04-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

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ancestry com results cracker assortment
facebook murderers bury backyard privilege
white guy shirt off summer blinding
all knowing fact checker oz behind curtain democrats
andy griffith politically correct giving up opinions beliefs
colonists free healthcare college food stamps vermont
joy of painting hunter joe biden supply chain energy war covid
terminator 2 prison guard justice system dead
no free speech liberals me twitter
liberal sell tesla dont save planed stop musk from free speech
elon musk twitter execs work for me now joker
rip cnn+ trump grave
spirit halloween sign cnn+

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Media Liberals Discover Free Speech

Florida House votes 68-38 to strip Disney of privileged tax and self-governing status: Woke conglomerate pays the price for publicly bashing Governor Ron DeSantis’ Parental Rights bill

The media has predictably been having conniption fits over Florida retaliating against Disney. I heard a discussion on the subject between a Republican congressman and a panel of media liberals. I thought one legitimate criticism of the action was that a corporation is being punished for a political viewpoint, which is fundamentally anti-free speech. First of all, I don’t favor Disney or any corporation for that matter getting special privileges and rules over other businesses, which opens up many avenues to corruption and crony capitalism. That said, I do agree that it’s bad practice for government to retaliate against a business for its leaders expressing viewpoints.

But of course, I must say to media liberals using this argument, REALLY?! NOW, you’re suddenly concerned about free speech? After a week where every liberal with a microphone whined hysterically about Elon Musk potentially bringing free speech back to Twitter? After two years where millions of conservatives & libertarians have been censored and de-platformed? After years of cancel culture destroying people’s lives for every anti-PC transgression current or past? Well, let me put your minds at ease. You see, Disney has been lying about the Parental Rights Bill, or put another way, they’ve been spreading “MISINFORMATION!” 😱 They’ve engaged in “HATE SPEECH” against Ron DeSantis! 😱😱😱 So this is simply to protect the public from these DANGEROUS THREATS TO OUR DEMOCRACY!

What?! You don’t agree?! You mean you interpret the meaning of “hate speech” and “misinformation” differently? You think the biases of a small group of “content moderators” and “fact checkers” may make a difference? πŸ€” When you characterize the bill as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, should we put a warning box of “Missing Context” or just blur out everything with a “False Information…See Why” stamp? Do you think it’s wrong to do a fact-check on what essentially is an opinion? Anonymous sources tell me that RUSSIAN AGENTS inside Disney may be putting out this disinformation, so we should remove 100% of their content, just to be safe! πŸ‘

So, Max Boot, Andrew Sorkin, Chuck Todd, Brian Stelter, Robert Reich, Rachel Maddow, Mark Zuckerberg, Parag Agrawal, Joy Reid, and the rest of the liberal fascist censorship brigade…have we learned anything from this experience?

watching liberals defend megacap corporation special tax status
cnn reliable sources misinformation
twitter bend knee admit conservative transgressions cast out
disney soviet where dreams we approve come true

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tweet core inflation producer government central banks
tweet warning mandates inflation supply chain authoritarian policies
tweet pay taxes federal government other countries hit same pothole everyday
tweet things lasted longer cnn+ brady quibi kardashian dragonfly

Thanks, FJB

tweet stop lying biden inflation surge before putin

IMF Warns Energy and Inflation Costs Will Rise to ‘Intolerable’ Levels

Record Tax Revenues Aren’t Enough for Biden – Terry Jeffrey

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quote mike tyson social media disrespecting people not getting punched in mouth

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message corrupt fear us honest support courageous join us

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girls vs guys am i fat
cat party same shirt
mickey mouse sex robot ahead of time
millennials words hurt everyone born 1995 blazing saddles
when did freedom become dog whistle
remember inflation blamed on ukraine media cnn abc nbc cbs msnbc
sign language interpreter reaction biden matches americas
joe biden warroom warn beat up corn pop
mass formation psychosis only works with fear covid ukraine
who wont have accounts seized congress rich from insider trading
joe biden state of union dumpster fire

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tweet pollution plenty fish trash dating
tweet kids resilient therapy childhood issues
tweet tik tok autocorrect to youre 40
tweet internet was fun monitoring real time collapse humanity
tweet covid ends in time for sotu address
tweet us worldwide oil consumption strategic reserve nothing

Ron DeSantis 2022 CPAC Speech

A lot could change before 2024, but so far here is my top presidential candidate. No candidate is ever going to be perfect, and I’m sure a few of you will nitpick in the comments, but DeSantis seems to hit the right note on the most issues of any of the candidates I’ve seen so far. He has a proven track record going against the media, Big Tech, and the Establishment. He seems to have the same fight as Trump without the divisiveness and constant lashing out. I have no doubt Trump could beat Biden or Hillary, but the election should be a slam dunk. With DeSantis, it probably would be. With Trump, it’d probably be another nail biter. But again, it’s 2+ years away. A lot could change.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0Ba47MLw14

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why shouldnt invade america map

Quote of the Day

quote justin trudeau some what of a dictator myself putin

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message nothing in world more dangerous idiot thinks hes genius trudeau

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2022 hopefully back to normal antonio brown
morning healthy food choices noon chocolaca whomp
thanks to millennials have to specify cold or hot
falling down gas more than double economy doing better
corporations too much power influence trust science pfizer
england mask vaccine mandates left england free of autocrats
3rd shot fully vaccinated cdc so far homer
simpsons obey the rules left resistance
bill gates tony fauci running from crown unbiased research
twitter logo pfizer
flu corona flurona making sht up on the fly
question so maxwell guilty of trafficking minors to nobody
babylon bee cnn boasts havent had sex scandal all year

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tweet sober january not enough stupid things
tweet 150k phd creative writing teaching government responsibility
tweet omicron past 3 but not old navy mask
tweet anomaly huge believer climate change caught lies brainwashing kids

The Next Ruling Class Target for Destruction

You can always tell the liberal media get their marching orders & information from the same sources when you listen to their exact words. Hint: they’re almost always the same terms, words, phrases, and daily narratives. One new media phrase I’ve heard repeatedly from just about every mainstream media source lately is “The Florida Guy,” which is a reference to Governor Ron DeSantis. Almost from the start, he’s successfully done everything the opposite of the dictates coming from the Covid Totalitarianism Battle Plan. Plus, he has Trump’s courage without the divisiveness and hair-trigger temper, and thus is a major threat in 2024. Therefore, he must be destroyed! As with Trump, the media will dig up every morsel of negative stories they can find and invent some as needed. As his popularity grows, you can also bet Big Tech will start censoring him and any posts that support him.

I saw some stories today hyperventilating that Florida Covid cases grew 900% yesterday thanks to the terrible policies of “The Florida Guy” (note: ALL of the sources referred to him by that term). Of course, they didn’t point out the reason the percentage was so high is because the base number was so low. For example, if you have 100 cases day 1 and 1000 cases day 2, that’s a 900% increase. If you have 1 million cases day 1 and 1.5 million cases day 2, you have a 50% increase. Which is worse? The 5 states with the highest population case rates — New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts — are all overwhelmingly Dem run states with by-the-book CDC restrictions, plus all are in the top 10 states in vax rates. But you have to dig deep to find these facts while the media works on any way possible to manipulate the stories to attack The Florida Guy.

There’s a Reason Democrats Are Terrified of DeSantis – Derek Hunter

biden to desantis how to be popular do opposite of you
dr fauci this duck is cat liberals npc all agree
quote ron desantis chose freedom over fauci

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covid glossary cases asymptomatic misinformation critical thinker

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quote mencken urge to save humanity front rule it

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message no longer accepting things cannot change changing what cannot accept
lotr for betty white 2022 battle

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