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me leaving area 51 stray dog found alien
me typing 3 minutes expect scroll spell congratulations
raiders fans celebrating first place west prisoners
realizing home never clean choices made dogs
journalism before after government people
lion fauci going to take more whip chair mask again
kinzinger cheney romney room one more retired rinos
mexican government alien corpse public not real
aoc corporate office difference two pictures my stuff your stuff same
america crime innocent until proven republican
homeschool weird depression medication tiktok twerking
make guns invisible to government wrapping epstein client list
hollywood tech liberals obsessed lgbtq
variant shot protect ukrainian transgender global warming

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x biden impeachment inquiry deep state next day aliens
x gym class underrated work epic dodgeball spreadsheets
x memes fact checked liberals men get periods

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quote henning monopoly no investments pass go 200 rich jail

How to Keep Racism Alive Forever

If you ever study human psychology, one of the most fundamental concepts you’ll learn is the the idea of group psychology. There’s a basic human tendency to identify with groups of common characteristics – your country, race, gender, religion, favored political party, sports team, employer, family, whether you believe pineapple belongs on pizza–the list is endless. Naturally, we tend to favor the groups to which we belong and more often look negatively to outsiders of the group. For example, you’re more likely to believe a negative story about a politician from the other party while doubting it if it’s about someone in your own party. If you witness a marital dispute, you’re more likely to take the side of your own gender, regardless of the circumstances. If someone spills beer on you at a football game, you’re more likely to overlook it if it’s a fellow fan wearing the same jersey. In prison and in gangs, membership inevitably falls along racial lines. The examples go on and on. This group psychology has an evolutionary component, as many of our ancestors survived by banding in clans, treating outsiders as the threat they often were.

So, when it comes to racism, you’re fighting against fundamental human group psychology, but only for one reason–the media, politicians, and race baiters like Joy Reid and Al Sharpton continue to emphasize race in EVERYTHING. Think about it–why don’t we separate people by eye color–the Blues, the Browns, etc.? Eye color is a physical characteristic just like skin color. Why is one treated as insignificant while the other is singled out for group membership in virtually every part of education, mainstream media, entertainment, and corporate politics? Two areas where racism is almost nonexistent is within military units and sports teams. Why? Because, race is simply not discussed. The group psychology shifts to your unit and your teammates. If you want racism to disappear at a society level, stop talking about it! Shift the group focus to “fellow Americans,” or even better, “fellow human beings.” If you want to keep racism alive forever, keep emphasizing it in everything we do, such as the NFL’s ridiculously divisive new practice of playing a “black national anthem” before the Star Spangled Banner. I’m willing to bet 99 percent of Americans never even knew such a song existed before a new way to divide us was invented.

I remember a controversial South Park episode that mocked racism as well as debates over flags. It was face-palmingly crude, of course, but it emphasized a good point. In the episode, the town of South Park erupted in debate on changing their flag, which depicted a bunch of white stick figures standing around a black stick figure hanging from a noose. Half the town of course wanted to change it because of the racist depiction while the other half wanted to stick to tradition. For school, the boys had to argue alternate sides of the debate. The boys who argued for changing the flag discussed how violence is wrong but didn’t mention anything about race. Chef, the black school cook, was angry that the boys didn’t talk about the racism in the flag. It wasn’t until later that he figured out the boys just saw a bunch of people standing around a noose. They simply didn’t notice the colors. It wasn’t until the adults pointed out to them that, it’s racism because those are white people and that’s a black man, that they saw the difference. The town later compromised and made all the stick figures multi-colored.

The crude, but fair, point made is, if you want to keep racism alive forever, keep pointing it out. Keep emphasizing it. Keep dividing us by identifiable groups, where basic human psychology will push us to see “our side” and “their side.” If you want to make it go away, treat race as nothing more than a physical characteristic like hair or eye color.

stirring pot racism ny times cnn cbs msnbc wash post abc

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message broke free social conditioning critical thinking cooler if you did

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watching football stress free remembering fantasy team
detroit lions kanye swift nbc announcers asterick
cats bed food is good service is slow
nfl fans looking at schedule win loss split
walmart grill shopping cart
screwdriver cctv repairman pretending destroy cameras priceless
quit calling dc swamp sewer rats sht
mosaic kamala harris black men locked up
truth media dam keep from reaching people
dogs trash blame on climate change like joe biden
adl leftists trojan horse censorship x
biden liar moron easily blackmailed make controlled demolition incompetence
they live media not journalists actors operatives make sense
fauci masks little no difference covid mouth most productive use
us capitol teacher what is this building nursing home
cartman governor of new mexico do what i want

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x nobody more surprised husband hearing wifes plans 2nd time
x couple went to gym together 6 months guy wait outside

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x peta cows milk white supremacy
x game white people trying too hard not be racist cant win
babylon bee scientists warn within 5 months humanity run out of things to call racist

Flashback Reminder

headline top khmer rouge fought social justice

Remember that virtually all mass atrocities throughout history have been perpetrated by governments with leaders trying to build, in their minds, some ideal Utopian society. True evil is brought out by ends-justifies-the-means thinking which causes typical human values to be buried in the name of the “Cause,” “The Party,” “The Master Race,” “Equality,” or whatever the justification.

And They Will Do It Again in a Heartbeat to Preserve Their Power

never forget masking babies in name of science

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quote jonathon swift admit wrong wiser than yesterday

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message remember rinos mcdaniel mccarthy mcconnell election integrity

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therapist smile eye contact strangers clockwork orange
age 8 me website 179 ill allow it
men not as intelligent something help you think
naked mom how to stop video call
normie mandatory anal probing necessary save lives newspaper
klinger thought nuts now would be 4 star general
joe biden wifi password biden is a dck all caps
southwest pilots take jab shove it lets go guitar
babylon bee border patrol replace whips bags money
headlines alec baldwin compared to victim hutchins
joe biden monopoly collect 450000 if you pass go mexico

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tweet squid game except with exes
tweet humor as defense mechanism cant tell joking

Random Thoughts on Election 2021

It’s always hilarious and predictable to watch the liberal meltdowns in the media every time they lose an election. They always fall back on overly simplistic explanations that require the thinking skills of a 6-year-old. And of course, they always must return to their go-to explanation, racism and white supremacy. Almost 1.7 million votes were cast for Youngkin in the Virginia governor election, but according to these propagandists in the media who think of themselves as soooooooo intellectual, they were all about racism, and in this case more than anything, teaching Critical Race Theory in schools. If any of them actually practiced journalism, they’d analyze the exit polls, which show the economy and Covid were the top voting issues, with education a distant 3rd. They might also notice that most Youngkin voters either don’t have kids or have adult kids no longer in school. A real journalist might also take note of who won the Lt. Governor election by the same margin–Winsome Sears, a black woman. If Virginia voters are racist, they sure suck at it!


Speaking of Winsome Sears, you would think this would be the kind of story the media would jump on. A black woman wins Virginia statewide election for the first time ever; someone who’s a Marine, has a master’s degree, is a working mother, ran a homeless shelter, and who is a naturalized citizen originally from Jamaica. This is a storybook American dream candidate, but up until this election, I’m guessing few even heard of her. And knowing the mainstream media, at least 2/3 of the country still haven’t heard of her. She doesn’t have the right liberal politics, so therefore she’s a non-person. Worst of all, she ruins the whole racism/CRT narrative. So the media will just play out the strategy of pretending she doesn’t exist.

tweet cawthorne cnn msnbc not airing victory speech lt gov

Yes, education was an issue in the Virginia elections. No doubt. But CRT is just a small part of it. Parents are altogether sick of the woke liberal PC bullshit being indoctrinated in schools, where America sucks, all white people are evil, all minorities are oppressed & victims, and the only solution to every problem is big government socialism. And part of the education voter backlash involves the masks, social distancing, and other Covid restrictions WHICH WILL CONTINUE FOREVER in liberally-run states. It’s taken almost 2 years for most people to recognize this. Democrats will never let people out of Covidistan oppression if they maintain power. My guess is quite a few more voters will wise up on this point by November 2022.

Half of Republicans still believe the voting system is rigged. In certain areas of the country like New York and California, this is no doubt the case. For people there, the only solution is to leave the state. However, in the vast majority of districts around the country, there are too many eyes on things. There’s no way Republicans will let Democrats get away with all the shit they pulled in 2020. Any critical thinker knows 2020 was fixed, but the difference then is the majority of Republican politicians wanted Trump gone, so they surrendered without a fight.

Thinking ahead to midterms, as always, the focus will be on national elections, especially the House & Senate control. There’s no doubt that these are extremely important in putting a stop to the Biden dictatorship. But the local elections–governors, mayors, school board members, judges, etc. may be far more important to the future of the country. Try visiting conservative states like Florida or South Dakota, then immediately visit liberal-dominated states like California or New York. The contrast is striking. Solid red states are relatively free while life in blue states seems like they’re at the height of an Ebola epidemic. Also remember that the first priority of Democrats in power is always to preserve or enhance that power, so they will immediately go to work to ensure there is no verification of voter integrity. Conservative/libertarians in local positions can prevent this from happening. Indeed, it’s the only way to keep the U.S. a democratic nation, and we’re running out of time.

Republican control of the House & Senate means nothing if we continue to elect Establishment RINO’s like Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell. The spending will continue. Wars will continue. Inflation & debt will remain out of control. And worst of all, there is nothing to prevent another voting debacle like 2020. These slimebags in the Republican party have to be primaried out of office before 2022 and 2024, so start paying attention to nomination races. You don’t want your choices in November to once again be Communist vs. Communist Lite.

quote kamala harris virginia 2022 2024 predictor

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quote winsome sears democrats gin up anger were sick of it

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message if on same side torture animals silence speech weaponize compliance disregard own laws

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