11-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

hobby lobby starting fights star trek wars
how amazon invented cats more cardboard boxes into homes
inviting tsa agent thanksgiving turkey
dog ever feel guilty all day cat no clue
give me liberty or death small percent chance or death and take away my liberty
joe biden illegals drugs crime covid build wall around my house
left spontaneous combustion trump medal freedom rittenhouse
liberal white people bad judgting by color of skin racist
biden energy plan outhouse open tp
unt unversity north texas cup angry lady
babylon bee overturn rest of bill of rights biden quartering troops peoples homes
sponge bob adding kenosha kyle list media wrong about
office rittenhouse looking trouble she asking for it corporate same picture
face when people upset guy raped 5 kids shot in self defense

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet if shocked over verdict get better news sources
tweet bewg kid never saw cd eject button seat
tweet mark reached goal weight where started
tweet mommy dropping off first kid compared to third

Quote of the Day

quote daniel craig instructed to punch bullying kid

Random Thoughts of the Day

There was a time long ago where some of the women & men I most admired worked for the FBI. To me, they were the ultimate good guys, combating organized crime, fighting terrorism, and hunting down kidnappers, among other important duties. Maybe I was deluding myself, but it seems the whole foundation of the FBI has become corrupted lately, where they now act as nothing more than thug agents protecting the Ruling Class and taking down law-abiding Americans who don’t have the right political beliefs.

How did it get this way? The same way almost everything in government gets screwed up — politics and mainstream media. Think about what it takes to become an FBI agent. You have to finish near the top of your classes, both physically and academically, followed by a distinguished record in the military and/or local law enforcement. That’s just to even be considered as an FBI agent. You often need political connections on top of that, and you must pass a rigorous background check sure to weed out anyone with libertarian or anti-government leanings. In short, you have to be extremely dedicated to the government and your law-enforcement career, almost obsessively.

The President controls the Attorney General office, which controls the FBI, so naturally politics ripples through the chain of command. So when FBI agents are asked to do something morally questionable, and they’ve dedicated most of their waking lives to their careers, are they really going to want to defy authority? One challenge to the FBI Director or any other of your superiors could mean an instant end of their careers, or at least demotion to some unglamorous desk position. So they go along with it, often providing justifications not based on reality. The media adds to this pressure since they put heat on them to go after political undesirables like the Trump White House, the January 6th “insurrectionists,” or parents standing up to Covid tyranny.

If you want to see a perfect illustration of exactly how politics and the media can push the FBI to destroy a man’s life, I suggest watching the Netflix series Manhunt: Deadly Games, which will only be on Netflix until Dec. 6th. It covers the Olympic Centennial Park bombing and shows how Richard Jewell was ruthlessly crushed and had his life ruined by “journalists” who had no interest in waiting for the truth, along with FBI agents who compromised all their integrity to satisfy FBI Director Louis Freeh, Atty General Janet Reno, and the Clinton White House. It should have been a valuable lesson, but judging by what the FBI has become lately, they seem to have made it into textbook operating procedure.

garland fbi parents crt muzzled
tweet tim young 15 fbi bubba wallace garage pulley 1 junior larry elder attacker
no longer peoples fbi now democrats kgb
Can the FBI Be Salvaged? – Victor Davis Hanson

Message of the Day

message when you complied didnt get freedoms back someone to blame

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12-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

so youre telling me open borders did not end well for native americans
pelosi trump were going to kick your ass nancy youre drunk mispronounced kiss
ad you wont believe what kids learn with a computer porn
red state democrats fall on impeachment sword for pelosi
elephant not epstein rhino guard walking away
obama no one should face discrimination except rednecks christians white people
when bad athlete wants to be a champion im a woman now

Quote of the Day

quote danny carlton democrats demonstrate trump abused power by abusing their power

Tweet of the Day

tweet bernie sanders what would cancelling student debt mean for family higher taxes

Random Thought of the Day

I saw the movie Richard Jewell this weekend. It was a good movie, but I see it is being regularly criticized by people in the media for its portrayal of a few reporters, especially a scene where one reporter trades sex for info from an FBI agent. Does anyone see any irony here? The whole movie is about how the media destroyed a man’s life, invaded his privacy, and exposed every negative thing he ever did, all based on false information. Yet when anything bad is said about a reporter, well, THAT crosses the line! Can anyone prove that the reporter didn’t trade sex for information? Based on the standard of journalism the past few years, if you can’t prove a negative, that’s definitive proof it happened! Should we use the standard of proof of nearly every Trump hit piece the past three years? Any rumor whispered by someone with a grudge is iron-clad proof of wrongdoing and should be accepted as fact from that point on?!

best lies money can buy cnn msnbc post cnbc nyt cbs abc politico hill facebook

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