07-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

immune system after washing mask restaurants sanitizing
some days make your own happiness tire hot tub dolls
joe biden 44 years in office time to work democrats tranform america old man
former gw bush appointees for biden rinos republicans in name only
joe biden non essential employee of month 48 years in row
hey liberals 1984 was warning not instruction manual
dday facing certain death liberals 2020 99.7 percent survival covid mask
34 people died chicago this week from covid gunshot wounds will be voting by mail
joe biden if you buy goya foods you aint latino
blm peaceful protests need millions to repair damage minneapolis mayor
maxwell hey its hillary feeling like hanging out tonight call
your friends sheep wearing masks my friends lions
democracy sorry strawman voted fair square wizard of oz fire
babylon bee genius trump wears mask so media now question effectiveness

Snowflake Report

Texas Rangers Name Should Go, Says Washington Post Editorial Writer

Did any of you out there think the PC snowflakes would be satisfied after taking out the Washington Redskins name? Are they going to go after the Packers because those evil meat packers contribute to global warming? What about the Colts glorifying guns? What about the 49ers, celebrating gold rush greed in land we took from the Mexicans? The Browns–a racist skin color?! The Patriots–named after those evil, racist founding fathers? And of course, don’t forget the Chiefs, Braves, and Indians. To be safe we should change all teams to something like Team A, Team B,…

Tweets of the Day

tweet only way to stop cancel culture never apologize no concessions laugh in its face
tweet candace owens stop calling liberals american communists with to destroy western civilization

Message of the Day

message might not want to hear forcing people wear masks not safety see who can be controlled who will be problem

Quote of the Day

quote v vendetta no coincidences only illusion of them

Question of the Day

question if a virus spreads drop of saliva why deep probe for testing mask useless

Problem Solved

covid 19 solution afraid stay home wear mask not afraid go to work school shop eat take kids to park freedom is solution

CNN Is On the Case

blurry photo epstein island bill clinton not trump

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