02-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

during hike post dragging what she posts view
teller looks like bank robber
tshirt 30 percent stud 70 muffin
stop calling tax refund overpaid all year got change back
freedom constantly tested sign dont jckoff guitar shop
fun fact no state requires dog carry permit
steps how to use threats locate app hold icon delete
controlling joe biden worst ex president from marthas vineyard
question someone with dementia nuclear weapons report red flag law
fact checkers defending biden foot in mouth see every intent
babylon bee jayapal demands slur stop illegal immigrants

Social Media Posts of the Day

x no weighted blanket dog boundary issues
x internet connection unstable can join club
x wealth needs to be created before distributed incentives

Random Thoughts of the Day

* Continuing on the travel theme of my last Random Thoughts blog, leftist politicians have made it more expensive in two newer ways. The first is higher-than-average sales taxes, especially on hotels. Locals rarely complain about these tax rates that are usually 10-15 percent of the base price because they live in the area; thus, the out-of-towners bear the brunt of the cost. It’s so common now, though, that EVERY traveler gets punished wherever they go, so maybe it’s worth fighting the next time a politician proposes a new traveler tax? The second is the recent escalation of regulations on Uber and VRBO-type accomodations. Increased costs & hassle plus decreased flexibility just drives up the end cost to travelers, and it discourages the services from even being offered. So are these leftist politicians really standing up for Uber workers & VRBO owners, or are they serving the much larger corporate donors in the hotel/transportation industry?

* Loading the front of airplanes before the back is not only slow & inefficient, it punishes the early boarders of aisle seats. How?…they get to be pummeled by luggage & elbows as passengers make their way down the middle of the sardine can.

* “Literally” is a word that literally needs to stop being overused, especially by people who literally don’t know the f*cking meaning of the word. And if you use it 3 or more times in the same conversation, you literally need to get slapped upside the head.

* If you’re one of the people who post a meme with the sole comment of “this 👇”, please stop. You sound like a preachy, condescending ass. “This” was common among arrogant, elitist liberals during Covid as a way to talk down to the ignorant peasants who weren’t obeying their superior overlords.

* The same liberals who pooh-poohed record stock prices during the Trump administration are now puffing their chests that the prices are back near record highs under Biden (after a 20% drop in 2022). However, has the real value gone up, or is the currency used to buy stocks simply worth a lot less? Let me put it to you this way, if you sold $5000 of Apple stock in 2021, what could you buy with it in groceries, gas, rent, etc? How about if you sold $5000 of Apple stock in 2024? Hell, if U.S. stocks were measured in Venezuelan bolivars instead of dollars, imagine the record price level the index would be at?!! 😱 Under Trump, stock prices reached record highs while inflation was near 0 percent. That is a real accomplishment, which is why so many of us felt much richer back then than we do today. BTW, Venezuelans are celebrating that inflation slowed to 190 percent in January, down from 686 percent in 2021. Don’t worry though, Republicans and Democrats, just keep spending, we’ll be fine! 👌

us debt cant quit now keep digging to venezuela
spiderman tell truth house not worth more currency worth less
goose biden what causes shrinkflation

Interest on national debt could threaten U.S. economic stability, CBO director tells House panel

Quote of the Day

quote orwell 1984 play people wont revolt wont look up screens enough to notice

Message of the Day

message generation stop crying give you something gen x

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11-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

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bumper stickers driver is old cant hear horn see finger have nice day
mother son dirt bike now phone outside
loose gravel sign avalanche rocks road
simpsons barney us taxpayers war another stupid
republicans power of purse border proxy wars fbi headquarters
moving on difficult everything reminds pssy coat
vivek msnbc clinton disinformation russian colluxion rig poll
all rise trump kangaroo court judge
monkey lion happened month ago pleading for cease fire
cancel culture race card poker game of identity politics
state farm believe rapinoe glad injured hate america
gavin news commies are coming san francisco clean poop homelessness

Random Thoughts of the Day

* Oil prices have temporarily pulled back, coinciding with OPEC supply changes and a slowdown of world economic activity. It’s almost like prices are determined by supply & demand?! 🤔 But that couldn’t be–I thought it was greedy oil companies who could set the price to anything they want? I guess they just stopped being greedy for a while, as they did when gas dropped to a little over a $1 during the pit of the Covid lockdowns.

* Biden’s support among young voters has absolutely plummeted, most notably because of inflation and war. I guess a lot of them are finding out the real world is very different from the brainwashing that dominated their schooling.

* We need to stop calling these leftist tech/educator/politician/business leaders “elite.” The truth is many of them can’t put the most basic 2+2 equations together. Most of them still cling to the most ridiculous talking points on everything related to Covid that the majority of Americans just roll their eyes at. Did you notice they’ve backed off their usual winter-is-approaching/Covid-is-back fear mongering campaign? It’s because it simply isn’t working, and even the slightest hint of a return to lockdowns/masks/vaccine mandates has sparked MAJOR backlashes. Also, unlike the 2+2=5 “elites,” most Americans are able to see that launching a Covid fear campaign sequel in another presidential election year would be a little too obvious.

* Speaking of elite cluelessness, none of them seem to see that their relentless attacks on Trump make him stronger every time. I will say again what should be obvious — Trump, in spite of himself, is popular more than anything because of the enemies who attack him — the Establishment politicians of both parties, Big Tech facists, mainstream media, corporate billionaires, and spoiled Hollywood celebrities. In other words, the people who most Americans are disgusted with and sick of.

* Every major streaming service has spent billions developing content to gain an edge on the competition, but it almost always is the same categories — sequels, superhero/fantasy, LGBTQ stories, reality TV, and so on. Whenever I read history, I think of thousands of stories that would make great movies or series’s. Of course, part of me knows they would just butcher them as they do most historical stories–changing the sexuality of main characters, demonizing American heroes, portraying the U.S. as the villain, emphasizing some minority group that had little to do with the actual historical event, etc.

* Speaking of streaming services, it’s seems to be a new thing of every major company to find some way to get subscriptions or memberships. They love the repeating, predictable revenue. Yet, 95 percent of these companies guarantee it won’t happen by insisting on pulling underhanded shit. For example, I’ve yet to come across a subscription-type service that I couldn’t sign up for online, complete with payment, within a minute or two. However, if you want to cancel, if there is a way to cancel online, you have to poke around for several minutes to find it. But more common seems to be forcing you to talk to a representative to cancel. So after the initial wait, you have to go through an added spiel where they try to talk you out of it or downsell you. I try to shorten these calls by saying, “I worked in sales. I know you have to get three ‘no’s for an answer, so here ya go – NO NO NO.” This classic SNL Spectrum cancel skit below is a great illustration of the process.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5DeDLI8_IM

* I believe in the principle of Occam’s Razor — all things being equal, the simplest solution is generally correct. So I’m not a conspiracy theorist by nature, and as I’ve studied ones from history, many of them are easily debunked. However, the actions of the world governments the past few years have opened my eyes wide as to what they’re capable of. One particular one I’ve doubted, and still do to an extent, is the one that 9/11 was aided or carried out entirely by the U.S. Government. I went searching for explanations on both sides. It’s tough to find credible sources. I started on Amazon Prime. I found several conspiracy documentaries, but nearly every one I clicked on said “This video is unavailable.” I did find one that told exactly one side — debunking & ridiculing the conspiracy theorists. I remembered a History Channel special that covered the topic, but Google search & Youtube appears to have scrubbed it. I eventually found it on Rumble. It was a mostly fair analysis of each theory and the “expert response.” It was told with a bias to the official government story, so it doesn’t really make sense to hide it. Thus, another question for you so-called elites–do you think this censorship is going to feed or squash these conspiracy theories? 🙄 I, like everyone else, know most of the info on the web cannot be trusted. But when you try to silence alternative voices, it only makes me wonder if there really is something to hide.

* Lastly, speaking of credibility, I have to say that the truth doesn’t just apply to the media and politicians. It applies to you too. We have zero trust in the media and most politicians because they’ve repeatedly lied and distorted facts, so even if they report something honestly, we still have doubts. As you search & share stuff on the web, remember that all it takes is one false story to shred your credibility. Even an honest mistake will motivate others to tune you out, so be careful. Remember, the Ruling Class specializes in planting false stories that can easily be debunked. When you find and share them, they can say, “See see…you can’t believe anything from these conspiracy theorists. We need to censor this ‘misinformation’.” The media can then say in perpetuity, “That ‘debunked’ conspiracy theory…” I firmly believe they got away with stealing the 2020 election and endless sins during Covid by such techniques. Do you remember the #StopTheSteal hashtag? It was used to share evidence of 2020 election shenanigans. A few fake stores were shared, then Twitter, Facebook, and others used this as justification to erase all posts with that hashtag from the web. If they can’t censor or kill your credibility, they want to at least add so much smoke that people throw up their hands and say, “I don’t know what to believe.” Think it worked for the JFK assassination, or 9/11, or the Gulf of Tonkin, or virtually every other major conspiracy theory in history?

if news is fake imagine history
conspiracy theorists winning race cdc fact checkers mainstream media
trump waterskiing jump sharks hollywood establishment media fbi doj ny cia
message schools want conformity thinkers not critical ones conspiracy theorists

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet massie disinformation misinformation info people in power prefer cant access or share
x socialist working classes qui gon anakin no longer slave master
x doomsday climate cult coming ice age nimoy

Quote of the Day

quote orwell destroy people understanding of own history

Message of the Day

message job mainstream media 10 percent views 80 percent views country

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09-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bus made it 300000 vehicle personal driver
corky dog head explode squirrels mailbox cat mailman
on diet too rich food stamps poor for food
take her sightseeing dropping clues bj rock
liberal natural polluting environment windmills solar panels better
chalkboard never heard 81 million voters so quiet
lady justice blindfold replaced doj trump head stick
mccarthyism 2.0 have ever been 2020 election denier
flanders homer simpson cdc recommends masks
joe biden whiteboard tax dollars ukraine raytheon lockheed
biden aliases complex money laundering scheme have kamala harris explain
democrats what make mugshot cash raising
explanation federal reserve whats inflation
babylon bee california drought rain evidence of climate change
dont tread on me doesnt represent slavery democrat party logo
fetterman biden feinstein mcconnell spiderman point

Social Media Posts of the Day

x hollywood on strike all summer no one gives af
x newlyweds mine is yours dogs spot
x still afraid of covid masks boosters dont dare demand more mandates
x trump using justice department enemies liberal montage

Hyprocrisy 101: Montage of Liberals Expressing Worry About Trump Weaponizing Government/DOJ

Quote of the Day

quote sowell human condition liberals because others not as wise as them

Message of the Day

message authoritarian on side now wont be history

Random Thoughts of the Day

* Why is that companies can efficiently charge your credit card instantly with one click on a purchase, but if they screw up and owe you a refund, it takes 7-10 business days?

* What goes through the heads of some marketing executives when they design monthly subscription auto charges & renewal? You know the ones–where they enroll you without your knowledge, never inform you that you’re being charged, or make it time-consuming and excruciatingly difficult to cancel? Do they think they’re going to build brand loyalty and encourage future business by scamming an extra monthly charge or two?

* Who came up with the idea of putting Skip Bayless, Michael Irvin, and Richard Sherman on the same sports show–three of the most clueless, annoying assholes in all of sports commentary? And what is about sports show executives that think, “Let’s hire the cockiest, loud, unsportsmanlike, hated ex-players we can find!” Think about it–Michael Vick, Randy Moss, Warren Sapp, Keyshawn Johnson, Deion Sanders, Shannon Sharpe, and on and on. The only reason most NFL fans even know the name Richard Sherman is because of his classless taunting of Michael Crabtree at the end of the NFC Championship, with his follow-up rant to Erin Andrews. I don’t think Michael Irvin, who is totally incapable of speaking at a conversational volume, ever caught a pass is his storied career without doing some kind of in-your-face celebratory taunt. I miss the Barry Sanders’s of the world, who would celebrate amazing plays by handing the ball to an official or fan. At least I’m thankful Irvin, Bayless, and Sherman are all isolated on the same show now, which makes it easy to skip.

* Speaking of sportsmanship, I love baseball, but why is it taboo in Major League Baseball to shake hands with opponents at the end of games, which is commonplace in almost every other sport? At least in MLB, they know how to handle overly celebratory & unsportsmanlike players, who can expect high & tight brushback pitches at their next at-bat.

* I regularly see ridiculous polls such as 64 percent who would never vote for Trump, or 53 percent of Republicans who wouldn’t support him as the Republican nominee. If these idiotic polls were even remotely close to true, then why are Democrats so anxious to keep him from running in 2024? Why not let him run, get slaughtered, then pursue any legal actions afterwards, if necessary? Is it because, as usual, the polls are total bullshit? Or maybe because it’s more important to continue criminalizing the questioning of a stolen election? 🤔

* The Biden admininistration began their new Medicare “price negotiation” program–yet another government idea which sounds good on the surface. What in our past experience leads us to believe that ANYTHING government gets involved with in health care will lower costs? Putting aside the crony capitalism corruption that will likely occur as political allies are rewarded (and enemies punished), when government implements price controls, two things happen — 1) consumers over-buy something they wouldn’t have spent on if the price was higher, and 2) suppliers stop producing the good or service, as the potential profit is reduced or eliminated. Both lead to shortages, and guess what happens to prices when you have shortages? Plus, as with other medical costs, when health care providers are forced into lower payouts for Medicare, they jack up the prices to non-Medicare patients. People love to hate on health insurance companies, but I remember a time when health insurance was ultra-cheap, so cheap that it was provided standard no-cost to almost all employees. Then, government had to stick its nose in things, more than tripling the annual cost from 1992 to 2016. Bill Clinton started the trend with HIPAA and other legislation. George W continued with his Medicare Drug Program, etc. Then, of course, the biggest meddling legislation, Obamacare. While de-regulator Trump was in office, costs rose only at the same low rate of inflation (which was practically nothing back then), but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence. Just in case, government should definitely get involved again. It surely will work THIS time! 👍

nfl defensive backs celebrating after qb overthrows wide open receiver

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