04-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

body fever bacteria meds to bring down
wife hole in jeans wine glass
pot edibles arent shit scuba diving
sanctions russian bear ice usa
found spirit plant cactus flipping bird
heman remember kids adams apple has banana
naming files hunter biden laptop so feds dont look through
want to be left alone another extremist
liberal 7 yr gender 18 year old student loan
kjb not biologist biden not a president
babylon bee blm more protests beach house for sale on zillow

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet birds have right lose sht morning
tweet tequila lime advil coffee
tweet before kids didnt know break fight 70 mph

You Knew It Was Coming

philadelphia mask mandate reimpose

In blue states, expect a rewind to 2020 as winter and midterms approach.

Biden Administration Seeking to Reinstate Federal Vaccine Mandate

A Truly Brutal Regime

WARNING: Don’t click on this link if you’re a dog or cat lover, unless you’re prepared to be both sad and extremely angry.
Coronavirus in Shanghai: the videos of brutal pet sacrifices that outraged the population

The Chinese government is truly the center of evil in the world, and the fact that no one on the Left will speak a single ill word about them tells you everything you need to know. Make no mistake, the Chinese people didn’t choose this oppressive government. Control of the population has been maintained by constant surveillance, censorship, social credit systems, and ruthless punishment of dissenters, as you’re currently seeing in Shanghai. Still, this wouldn’t control a population of 1.4 billion without a culture of obedience bred into the education system over the past 60 years, including the #2 selling book of all time (after the Bible), Quotations from Chairman Mao.

No worries though, people in Western democracies would never make the same mistakes. 👌

china center cnn lebron fauci biden cdc dnc fb nfl liberals
joe biden dummy hand puppet to china
disney nba blizzard bowing china leader winnie the pooh

China Meme Gallery

Still Needs to Pay for His Crimes Against Humanity

rand paul function research fauci what difference

Quote of the Day

quote bastiat expense of state expense of everyone

Message of the Day

message wake up see artificial society created for control

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