11-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

talk to cat about catnip before too late bong
5 minutes osha inspector crane cement
government taxes cake cutting
liberal clown all for free speech threaten government dangerous to democracy
government asks musk kill switch russian teslas push for evs reason
robber burglar value property over life risking
mitt romney retiring spend more time with family rino rhinos
bs shoveling fraud trial trump letitia james governor political aspirations
rise anti semitism liberal college campuses democrats head in sand
treasury secretary janet yellen economy strong citigroup jpm wells fargo unrealized losses
us citizens tired of government funding foreign wars billy mays wait theres more
sign exchange pro hamas students hostages good educational
babylon bee nikki haley stumped debate which country not invade
joe biden catholic support abortion to save life of incumbent polls election

Social Media Posts of the Day

x bullets collided battle gallipoli unlikely socialism working
x 2023 nutshell boys girls vagina fact checkers
x hotels 150 night total fees taxes
x fixed elizabeth warren surge violence muslims jews antisemitism

The Lesson Is NEVER Learned

As long as they can continue to focus anger at conservatives/libertarians, they will always cover up this obvious pattern.

democratic voters slums politicians mansions swimming pools
communist liberal 1 percent bezos musk mao stalin

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson stop blaming capitalism for your failures

Quote of the Day

quote sowell wealth only thing cure poverty bigger whole pie no thanks to left

Message on Comments/Feedback

I have various spam filters installed on the website. Unfortunately, they sometimes misdirect legitimate comments & emails to the trash. I apologize – I try to find these & correct them, but I’m not always successful. Without the spam blockers, I’d get hundreds of junk messages daily, so removing them isn’t a viable option.

spam pallet every time open email

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