01-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

astrology girlfriend crypto boyfriend sopranos
sign ice ice baby stop collaborate collision
sarah connor going into 2020 2024
annoying girlfriend why dating giant melons
canadians checking bank accounts criticizing justin trudeau
epstein client list about to drop bring up aliens again
fcked up this year 2025 will be it
minnesota education biden transgender usa sucks white oppressors read write
dont see golden globes esptein island visitors
israel palestine can we exist defend violence
bubble concert scienciest of times

Banana Republic Report

x ray epps definitely not fed fine probation deal
x epps trump j6 comparison charges
x selfie j6 15 years epps on camera bragging

Is There Anything Biden Touches That Doesn’t Raise the Cost of Living? 🙄

biden new rule gig economy contracting uber

Not only does this decrease the flexibility of Americans looking to supplement their income, it simply forces companies like Uber to raise their base cost per ride, which cascades to higher prices for guess who?

babylon bee jean pierre biden everything always more expensive that usual

We Can Totally Trust Mainstream Media Now, Though 👍

x hoaxes left media fell for list covid smollett

Social Media Posts of the Day

x pence cnn fbi investigated itself no wrongdoing j6
x noah knigga west virginia announcers
x wifes birthday tomorrow more heads up next time
x add brain conversation someone interrupting me

Quote of the Day

quote michael jordan best coachable aggressive to learn sponge

Message of the Day

message be kind past versions didnt know what you know now

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09-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dogs married 1 year feels like 7
tall skinny latte high maintenance self absorbed
government aliens real cost of living sunny philadelphia
office news covid not comply even harder
trickle down bidenomics bird sht middle class tree
masks vaccines lockdowns pyramid things stick up a$$
99 percent covid deaths not primarily caused by virus shocked
biden border secure economy good bribery insanity defense
reading latest covid restrictions violate them more effectively
joe biden i won georgia by 4 suitcases
babylon bee trump trial election interference set in time for election interference
presenting 2024 election biden sniffing trump mugshot
aoc liberals jason aldean song hillary clinton black jokes
face tell why need to end public education
biden whiteboard raise prices take credit arrest political opponents
babylon bee fbi seizes jaiden backpack predawn raid

Social Media Posts of the Day

x mask prevent virus inhalation mind control device
x nothing to see here peters burners offshore accounts shell companies
x global warming fire arson liquid

Welcome to Stalinist Gaslighting Theater

proud boys leader jan 6th 17 years ray epps free

Ex-Proud Boys head Joseph Biggs gets 17 years in prison, second-longest sentence in Jan. 6 Capitol riot case

Sure, according to Establishment politicians and mainstream media, the “insurrectionists” of January 6th fomented rebellion reminiscent of the Civil War. Well, except for only one totally-not-a-Fed man who is innocent. 🙄 Do some googling of Ray Epps and watch the barrage of MSM articles defending one, and only one, participant in Jan 6th protests. How much more evidence do you need of the Establishment politician/Big Tech/mainstream media symbiotic relationship?

democrats big tech mainstream media joined at the hip

Tucker Carlson: Why Hasn’t Ray Epps Been Charged?

Quote of the Day

quote rfk jr people know system rigged being lied to

Message of the Day

message stop calling elite parasites predator class

Go-To Solution of the Day

then people said no the end

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07-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

social media dogs friending liking posting sharing
new followers unfollow posts guys arent ready back to future
brain outstanding organ works 24 365 up until first erection
kermit tip of day make sure phone off calling person ahole
foreign powers leash joe biden hunter
idiocracy not sure smart or millions americans brainwashed zombies
he man 9.1 percent official inflation reality much worse government lie
biden jan 6th inflation car broke down
elizabeth warren crisis pregnancy centers choice torture
us government helping drowning ukrainian families americans bird

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet hunter biden proof rules laws ethics dont apply ruling class or kids
twet zuby fire millions rushed new injection doesnt prevent tranmission
tweet bassler afghanistan oil europe asia ukraine enemy of country biden

Quote of the Day

quote sebi society cures secret sell medication

Message of the Day

message always question settled science lobotomy

Seems Legit

tweet ray epps only guy video storm capitol
fbi plotting terror event like to

In Case You Missed the Story

Link: https://rumble.com/v1cbngn-tucker-carlson-shows-how-leftist-media-tries-to-cover-up-for-ray-epps-actio.html


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