10-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda people cant tell smartass or sincere gift
cats hopping onto bed aim for the bladder
kids on cell phone arent supposed to say trick or treat
streaming services paid ads amazon hbo hulu netflix pooh
democrat republicans fault all equally worthless
evolution american left then now question authority if do racist masks
old woman titanic money bank in my memories
joe biden who to blame israel palestine climate change
fast food burger from phd history philosophy english literature
jan 6th riots voices of the unheard liberal literally insurrection
babylon bee fund two wars yellen friends discount raytheon
harvard students for hamas anti lgbtq religion women speech
bidenomics dog commander mean destructive unpredictable
biden ice cream doxxed entire delta force team
joe biden 6 billion iran embracing israel
babylon bee cnn blames fog pf war gaza other inaccurate reporting
jan 6th darkest day in history hamas protest stunning and brave

Message of the Day

message success iceberg hard work rejections discipline

Social Media Posts of the Day

x hoa homeowners complaint read handbook snitching neighbors
x dad showed kids etch a sketch caveman ipad
x dracula giving son talk monster mash

Can We Find a Third War to Fund?

military contractor stocks last 5 days israel attack

Biden to seek ‘unprecedented’ Israel aid package

Quote of the Day

quote brezinski public unable to reason think for themselves parrot news 1972

Reminder on RFK, Jr.

While many of us admire RFK’s advocacy of free speech, anti-Establishment, and medical freedom, let’s remember that he is hard left in most of his political positions. There is little doubt he’d continue the unabated growth of government & spending. Still, isn’t it interesting that even though the mainstream media, Democrat Party, Big Tech fascists, and entertainment industry agree with him on 95% of the issues, the fact he opposes Covid tyranny and supports free speech is enough for all of them to launch a massive campaign to destroy him only exceeded in ferocity by the one on Trump? 🤔

x rfk reparations for slavery left

DC Swamp Members Will Not Go Gently Into That Goodnight

list of republicans not supporting jim jordan

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06-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when life gives you lemons lemonade vodka
cat dog cone marker
award biggest ahole ever met
first ad musk vs zuckerberg ironman lizard
richsplaining people never in poverty explaining
biden corruption news vault msnbc cbs abc cnn
victorias vics secret store
government solves obesity inflration food shortages
biden national industrial policy direct economy you obey plagiarized china
women defend mace one less rape gun one less rapist
white girls force poor buy electric cars
company celebreate pride month blackrock esg holdup
leaders have opponents arrested ministry of truth children belong to state

Another Day, Another PsyOps

tweet video patriot rally undercover feds

If you don’t recognize the formula by now, Feds and paid leftist activists are planted at conservative/libertarian rallies to pose as “nazis,” “white supremacists,” “kkk,” or “insurrections.” MSNBC, CNN, etc. are told where to go. They film the selected parts of the rally so they can play the same videos on loop 24/7 (but never parts of the rally like those in the tweet). Anderson Cooper, Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, etc. whip up their leftwing audiences to hate & fear these “right-wing extemists.” Leftist politicians are brought in to comment on the unconstitutional, anti-Democratic actions that MUST be taken to save our country. Lather Rinse Repeat. 🙄

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet accidentally tagged myself photo ex facebook wife sonogram
tweet apple new 3500 vr headset bad decisions
tweet old new makeup trap

“Anti-Vaxxer” – The Latest Label Used to Discredit & Shut Down Debate

The Left has an arsenal of standard attacks words to throw around to discredit, attack, and silence their enemies…ones that are rarely defined — racist, sexist, homophophe, hate speech, misinformationm,  and so on. They’re the fallback building blocks of the mentally weak who don’t want to debate issues based on facts & logic. Since 2020, a new one has joined their standbys — Anti-Vaxxer. To much of the country, they’ve successfully branded anyone with this title as a nutbag conspiracy theorist who relies on junk science spread through fake news & Russian disinformation websites. The truth of what people with this label believe is meaningless–they’re rarely ever asked and are usually disappeared from TV, the web, and social media before anyone gets to hear their side of the story. That’s bad, of course, but even worse is how the label, like racist, has expanded to virtually anyone who goes against anything in the Science Fascism talking points. Mention the Covid vaccines don’t prevent transmission? Anti-Vaxxer. Point out they don’t stop you from getting Covid? Anti-Vaxxer. Ask why there has been a sudden increase in certain medical conditions the past few years? Anti-Vaxxer. Ask why pharma companies have liability shields from their products if they’re 100% safe? Anti-Vaxxer. Claim natural immunity is better than the vaccine-acquired kind? Anti-Vaxxer. Take every common vaccine your entire life but be hesitant about a new mRNA one approved only for “emergency use?” Yep, still an Anti-Vaxxer. Even if you’re one of those crazy people who relies on healthy diet, exercise, sleep, and the human immune system over modern pharma? Defintely, an Anti-Vaxxer.

In addition to silencing such people, it’s a control mechanism. In other words, toe the line, do as your told, and never, NEVER ask questions or YOU TOO will be put in that crazy Anti-Vaxxer group. The most unpardonable sin you can commit nowadays is to give a platform to any prominent voices from the so-called Anti-Vaxxers, as has been done recently by Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson. Carlson, of course, has been fired for his habit of asking taboo questions, and they’re have been major pushes to fire Joe Rogan, but both have far too big of audiences to be silenced.

Joe Rogan gained attention recently for, horror of horrors, interviewing the man who has become synonymous with Anti-Vaxxer — RFK, Jr. Is RFK against vaccines? Yes, some of them, of course. But as with so many of these silenced voices, if you let him actually speak, you might come away with a totally different opinion. As RFK describes in his books (including one I’d recommend, The Real Anthony Fauci), he is NOT against all vaccines. Some of the older, well-tested ones he supports. Some he supports but has major problems with the ingredients used. Some he opposes in young children when they’re going through the crucial years of developing immunity. Is he right? I have no idea. My guess is he’s dead right on some things and totally wrong on others. That’s why free speech and the Scientific Method are so necessary — eventually, the best information and ideas win out.

But that’s not the current world we live in, where Big Tech, the government, and mainstream media are more interested in silencing dissent, as well as covering up their screw-ups and inaccurate assertions. As with his exposure of America’s Dr. Mengele, Anthony Fauci, RFK pointed out all the inaccuracies and damage done by another “scientist” and MSNBC regular, Peter Hotez. Rogan and several viewers cruelly put together a pool of over $1 million to be donated to the charity of Hotez’s choice simply to debate RFK on his show (Now over $2.5 million). Predictably, Hotez refused, choosing instead to whine to the usual MSNBC lapdogs. Big Tech got the memo and coordinated a mass deplatforming of RFK and anyone associated with him.

When it comes to vaccine effectiveness and side effects, the problem is research. How do you study them? In typical scientific research, you have two groups, a control group and an experimental group. The groups should be as exact as possible with the exception of what you’re studying–in this case, the vaccine. If you get noticeable results between the two groups, you can conclude the difference may be the vaccine. In order to blunt the so-called placebo effect, neither the people receiving or administering the treatment know who is or isn’t getting the treatment (i.e., “double-blind”). Do you see the problems? In order to get an accurate read on the treatment/vaccine, you have to fool half the study group into believing they’re receiving it when they’re actually getting nothing. On top of that, side effects in the experimental group may take years to develop. How likely is it that other factors such as diet/exercise/lifestyle will remain the same between the two groups? What about interactions with all the other drugs from modern medicine? In short, it’s nearly impossible to do accurate research on vaccine use. So, when a new vaccine technology for a new disease came out and didn’t go through a typical FDA approval process, do you understand why some people were hesitant? For vaccines and so many other drugs, all we can turn to is correlational data. As any scientist will tell you, correlation doesn’t prove causation, but at least it may point out areas where further study needs to be done.

Who knows if that will ever happen, though. The fascism that has taken over science may be the most frightening part of the totalitarianism movement. Control in the name of climate change, another area where you’re not allowed to ask questions, affects energy, transportation, food, housing, and so much else of our lives. Science fascism in medicine obviously affect our health. “Anti-Vaxxer,” like racist, climate change denier, and so many other branding terms, are all weapons of the Leftist arsenal, used to discredit anyone who they can’t silence completely through Big Tech censorship. But the ripple effect extends so much further through self-censorhip, to avoid suffering the same fate. “What? I’m not an Anti-Vaxxer!” “I’m not anti-‘science!'” “I’m not a conspiracy theorist!” “Climate change is an existential threat!” “I won’t do any more research on vaccines or climate change–they’re settled science with 100% consensus!” “I will take my medicine, wear my mask, and do as I’m told!!!!”

babylon bee joe rogan savagely bullies peter hotez explain position
npc liberal media cnn vice msnbc fact checkers government scientists commoners
liberals rfk jr only scientists talk about vaccines bill gates
all experts agree cancelled liberal npc

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson expert science field of study should debate positions

Quote of the Day

quote suz tzu when confronted public debate call opponent conspiracy theorist cry like a bitch

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01-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

friends exercise watching show dont like remote fell on floor
betty white golden girls heaven crazy
kermit oscar homeless guy also need money for drugs
two types people explain kinks fox rabbit
headline 4 of 10 majority Americans hate math
cockroaches survive nuclear war newspaper die media
sign pet friendly no rats liberals
viking bike chasing ted cruz
effect zuckerberg facebook jail totally reformed
washing hands touching dirty animal fauci dog
tshirt fjb failure since 1973
twilight zone imagine world 6 media corporations fake news
forcing friends watch mccollough malone rogan

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet young goth me right stupid sht
tweet credit card machine remove

What Happens When Liberal Presidents Pick Supreme Court Justices…

sotomayor supreme court 100k kids ventilators virus spewing all gonna die

One of Disappeared Government Operatives Used to Instigate 1/6

tweet catturd ray epps removed from twitter

Book Recommendation

I was skeptical about reading RFK, Jr.’s book since he has a rep as a heavy anti-pharma/anti-vaxxer, but after watching the media, politicians, and Big Tech censor & demonize ANYONE who questions any the Covid fuckery of the past two years, I decided to give it a shot. I was floored by how well researched it was, listing over 500 scholarly citations and quoting hundreds of M.D.’s and Ph.D.’s. And I was surprised to hear him actually recommend some treatments originally developed by Big Pharma. He is mainly against the side-effect packed, shoddily-tested vaccines & treatments that have come to dominate modern medicine, many released with zero liability for the producer.

The book presents an overwhelming case to show how Fauci and Gates are world class sociopaths who are probably responsible for more deaths & misery than any Americans in history. It details the decades of censorship and cancel culture that the two have used to destroy ANYONE who questioned any of their shoddy science, as well as the unethical conflicts of interest that dominate the world’s medical establishments. RFK covers how everything you’ve seen with Covid has been standard operating procedure throughout Fauci’s career going all the way back to his spectacular failures with the AIDS epidemic.

Consider that Fauci has controlled over $100 billion in AIDS research money and had almost four decades to develop a vaccine or cure, but he has nothing to show for it. Why? Because many scientists doubt the HIV causal link, but most of them have been silenced & destroyed in the same way those who challenge Covid masks & vaccines have been. As with Covid, safe, off-the-shelf treatments were available for AIDS, but like has happened with Hydroxychloroquine & Ivermectin, Fauci went to war to not only discredit use of the off-patent treatments but actively made sure they were taken off the market. The Academy Award-winning movie Dallas Buyers Club is a true story of how a group developed a network to bring in these treatments from Mexico that Fauci & the FDA fought every step of the way.

This and many other stories will teach you a lot about how Gates & Fauci have shaped some of the most despicable parts of our modern medical establishments. I highly recommend the book.

real tony fauci book rfk

The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense)

Quote of the Day

quote hawking enemy knowledge illusion

Highlights of Joe Rogan Interview with Dr. Malone

Link: https://rumble.com/vrur7z-dr.-robert-malone-19-narrative-changing-highlights-from-his-3-hour-intervie.html

But Remember Criminal or Terrorist Profiling is Racist

FDA Issues Guidance Prioritizing People for Monoclonal Antibodies Based on Their Race

Message of the Day

message todays society needs to rewatch this movie remember the titans

It’s Remember the Titans for those who haven’t seen it.

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