01-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

add alcohol to slush puppie store
guys when woman overreacting just tell calm down
nurses fight club covid bed bugs hazmat
kids if government offers drugs fck off
promised lands red states leaving california
lets go brandon producer taker whiner radical democrat policies
linus vaccine act love lucy forced rape
sign nancy pelosi is batsht crazy sign chickfila cows
money or life nypd da guidelines lock up if he shoots you
pope adding booster baptisms fully baptized
sotomajor lied number kids ends justify the means

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet if have more character development villain neemo
tweet lays americas favorite snack havent agreed anything
tweet irony lawyers supreme court vaccine case test positive

Quotes of the Day

quote robert frost half world composed something to say
quote ron desantis recession depression recovery fauci loses his job

Message of the Day

message your democrat republican work fckery goin on

The Cascading Effects of Censorship

Big Tech censorship of anything Covid-related that goes against the government narrative is geometrically worse than you can imagine, whatever “misinformation” or other excuses are given. The effects cascade. Consider:

  1. Accurate and critically important information is removed, such as effective treatments for Covid.
  2. Scientists and medical professions self-censor themselves. In other words, those who want to share information are afraid to post for fear of being deplatformed, ridiculed, losing research grants, or suffering loss of professional licenses. All the helpful information they would share is therefore unavailble.
  3. It creates a loss of reputation that motivates people to do their own censoring. For example, RFK, Jr. has been largely censored from the Internet and labeled as an anti-vax nutcase. Because of that reputation hitjob, a significatant portion of the country won’t even consider listening to or reading anything from him. So if he gets a platform, it doesn’t matter if he can logically back up anything he says or give plenty of credible scholarly sources to support his arguments, people do the censoring of the Thought Police themselves.
  4. It undermines the credibility of the information that is NOT censored. Most of the country knows every piece of science & medical information is heavily filtered to only what the Ruling Class wants us to hear, so it doesn’t matter what Covid information is shared, people simply won’t trust it.

message lisa simpson todays fact checking lowest form of journalism
two reactions to sens of humor liotta laugh zuck 30 day ban

How to Not Get Deplatformed in 2022

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSNgV_CAm_c

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10-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

1985 let's go to the future 2021 lets go back to the 80s
next squid game remove piece cake plastic container
aj green packers cardinals controller disconnected
had really good world series sign astros stole it
me lately amish way of life stripper
gas prices so high cheaper buy cocaine run everywhere
alternate universe john wick dies dog knife
white house press conferences watermelons potatoes onions
joe biden only supply chain wont interrupt illilegals
it clown joe biden hiding basement reporters
petco new chew line fauci doll

Conspiracy Theorists = Modern Day Nostradamus

CDC Says 4th Covid Shot May Be Needed for Immunocompromised

dr evil cdc every american get 100 million booster shots
sharks closing human freedom vaccine passports surveillance censorship

Every Time I Hear This Word from a Liberal or Government Official Nowadays, I Want to Slap the Shit Out of Them

That word is “SCCCCCCCCIIIIIIIIIIIENNNNNCCCCCCCE.” And yes, that is the proper liberal pronunciation of science, making sure to get the proper voice inflection to maximize condescension. Implied in their speaking of the word is, “Anyone who doesn’t believe EXACTLY the way I do is a stupid, uneducated hick who is brainwashed by Foxnews and 1-2 obscure websites on the internet.” Plus, “I’m so intellectually brilliant, an elite thinker. Why must we deal with these stupid peasants?”

It’s so infuriating because nowhere in the scientific method does it call for silencing all questioning, all alternative theories, and all scientific & medical voices who disagree. And the “obscure sources” used to justify concerns and questions are, among others, the U.S. Constitution, a Biology 101 textbook, and a Basic Statistics guide. The definition of an elite brilliant thinker nowadays seems restricted to only those who parrot the government/media/Big Tech talking points currently in place. Even those who go along 99 percent and just ask the simplest of questions that veer off the “settled science” are ridiculed and “fact” checked.

Many organized religions have been mocked for the way they punish nonbelievers. “If you question our teachings, you’re going to HELL!” Is that much different than the scientific cultists nowadays who relentlessly attack anyone who expresses the smallest of critical thinking, often ruining careers and reputations in the process? Think Nicki Minaj, Kyrie Irvine, and Dr. Scott Atlas. Think about all the internet personalities, who have millions of followers, suddenly erased from existence by the Big Tech Thought Police. Add to this overt censorship, a more insidious and dangerous kind — self-censorship! In other words, people witness what is done to others, so they keep their views to themselves. Does this contribute to the process of “science,” you elitist slimebags in the media & Silicon Valley?!

Two Doctors Detail Being Silenced Over Their Views on COVID-19 Mask Mandates and Vaccines

message public health measures cults shame weaponized fear silence dissent dehumanize
liberals elevate black voices not chapelle or irvin
message climate change religious cult convert non believers sins deniers

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet zuby pronouns bio mask toddler less predictable more capable independent though
tweet lange immune system no history deceit
tweet boebert income tax patriot act passports all temp government program permanent

Quotes of the Day

quote thomas sowell disasters throughout history see to have man from harvard in middle of it
quote larry sharpe accept freedom loss safety never get back

Message of the Day

message be patient have to go through worst get to the best

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10-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

carole baskin for president making problems disappear
every parent knows not all kids going to college huskies looking out window
license plate 2020 sux
bill clinton you need rx for depression pill cant just show hillary picture
election issues clinic what tumor democrats republicans national debt
hunter biden thanks dad bundles of cash joe
joe biden removes mask to cough this is guy going to save us from virus
follow that van biden economy following science off cliff
lisa simpson republicans dont care about debt democrats about black people
hunter biden reminder list crack hookers call china pick up laptop
new york post twitter message not sent they live one here asking questions
the people that thought Trump meant actual coyote get to vote for people that rule over you lisa simpson
cnn msnbc wp nyt nbc media protecting biden


Censorship by Big Tech fascists is only half the problem. The other half is the censorship people do on their own. In other words, they stop themselves from posting for fear of having their account suspended or inactivated. The stifling of free speech is therefore multiplied.

facebook prison isnt joke post that meme self censorship

Lesson of the Day

lesson of day bush obama starting wars trump first potus 39 years no new wars peace accords

More Science You’re Not Allowed to See

when people realize second wave actually bacterial pneumonia people wearing masks

Tweets of the Day

tweet scott atlas party told you reject evidence eyes years lie passed into history truth orwell 1984
tweet tammy bruce must read pollster national review shows trump ahead
tweet omri ceran npr wont cover hunter biden dont waste time pure distraction steel dossier

Quotes of the Day

quote kayleigh mcenany can mute president but cannot silence american people
quote burgess owens percentage good police higher than good politicians

Message of the Day

message one lion free food security other free will

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