09-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

after winning argument wife sleeping garage
far side missile construction paper bag
when at dmv ask how much paid for vehicle 1 dollar price is right
cant miss pickup line california i have electricity
joe biden get off my lawn half population freedom law order
meet up truther friends identical black suburbans
when youre not majority extreme way of thinking white house press secretary

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dont like become enter username password tv remote
tweet think thing in house least hair would be cat
tweet colorado thermostat xcel customers energy crisis

Everyone Should Know By Now

Stop Believing the ‘Republicans Are Blowing the Midterms’ Propaganda – Larry O’Connor

Why must conservative/libertarian voters fall into the same trap every two years? The media will ignore hundreds of polls that show the unpopularity of the Leftist politicians, then cherry pick a couple heavily-biased ones as evidence of some kind of trend. It’s pure propaganda BS designed to encourage right-leaning voters to stay home. Its goal is to convince common sense Americans they’re in the minority, and the insane world of the Left is somehow popular. Let’s be clear, there WILL be a gigantic red wave in November. And contrary to common belief, it will have little to do with Trump. In fact, Trump’s involvement may slightly hurt prospects simply because he mobilizes hate, energy, and money on the Left like no other politician.

No, the red wave is coming because almost all Republicans running have embraced libertarian/anti-establishment/anti-government platforms, at least publicly, while the Left is charging full speed into the Stalinist/Big Brother/government control of everything world written about in scores of dystopian novels. The difference is especially stark in the Covid era, as Constitutional freedoms have been trampled the past two years unlike any time in American history. The only way Republicans can blow it is if they embrace a squishy Biden-light agenda pushed by the Romney/McConnell wing of the party.

Make no mistake though, if we don’t elect true libertarian-leaning politicians, absolutely nothing will change, other than fact Republicans will share more of the blame for Biden’s disastrous policies, opening up the possibility of another communist dictator in 2024.

tweet mitch mcconnell maga republicans biden speech
biden democrats rinos swamp achievements january 6th distraction
kip president represent extremism foundation republic say things getting pretty serious
biden trump rally jaws gonna need a bigger gulag
tweet why read dystopian fiction just payattention

Quote of the Day

quote plato interest in government doomed live under rule of fools

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Joe Biden Meme Gallery 5

Message of the Day

message not challenging authority denying completely

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06-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

how to keep same lifestyle inflation fish sushi
math for dummies total 50 dollars
wife kitten talk husband dog understand
husband picking out melons grocery store
hanks gas station pumps crying baseball
joe biden thumping american people putins club
men destroyed nba nfl nascar ncaa usa biden lebron kaepernick wallace lia
babylon bee gas 2 dollars your age 1 year
democrats murder supreme court abortion civility
student debt noose put on taxpayer forgive biden
president destroyed energy independence beg oil country happy pride month

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tweet 50s grown kids kiddie pool chardonnay no fcks given
tweet spilled coke husbands shoes kid to blame
tweet rhododendron no dinosaurs thesaurus
tweet wife turning 50 last chance woman sex 40s

Quote of the Day

quote sowell change set in ways

Just Let People Live Their Lives

FDA bans Juul’s vapes, pods citing ‘conflicting’ data on potentially harmful chemicals

Vaping is already illegal for minors, so this is really an action to stop adults from a decision that only affects their own health. Personal freedom NEVER enters into the decision-making equation where government is involved.

18 year old no freedom to vape can go to war
this plant based alternative promises to help high schoolers quit vaping

Send These Traitors Packing

Here are the RINOs who voted for red flag laws and other removal of your civil liberties. Primary these swamp creatures out of office! Boo and harass them at every campaign event. If you live in a district not represented by one of them, then pressure your reps to make sure they’re demoted from any committee or leadership positions. Show no more mercy for these Ruling Class slime whose ONLY concern is maintaining and expanding their own power!

republicans voted for gun bill

leftists disarm american citizens intend do things would shoot them for

Do Republicans Even Know What Democrats Did to Them With This Anti-Gun Bill? – Matt Vespa

Message of the Day

message deadliest mass shootings happend after gun control takes away defend government

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02-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

if you were plant cactus flipping bird
machine licks center tootsie pop
refrigerator note not hungry stoned
glasses canadian flag china
gas prices energy independence dependence
terrorist bring gas to truckers media seattle gas fire protester
fbi doj department of injustice federal bureau of instigation
hillary deny deflect attack wicked
justin trudeau two weeks flatten protesters curve
epstein video cameras cell jean brunel hanging daily mail

Baby Steps to Freedom

Most of us have in mind an ideal political system with limited government, freedom, personal responsibility, little or no taxes, etc.; it’s probably not realistic to achieve that anytime soon, but let’s concentrate on what we can control, starting with upcoming primary elections. Followers of this blog might believe that I’m a Republican. That is definitely NOT the case. For decades I’ve watched most of them say great things, then either do the opposite or put up little fight as Leftist authoritarians have taken over every major institution of influence in the country. It’s time to put a stop to that. The primaries are our chance to flush the Mitch McConnell/Lisa Murkowski/Liz Cheney/Mitt Romney wing of the party out of the system so there is a real choice in November midterms instead of the usual “lesser of two evils.”

I’d love realistic libertarian choices, but until then, we have to focus on libertarian-leaning ones. In the past, Republicans and Democrats generally have governed almost exactly the same, despite their rhetoric. However now, there is one area where the difference is stark, and that starts with Covid. Almost all Republican leaders have been pushing an end to restrictions and return to normal, while Democrats have refused to let it go. Most Dems will push fear and control to the bitter end of their political careers. Don’t be fooled by their temporary easing of restrictions. They will try to tap dance a middle ground through the midterms, but expect more reversals as soon as the election is over. Winter or new strains will again be the excuse. Remember, it’s not only “emergency” control they seek to maintain. It’s also an excuse to permanently rig elections so they can maintain the presidency in 2024 and beyond.

Related to that, have you heard one single Democrat speak out against the unprecedented censorship and suppression of civil liberties the past few years, not to mention Justin Trudeau’s dictatorial takeover of Canada? Do you think it’d be any different in the U.S. if we didn’t have a Constitution and checks’n’balances on power? If we can’t elect libertarians, let’s at least focus on ones who will stand up for libertarian principles and work to sway hearts & minds back in favor of freedom. I know plenty of you have given up on elections and political parties, but how has given the Left unchecked power worked out in the past?

mitt romney rino party sign
former gw bush appointees for biden rinos republicans in name only
dems donkey tied legs facemask mandates

2022 State Primary Election Dates
Republican Whimps & RINOs Meme Gallery

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tweet lahren government ruining lives only concerned unseat them
tweet cdc lowered development masking social isolation
tweet epstein raped didnt lose banking privileges mypillow guy does
tweet snowden jim jordan spy president anyone

Star Wars Quote from Early in Emperor Palpatine’s Administration

quote senator palpatine star wars once crisis abated lay down powers emergency

Biden Extends U.S. National Covid Emergency Status, Now Entering Year 3
Blockades Over, But Trudeau Says Emergency Powers Still Needed

Message of the Day

message i was just doing my job wont work when tides turn world watching

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