Top 5 Seinfeld Episodes That Couldn’t be Made Today

Here are five Seinfeld episodes that would likely be stopped by censors in today’s overly sensitive PC culture:

5 – The Implant

Jerry struggles with the fact his girlfriend may have implants. George tries to get a funeral death certificate to get out of a flight cost before being caught double dipping a chip.

Memorable line: “By the way, they’re real, and they’re spectacular!”

4 – The Sponge

Elaine corners the market on her discontinued birth control device and starts evaluating the “spongeworthiness” of her dates. Kramer faces down AIDS walk ribbon bullies.

Memorable line: “Who? Who does not want to wear the ribbon?”

3 – The Contest

After George is caught self-pleasuring, the gang makes a bet on who can hold out from self-gratification the longest.

Memorable line: “Are you still Master of your Domain?

2 – The Outing

Elaine’s joke on an eavesdropping reporter leads to Jerry and George being outed as gay. Meanwhile, George looks for a way to dump a domineering woman.

Memorable line: “Oh, my God, Jerry, what are you doing?! You’re with a ‘woman’! I leave you alone for two seconds, and this is what you do! I trusted you!”

1 – The Cigar Store Indian

Jerry tries to date a hypersensitive Indian friend of Elaine’s. Kramer sells a cigar store Indian to Pendant Publishing as he tries to get his coffee table book published.

Memorable exchange:
Jerry: “You can’t give something and then take it back. I mean, what are you…uh, a person that uh…”
Winona: “A person that what?!”
Jerry: “Well, a person that gives something and then they’re dissatisfied and they wish they had, had never uh…given it to the person that they originally gave it to.”
Winona: “You mean like, an Indian giver?!”
Jerry: “I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with that term.”

Written by: Joe Messerli
Last Modified: 5/15/2018