06-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

netflix 1 more price raise before dust off vcr
toddler talks back to mom come with me want to live terminator
girl giving him all signs stop turn ask out
need adult waterparks lazy rizer tacos booze no kids
dogs vs cats mind food sleep murder
me appearing social media timeline 50th time today
leftist communist do something capitalism regulation government banks megacorps stronger poorer
fox cnn fake news both right operation mockingbird
did you know sandwiches fit weed bags
biden sealed you know the thing southern border executive order hole
blame food shortages climate change control farms
quit responding polls give democrats how many fake ballots
disappear when need most keys wallet phone house speaker mike johnson
caught billy doing burnout lgbtq price crosswalk billys mom aunt dad
babylon bee biden asks europe why not arrest conservative candidates before election

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It’s All for Show

It’s obvious this “conviction” of Hunter Biden on a crime most people don’t give a shit about accomplishes two things:

1. It allows them to bury his real crimes, most notably all the corrupt middle-man dealing for his father.
2. Leftists can claim the justice system is fairly applied to both sides; thus, we should trust whatever fake crimes they decide to pin on Trump. πŸ‘Œ

In the end, Hunter will get little or no punishment, and media lapdogs can move to the next stage of reading their talking points on our fair, impartial justice system πŸ‘ Oh, and we have a *reading cue card* convicted felon running against our Dear Leader, Joe Biden.

hunter biden gun crimes undersage girls bribery swimming drowning
babylon bee biden proud son getting away everything else

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x brave as kid doesnt eat dinner snack minutes later
x should be nevermind button netflix because you watched
x shouldnt need proof rape victim tom to kill a mockingbird
x terroriists hate us for freedom leaders women from the view
x coronavirus gaslighting protests social gatherings
message be reason nun clutches rosary when walk by
quote djokovic stand up what you believe even if standing alone

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