01-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

growing up thought most adults not smart didnt realize situation this dire
just heard iran looking for new general trump even creating jobs in iran
iran to replace state tv with msnbc
socialist in capitalist vs socialist countries
did you fact check before reposting dont need to agrees with preconceived views
liberal crying sorry you didnt get the iran nuclear war to blame on trump
greta thunberg when you blame australian fires on climate change but find out arson
iran threatens to expose western diplomats who took bribes iran deal do it now
cnn delivering cash to nick sandman

TDS Update

trump derangement syndrome arizona republic osama bin laden vs soleimani headline

Quote of the Day

quote albert einstein only thing evil required watch do nothing

Tweet of the Day

tweet conspiracy theory witness protection government killing them

Random Thought of the Day

The Unites States doesn’t always act appropriately in its foreign policy. Although the country does far more good things than bad, there will always be times where actions should be questioned. One thing however is 100 percent reliable and standard though. That is, whenever United States foreign policy is debated vs that of our adversaries, you can always count on liberal Democrats & the media to take the side opposite that of America. The most recent example is, of course, their sickening defense of Iran and Soleimani.

terrorist mourning tent democrat leaders bernie omar death to america

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