11-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

brain everytime see ramp baby yoda sith
cat clean up on computer phone call laptop
text to mom coming home hoe not delivered.jpg piece of sht
ricky morty own home property tax rent extra steps
google doodle could be christmas day happy birthday indigenous woman abortion
calculate how many times government lies to society
health reminder democrat women time for annual prostate check
obama hamas israel very fine people both sides
npr wwiii starting good news people offended by birds
any history book governments disarm do somethjng shoot for
npc liberal brain switch covid war
liberal women eat the rich capitalit taylor swift billionaire
san francisco mugger thief leave a tip phone app

Message to GOP: Purge the Establishment or Die as a Party

babylon bee republican party checks into rehab losing mccarthy mcconnell
x kirk ronna vivek wont get cent from us rnc

This perfectly illustrates what I blogged yesterday–the RNC does NOT support non-Establishment candidates. Although I don’t think it will happen, what if Trump chose Vivek as his VP? Would that Ronna pledge still apply? Get rid of these POS swamp creatures or lose what’s left of your base.

ronna mcdaniel gop fund lame candidates ignore winnable elections

Winter Is Coming! 😱

what this shot for does it matter nurse
bud light facemask corona beers refrigerator

Social Media Posts of the Day

x quote must not let rulers load us perpetual debt thomas jefferson
x christopher nolan oppenheimer physics son youth inspired
x gas 60 tank carrots 1 dollar pound horse

Quote of the Day

quota casey global warming mass hysteria prominent

Update on the Fight for “Democracy”

zelensky grenade hidden ukraine top military advisor

Message of the Day

message shtty pay politicians tell us go fck ourselves

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