07-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when dad babysits dog retrievers party
sign having people over go stare at phones
bezos musk virgin airlines et space bike
hard to imagine better divorce outcome 50 billion ex leaves planet
why murderers bury bodies back yard privilege trunk space gas
joe biden kamala harris not trust vaccine cnn covid 19
ben jerrys anti semitism mint
dad armstrong walk on moon i watch guy killed bookstores ride dick into space
texas democrats delta variant air lines
jeff bezos space peeing bottles every amazon employee turntables office

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet titania cancel elliot page now oppressor

Quote of the Day

quote dont trust someone nice to me rude to waiter muhammed ali

Message of the Day

message mistake makes u humble better than achievement arrogant

Democratic Party #1 Mission – America Last

US and Germany reach agreement to allow Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline

Killing the Keystone Pipeline was never about the environment. It simply contributes to America being stronger & more energy-independent. If you look at EVERY single policy of the Democratic Party, it’s about weakening the long-term strength & success of the U.S…Paying people not to work; spending the treasury into bankruptcy; dividing people by race, gender, and color; opposing every obvious solution to energy cost reduction; promoting Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, and every other method to teach kids to hate their own country; opposing the wall & border enforcement, banning speech on the internet that promotes freedom, liberty, and critical thinking; implementing punishing taxes on workers, producers, and investors….the list goes on and on. Give it a try sometime…consider ANY policy proposed by Democrats. Does it make the U.S. stronger or weaker? Does it help or hurt the long-term economy? Does it make us more or less free? Republicans aren’t much better, but the majority of the leaders in the Democratic Party have become a large collection of anti-American sleeper cells.

biden russian oil gas pipeline make russia great again keystone
to keystone cancellation saudi arabia russia toast
joe biden make american last again executive order pen

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