Top 5 Best South Park Songs

There are so many great songs to choose from. The ones below were chosen not only for the song itself but their related episode:

5 – Wendy Testaburger – Boy Band Tryout

The boys figure they need five to have a true Boy Band, but after they can’t find a fifth male, they give Wendy a tryout.

4 – Chef – Make Love to You Even When I’m Dead

A pink eye/Worcestershire sauce Zombie outbreak hits South Park on Halloween. Chef and the boys fight back.

3 – Eric Cartman – Poker Face Karaoke

Wii karaoke sung by the master.

2 – Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, Stan – Fingerbang Boy Band Concert

The boys take their place in history by N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, and New Kids on the Block.

1 – GGWK – Rainforest Activist Concert

Jennifer Aniston leads an activist group of kids to sing a save-the-rainforest concert, then find out what a rainforest is truly like.

Written by: Joe Messerli
Last Modified: 4/27/2018