03-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kid kicking toy meditation isnt helping
nobody tells me what to do pumpkin pie
lumber sign wife called needs wood
senate hearing chamber democrats torture strictly for gop nominees
wheel of fortune jackson brown woman
snow traffic jam electric car trying to keep charge
sharp increase inflation blindsided no one saw ron paul
biden upset unvaccinated survived winter death
waiting for how awesome biden posts mr bean
once upon time patriots fired tyrants not registered
zelensky hunter not going as family promised
jackson brown woman kindergarten cop

Weaponized Against You

Do you remember when the CDC was setting rules for landlords? How many of you would put climate change in the mission statement of the Securities & Exchange Commission?

SEC Unvelis Historic Climate Disclosure Requirements for Companies

When Leftists & Establishment politicians are in charge, you can bet every government agency will be weaponized to further their New World Order goals, regardless of the Constitution, popular support, or common sense.

democrats yes we can spy on opponents weaponize deep state lie under oath

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet tulsi gabbard censored military youtube google
tweet corporate greed high gas prices
tweet candace owens zelensky globalists media depictions

Quote of the Day

quote ronald reagan closest to eternal life government program

Message of the Day

message people 30 tirillion in debt giving you credit score

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