09-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

100 percent vegan ice cream ice
dogs bed part chihuahua
55 mph trucks blocking both lanes
hunter joe biden sleeping cash ready for trump trial tv
oppose censorship non consent medical procedure far right
leaders sanctuary cities complain too many immigrants
teacher no flags in school blm pride democrats republicans bad
wont be participating in covid games 2023 2024
kamala harris slept with brazilian aoc how many
flashback couldnt eat inside restaurant outside bubble
cartoon jessica rabbit red dress disney netlix adaptation
laws create ciminals without victims revenue generators
jaiden please setop talking liberty freedom rights dont think i will

Social Media Posts of the Day

x dog sighs a lot doesnt contribute know government
x marriage tip wife gained weight vacation didnt lose oxygen tank
x bad at math until mozzarella sticks table order

Message of the Day

message no point history forcing compliance good team

Be Skeptical of Everything You See & Read

I seem to be seeing a growing number of internet attacks on Trump primary opponents, many of which are based on the most ridiculous fake shit I’ve seen in a while. It should be obvious that the Ruling Class wants an internal war within the Conservative/Libertarian ranks, regardless of whether Trump runs away with the nomination votes or not. While attacks on Deep State Establishment stalwarts like Christie, Pence, and Haley are more than justified, I roll my eyes at some of them directed at others like Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy. They both have their blemishes and unknowns, but do a little research before you believe or share some of the attack posts. While DeSantis has ran a horrendously bad primary campaign and likely doomed his nomination chances by downplaying the 2020 election cheating, let’s remember that Covid fascism would still be steaming along if not for governors like him. And do you think an Establishment clone like Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Mike Pence, or Nikki Haley would have the guts to stand up to the politically correct snowflakes in Florida the way he has? I’m not endorsing him, Vivek, Trump, or anyone else at this stage. I’m just saying to keep an open mind and save your wrath for the Communist Left, where it belongs.

Remember, Trump will likely be convicted of whatever fake charges they can stick on him in their upcoming show trials. I’m guessing this will affect his eligibility to even be on the 2024 ballots. If/when that happens, the best way to ensure they get away with their Stalinist tactics is to make sure whoever takes Trump’s place is so weakened that their senile puppet stays in power.

biden virus 2024 make america scared again
democrats bomb trump indictments gag order throw lawyer in jail authoritarian
dont believe everything you read on the internet ben franklin lincoln 1974

Quote of the Day

quote colby ex cia director owns everyone of any significance major media

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07-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda grogu terrible situps pushups fckups on point
roxette must have been love but im sober now
dont understand spend so much clothes naked with
train track switch moral draw rail circle
simpsons fbi van memes too popular flowers by irene
biden great unifier iran putin china xi russia
irs doj biden taxes wick money made scrap metal
congress biden npc following orders enforcing laws you are here
bidenomics conspivial resonant turtle riding
zuckerberg i know what you posted last summer
babylon bee asian americans affirmative action ruling celebrate study break
france banned automatic weapons muslims have

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mainstream media biden restore dignity morality to white house
tweet most dangerous person in world xi putin controls biden
tweet cdbc restrict undesirable purchases conspiracy theorist told you so
tweet dont wanna rock roall all night hour is fine
tweet kid invented game blanket gift

Quote of the Day

quote blow one doesnt operate malice do harm absence empathy understanding

Message of the Day

message no one give you education to overthrow them

Most Betrayed & Backstabbed President in U.S. History

donald trump backstabbers pence romney fox news bolton barr

Sessions, Barr, Bolton, Pence, Romney, Cheney, Scaramucci, and on and on. The list of people who have betrayed and backstabbed Donald Trump is seemingly endless. Certainly, Trump’s insults and abrasive personality don’t exactly win friends or heal relationships. And we know that politicians in general are the most cowardly, me-first, disloyal group of people in the world. We know they have been known to distance themselves from former allies who’ve become unpopular with the public. Still, the betrayals Trump has experienced go WAY BEYOND anything seen in our generation. These are full blown 180-degree turns from allies to political enemies, with said betrayers often completely abandoning their principles and their parties. Putting a senile authoritarian communist in the White House was just a minor inconvenience to them.

Trump was obviously a political novice when he took office, but I have no doubt he vetted the people who worked for him. He wouldn’t have picked people who would betray him at the first sign of trouble. And what is there really to gain? They’re not helping the party or themselves politically. Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, Mike Pence, Liz Cheney, and others have permanently killed their chances of being elected to a higher office. Any politician who appoints them risks being branded an Establishment hack. So why do it? It doesn’t make sense.

I think there is something more at work here. Trump has made mortal enemies of the CIA, FBI, Big Tech, Mainstream Media, Hollywood, Establishment fossils of both parties, and most of the federal government. They’ve done everything possible to destroy him. Maybe these backstabbers fear getting the same treatment? Or more likely, they’ve already dug up information to destroy each of the betrayers and are blackmailing them into compliance. If ways can’t be found to destroy your reputation & career, or bankrupt you financially, they simply have you arrested on trumped-up charges. Few can withstand that kind of relentless punishment.

What they don’t understand is that the attacks themselves are why Trump is surging in the polls again. Trump had a series of major gaffes in the 2016 campaign that would have destroyed almost any politician, but each resulting series of attacks came from the people who most Americans despise and are fed up with — Mainstream Media, Establishment politicians, Ruling Class snobs, Hollywood, and Deep State snakes in the federal government.

I once thought Trump was done politically, and I still favor guys like Ron DeSantis and Rand Paul, but the Ruling Class power brokers & their minions clearly have not learned from 2016. Trump can rise again because many Americans will see that if all these despicable slimes oppose him, then maybe he’s the right choice. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, or in this case, President.

karl marx hugging never trumpers hate trump
former gw bush appointees for biden rinos republicans in name only
people stabbing trump in back msm romney fbi cia

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06-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

liver listening doctor only one drink week
wedding picture jump retouch photoshop
pest control rack trojans
they knew what doing dinosaur
stronger age 300 dollars worth groceries one trip
stitches health systems britain usa canada
statue liberty give canada book forrest management year to breathe free
liberals god fairy tale shouldnt indulge
blind bart simpson government inflation trillions debt your 600 venmo transaction
snake crushing wokeness hug kindness tolerance
biden doctors orders avoid stairs stages bicycyles ladders curbs
so thirsty desert free bud light no thanks
jackie lawyer kramer case against canada smoke

Prepare for Four More Years of Biden

Attacks on Trump have been never ending, and since Ron DeSantis gained nationwide exposure, mainstream media has constantly looked for ways to also attack him. However, lately I’m seeing more and more attacks on both candidates coming from the Right, including a lot of fake memes showing DeSantis with globalists, Trump-Fauci hugs, and other such garbage. Shouldn’t it be obvious the Left wants a civil war on the Right so their puppet candidate can get another term? Desantis is like Trump without the personal attacks and as much of the baggage, but in what I believe is a leftist-engineered campaign, they’re trying to make him sound like another Establishment Republican along the lines of Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney. Please. 🙄 Would one of those RINOs have stood strong against Disney and what the media misbranded the “Dont Say Gay” bill? Would they have the courage to open Florida during peak Covid fascism months? Would they have brought on medical experts to question the Covid vaccine & mask worship? Would they have the courage to pursue legislation to counter Big Tech censorship and lack of parental choice in schools? As for Trump, I think the best argument in favor of his election is the enemies he has against him — RINOs, the media, Big Tech, Hollywood, corrupt DA’s, etc.

When primary season hits, it is fair for Trump & Desantis to debate & challenge each other, but if either of them pursues such a scorched Earth attack line that they guarantee another Biden term, they will lose my support. BTW, I don’t think you’ll find a single person in the country who believes Mike Pence or Chris Christie can win the Republican nomination, much less the Presidency. They’re purely members of the Establishment Republican hit squad designed to attack Trump, Desantis, and their supporters — anything to get us back to the Uniparty candidates that governed us most of the past few decades.

christie trump cannonball presidential election
babylon bee republicans strategy tearing each other shreds trump desantis
tweet james woods president russia opposition leader 7 year campaign harassment

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Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet new world order not conspiracy theory how many times openly say
tweet before marry family mimosas 5k runs holiday
tweet problem someone coping skill handle

Quote of the Day

quote musashi truth not want to be bend power live lie

Message of the Day

message office whiteboard rainbow flag buildings not oppressed

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