill puts needle in skin looks for work again
hunter biden dad can i be on taliban board of directors too
solar nuclear wind power covid government
biden wipe your feet rug brain dead idiot destroying entire nation
babylon bee biden need to reinvade afghanistan weapons of mass destruction

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet bettina save for retirement will i retire will world exist
tweet lil bit kids restaurant feral child remove pants

Quote of the Day

quote richard ojeda 2 trillion spent afghan military contractors corporations

Nationwide Mask Mandate is Coming

It’s only a matter of time before Biden tries to re-impose a nationwide mask mandate. As with all the previous forced-masking, lack of Constitutional authority doesn’t matter. As long as schools, government offices, and businesses obey, it accomplishes the same effect as if it’s legal.

Oregon Governor Imposes Mask Mandate for Outdoor Activities

masks theyre back covid poltergeist tv
joe biden withdraws afghanistan redeploys florida enforce child masking

CDC Director on Whether Boosters Will Prevent Covid Transmission: We Have Hope…Just Not Data

But you MUST follow the Covid CDC orders without question!

Message of the Day

message one day people ridiculed conspiracy theorists truth

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