09-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

after winning argument wife sleeping garage
far side missile construction paper bag
when at dmv ask how much paid for vehicle 1 dollar price is right
cant miss pickup line california i have electricity
joe biden get off my lawn half population freedom law order
meet up truther friends identical black suburbans
when youre not majority extreme way of thinking white house press secretary

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dont like become enter username password tv remote
tweet think thing in house least hair would be cat
tweet colorado thermostat xcel customers energy crisis

Everyone Should Know By Now

Stop Believing the ‘Republicans Are Blowing the Midterms’ Propaganda – Larry O’Connor

Why must conservative/libertarian voters fall into the same trap every two years? The media will ignore hundreds of polls that show the unpopularity of the Leftist politicians, then cherry pick a couple heavily-biased ones as evidence of some kind of trend. It’s pure propaganda BS designed to encourage right-leaning voters to stay home. Its goal is to convince common sense Americans they’re in the minority, and the insane world of the Left is somehow popular. Let’s be clear, there WILL be a gigantic red wave in November. And contrary to common belief, it will have little to do with Trump. In fact, Trump’s involvement may slightly hurt prospects simply because he mobilizes hate, energy, and money on the Left like no other politician.

No, the red wave is coming because almost all Republicans running have embraced libertarian/anti-establishment/anti-government platforms, at least publicly, while the Left is charging full speed into the Stalinist/Big Brother/government control of everything world written about in scores of dystopian novels. The difference is especially stark in the Covid era, as Constitutional freedoms have been trampled the past two years unlike any time in American history. The only way Republicans can blow it is if they embrace a squishy Biden-light agenda pushed by the Romney/McConnell wing of the party.

Make no mistake though, if we don’t elect true libertarian-leaning politicians, absolutely nothing will change, other than fact Republicans will share more of the blame for Biden’s disastrous policies, opening up the possibility of another communist dictator in 2024.

tweet mitch mcconnell maga republicans biden speech
biden democrats rinos swamp achievements january 6th distraction
kip president represent extremism foundation republic say things getting pretty serious
biden trump rally jaws gonna need a bigger gulag
tweet why read dystopian fiction just payattention

Quote of the Day

quote plato interest in government doomed live under rule of fools

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Joe Biden Meme Gallery 5

Message of the Day

message not challenging authority denying completely

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