09-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

2020 schools closed high winds 1979 tornados hold book over your head
lockdown ended chippendales anounces appear event fat guys
joe biden american 300 million 150 lost gun violence 120 to covid 19 reaching out to friends
smokey stop setting shit on fire need something burn november trump reelected
two guys who can fix america george jefferson archie bunker
democrats panic pilot turbulence
joe biden bernie sanders more than 80 years combined in washington not solution they are the problem
trump tshirt biden likes minors blm
things more likely kill you than covid shark falling coconuts lightning hillary clinton
people in media defending sexual exploitation of minors same stayed silent epstein
democrats royalty politicians when called out violating corona rules they implemented

Tweets of the Day

tweet james woods california wildfires arsonist obama climate change
tweet bernie sanders people sick of middle east wars defeat trump candidate voted iraq war biden

Quote of the Day

quote joe biden dont want my children grow up in racial jungle cnn cross off trump

Messages of the Day

to pro athletes think were listening advice from someone chasing ball get it from dog
usa flag means more to me than nfl ever will

Random Thought of the Day

Yesterday I watched the movie Citizen Kane, a movie that appears at or near the top of virtually every film critic’s list of Best Movies Ever. I get the William Randolph Hearst comparison and the rosebud themes, but to put it quite simply, it was a terrible film, judged not only by today’s standards but those of the time it was made. It was boring, poorly acted, and OMG, the 2nd wife’s voice was grating nails-on-the-chalkboard. So why is it ranked so high? I believe it’s a common problem in our society, and that is “peer pressure and prevailing thoughts.” In other words, it’s so widely accepted as the best that film critics believe their peers will think less of them if they say how truly bad of a film it is. You see the same type of “if everyone else thinks it, it must be true” thinking throughout history and pop culture. For example, “Bob Dillon had a great voice,” “Franklin Roosevelt was a great president,” “Barack Obama is really smart.” You’re just supposed to agree with it, and you will be ridiculed if you don’t. You see the same thinking on climate change alarmism in the science community, along with probably the most obvious example today, “systemic racism.” Anyone in professional sports, politics, or mainstream media MUST set aside all critical thinking skills and just state there is systemic racism in America. And if the peer pressure and prevailing wisdom doesn’t convince people to parrot the systemic racism lines, the PC cancel culture makes sure anyone with critical thinking skills at least keeps quiet.

democrat 2020 making america hate again racism its all we got folks
democrats keep calm and cry racism
stirring pot racism ny times cnn cbs msnbc wash post abc
elizabeth warren invents new kinds of racism dont think it means what you think it means
quote morgan freeman how to stop racism stop talking about it no white black man

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08-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

hiding candy from kids in quarantine vegetable bag
new pissed off walk back to car forgot mask
fortune cookie youre as intelligent as you are good looking shit
defend police do over of wild west sounds exciting cowboys and liberal
meanwhile at joe biden residence trump is afraid of me hiding in basement
im on team joe biden wuhan china winnie the pooh
joe biden masked youre half indian call you tonto kamala harris no
nurse youve been in coma since april more than 14 days curve flattened government liberty back
defund police we cand police own community dis so liberals screaming
privilege is striking as professional athlete while everyone esle is prohibited from working kermit
joker felon pulled glock on 17 year old got arm blown off tired of pretending not funny

Leftist Protesting – the Best Protection Against Covid-19 in Existence

cnn headline comparison rnc march on washington covid
babylon bee covid show of solidarity vows not to affect anyone protesting

Not as Big of Story as First Lady and White House Lawn Changes

U.S. Marshals say they found 39 missing children in Georgia trailer during two-week operation

how is finding 39 missing children in a double wide trailer in Georgia not biggest news story in america

Could it be because the media spent the last week mocking QAnon, which is a group vocal about sex trafficking and global pedophilia rings? For the record, I know very little about QAnon, but I have zero trust in the way the media have portrayed their conspiracy beliefs. The people I know who mention it on social media have never once mentioned satanic cannibals or any of the most out-there belief tenets touted by MSM. Like everything labeled by the media as “conspiracy theories” nowadays, I’m sure there are some reasonable, evidence-backed, common sense explanations that expose and threaten some powerful people. However, part of their theories are clouded by a few fringe, crazy, incoherent people & ideas, which the media use to label the whole group and destroy credibility.

Tweets of the Day

tweet grease 2020 summer covid mask zoom meeting nights
tweet lewis slavati rand paul best senator against police militarization war on drugs left cant restrain
tweet buck sexton liberals nothing wrong with threatening senior citizens over politics also wrong pronoun actual violence

Quote of the Day

quote rob smith blessed live in place can achieve limitless life

Message of the Day

message quarantine restrict movement sick people tyranny when healthy people

Facts Lives Matter

black lives matter claim debunked by science sources

Simple question – do you think all these athletes, politicians, celebrities, and media commentators parroting their required “systematic racism” lines really brings people together and heals racial divisions? Or do you think it might foment anger & protests, which makes problems more difficult to solve and increases resentment in the non-racists who make up the vast majority of American citizens? Suggestion – might it be more helpful for high-profile people to point out real life stats on police shootings and mention the indisputable facts that committing felonies and resisting arrest are almost always behind these incidents? No one disputes there is racism in certain parts of society, but by constantly screaming “racism” for situations that are clearly NOT racism or that are statistical anomalies, you destroy credibility and willingness to listen.

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07-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

If you haven’t figured out, this latest obsession with finding racism in ANY comments made by Trump is all part of a very organized, coordinated campaign by Democrats and their allies in the media. The President’s approval ratings among blacks and Hispanics has been climbing, and if the Democrats don’t completely dominate minority votes like they usually do, Trump will easily win re-election. It’s all about creating that branding in the minds of voters: Trump=racist. So, they must twist, clip, analyze, interpret absolutely anything he says as “racist”. No free thinking individual can interpret the remarks of the past few weeks and find them racist. Those that are screaming racism are simply parroting what they’ve been instructed in the media. Here’s a good test. Take any of Trump’s statements and repeat them to someone, yet tell them the speaker is Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, or Barack Obama. See how many people still consider the remarks racist.

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

xx i dont always get called names but when i do because won argument with leftist
girls sound like murderers complementing each other want your skin hair
trump and for next trick ill make democrats defend rats
rare image of communism working
cnn msnbc islam religion of peace dove machine gun
remember to wash hands after touching dirty animal dog washing
mueller book anyone who acts angry at frame job is obstructing
so ones dont believe in guns going to area 51 natural selection
what would you say you do here robert mueller thats out of my purview
digging for years on island hold on have someone good at that mueller

Tweet of the Day

tweet bill mitchell if you keep calling everything racist people stop paying attention

Observation of the Day

trump doesnt destroy opponents he shoves to spotlight to destroy themselves omar aoc pressley tlaib

Even Google Agrees

even google agrees baltimore is dump mess slum

Quote of the Day

quote democrats rich people convincing poor people other rich are reason theyre poor

That Explains A Lot

bill de blasio warren wilhelm jr quixote center sandinista marxist leninist

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