11-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

pessimists see glass win half empty optimists opening another bottle
quitting job ask why pursue my dream of not working here
idea can save lots of money black friday not shopping black friday
raise hands who wants workers experience provide it
anything exists government has to be tax for that
exercise warmups liberty memelords cyberbully totalitarian politicians
greed government pile cash lower taxes
desks palestinians not china uyghurs support
bibi israel reasonable limit destruction biden give it a rest
black friday special grocery prices when trump president
hamas how dare israel attack civilians kids shield
circular arrows girl power movie men women dont watch
gambling board who had liberals supporting bin laden for november
ros cant criticize me im jewish puppet adl democrats hamas dark money

ADL: “We’re Not Anti-White!”

adl definition racism privileges white people

Another “Follow the Science” Flashback

wood cubes restaurants cubes

Social Media Posts of the Day

x larry fink blackrock pfizer china xi dinner
x work exponentially better do not reply banner email
x daily mail boy hanged bullied for being white
x consensus view mainstream liberals democracy cant function people down like participate

If Only There Was Some Kind of Pattern 🤔

biden early warnings fascism speech media opponents

Quote of the Day

quote crossed 90 miles shark infested hurricane escape free market capitalism no one ever

Message of the Day

message governments funded by force they intend to do things would otherwise refuse to fund

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02-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cats work bestie trying keep getting fired and another thing
spock logic sing hello think of lionel richie than adele back sore
therapist crying session sign more social
explain taxes to kid stealing happiness obiwan
maybe 2022 year lebron james gets past page 1 of book
henceforth male karen called neil
dad why called boosters boost profits pharma
board who had biden handing out crackpipes february
putin ukraine watching biden voted iraq afghanistan africa syria
soapbox woke capital lecture morality
olympics china joe biden figure skaters refuse to watch

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet started day light ended up beth dutton ruth ozark
tweet guy flirted forgot wear wedding ring better rid of
tweet homeless guy 5 dollars buy drugs
tweet not scanning QR code for menu with boomers

Quote of the Day

quote george washington harder conflict greater triumph

ICYMI – GoFundMe

gofundme banned truckers rittenhouse loudoun supported chop blm blake occupy

Message of the Day

message government creates wealth like tics create blood

Hypocrisy + Tyranny + Gaslighting + Cluelessness = Modern Liberalism

stacey abrams no mask pictures tweet

Stacey Abrams Still Attempting to Do Damage Control After Caught Maskless at Elementary School

There is so much to mock in this story. She’s unmasked as the most high-risk Covid person in the room, while the almost no-risk kids are muzzled. Virtually every picture of her has her without a mask, but she claims she followed all protocols. She claims it’s a false story, when the pictures came from her own social media accounts. Classic liberal gaslighting–don’t believe your lying eyes! She then claims she only removed masks so kids and audiences could understand her words, but she’s unconcerned that teachers & students must try to communicate 40 hours/week with masks on. And of course, the good old liberal stand by, pull out the race card. So pathetic! Abrams is the perfect caricature of today’s liberal politician.

stacey abrams put mask on putting health at risk kid

Science Flashback

flashback 80s aids azt treatment fauci

It couldn’t have been misinformation though because he worked for the government. 🤔

Science Doesn’t Change

science hasnt changed cnn analyst mask reversal

CNN Medical Analyst Changes Tune on Mask Mandates

democrats science settled midterms science changed

Science never really changes. Our understanding of it changes. Explanations from “experts” change. New information is learned. And sometimes, propagandists simply start to realize the jig is up and they can no longer hide their bullshit. Much of the newly “changed science” has been known and screamed by doctors & scientists from the beginning…at least until they were censored and deplatformed. As far as I’m concerned, the government scientists who hid the truth and denied viable treatments, along with their Big Tech censorship protectionists, are criminals directly responsible for millions of deaths. This can never again be allowed to happen, and the people responsible need to pay for their actions. A Nuremberg-type trial for Fauci would be a good start.

artificial intelligence censorship teaching computer tyranny functioning society
tweet scoop hospitalization calc revision manipulation from beginning
tweet fauci got meme biden saw how bad covid mania polling gaslighting criminals

A Triple Threat to Freedom of Speech – Keith Ablow

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01-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

boss work late antonio brown
chocolate roses tampax apology
2022 homer get ready something stupid
kids growing up no phones internet popsicle go outside lights came on
cat dog peaceful transition of power
republicans democrats joe biden first year disaster
aoc florida dangerous covid response too sexy for mask
tired of pandemic biden day 660 of 15 days to flatten curve
bus teachers unions stopping school bus
soylent green 2022 current events
kermit 2017 assassination plan attention if parties switched
viking just want to date aoc

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet didnt realize 2020 would be trilogy
tweet unvaccinated not free to enter society why pay taxes
tweet joe biden have plan end pandemic graph

Random Thoughts of the Day

I’ve sure you’ve noticed how many diets are out there nowadays–Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, Zone, Weight Watchers, South Beach, and on and on. I’m sure you’ve also noticed how eating recommendations are constantly changing and evolving. But after thousands of years of research and experience, shouldn’t scientists universally agree on a diet plan? Some of you may remember the old FDA food pyramid (pictured below). This was pushed on us for decades as the gold standard for a healthy lifestyle. Notice the bottom box comprising what was recommended as the bulk of our diet — bread, pasta, rice, muffins, bagels, cereal. Modern nutritionists don’t always agree, but they would now almost universally condemn this as the WORST food group to put as the foundation of your diet.

Now imagine the Big Tech Thought Police existed when this food pyramid first came out. Would we have learned about all these new diets? Would we ever learn that simple carbs cause an abundance of weight and health problems? Would the doctors & dietitians be censored, deplatformed, and ridiculed if they challenged the government recommendations? Would individual users who posted stories of weight & medical issues after strict adherence to the guidelines have a “Fact Check” or “Diet Resource Center” box added the their posts? Would scientists who advocated for alternative diets be demonized as anti-pyramiders or carb-deniers? Would experts who discussed companies using unhealthy GMOs and trans fats be labeled conspiracy theorists?

True science is about constantly questioning, researching, testing, and challenging the current orthodoxy. No science is ever “settled.” Nearly every great scientific discovery in history has been made because brave, persistent souls went against the accepted body of knowledge. Having Big Tech censors stifle all critical thinking and having a tunnel-vision media that refuses to explore other sides of a story are a recipe for scientific regression. Covid-19 is still raging after two years because millions of brilliant minds have been stifled. This environment of demonization, censorship, and cancel culture is a sure way to NEVER solve not only Covid, but any tough problems we face in the future, scientific or otherwise.

old fda food pyramid
covid vaccine mandates ruling class gun head science
message dont call science if not allowed to question belief cult religion
tweet jason bassler things conspiracy theorists right about so far
lisa simpson fauci malone dr debate only one up for it

Big Surprise: Big Tech Employees Flood Dems with Donations as They Censor Conservatives

Quote of the Day

quote malone first history medicine blamed on those who havent taken it

Message of the Day

message nurse years medical training fired going to follow that medical advice

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