08-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

chucky me searching for personality for day
pussy cat not seeing resemblance yoga
bridge 99.97 percent safe government have to swim
stilts holding building government trying keep covid story up
butthead bunghole covid variant tp shortage
aoc joe biden destroying america for dummies
kermit only way for us government leave you alone be in afghanistan
buffalo bill puts needle in skin looks for work again
hunter biden dad can i be on taliban board of directors too
solar nuclear wind power covid government
biden wipe your feet rug brain dead idiot destroying entire nation
babylon bee biden need to reinvade afghanistan weapons of mass destruction

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet bettina save for retirement will i retire will world exist
tweet lil bit kids restaurant feral child remove pants

Quote of the Day

quote richard ojeda 2 trillion spent afghan military contractors corporations

Nationwide Mask Mandate is Coming

It’s only a matter of time before Biden tries to re-impose a nationwide mask mandate. As with all the previous forced-masking, lack of Constitutional authority doesn’t matter. As long as schools, government offices, and businesses obey, it accomplishes the same effect as if it’s legal.

Oregon Governor Imposes Mask Mandate for Outdoor Activities

masks theyre back covid poltergeist tv
joe biden withdraws afghanistan redeploys florida enforce child masking

CDC Director on Whether Boosters Will Prevent Covid Transmission: We Have Hopeā€¦Just Not Data

But you MUST follow the Covid CDC orders without question!

Message of the Day

message one day people ridiculed conspiracy theorists truth

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