12-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

judge kills obamacare what to do gee ill miss cheap health insurance 6000 deductible
when youre too cheap to buy christmas decorations singing cans
california taxing text messages bill breathing talking standing existing lollygagging chewing
its almost time for new year new me bullshit assure you i will be same asshold always been
james comey could have inducted hillary but im pro life my own
if you dont study you will end up like that man he has union job and makes more than judgemental bitch with union job
you know journalism is dead when national enquirer more credible than nyt cnn msbnc
trump derangement syndrome bush clinton schumer obama meet with putin fine
wreck the tree and blame the russians cats fa la la

Random Thought of the Day

There is ZERO doubt in my mind the Fed and establishment members of both major political parties are implementing policies to directly sabotage the economy, for no other reason than to get Donald Trump out of office. The Federal Reserve continues to put in baffling rate hikes despite stable inflation with plummeting fuel and food prices. Any credible economist will tell you the continuing rate hikes make no sense whatsoever! Expect stock prices to tumble further as Deep State forces are willing to tank the nation in order to maintain their power and get rid of a wild card like Donald Trump.

Tweets of the Day

charlie kirk tweet obama legacy crumbling obamacare unconstitutional
james woods tweet wont vote for trump if all not build worked for israel stopping terror attacks

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