01-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

eating what you want dealing consequences later eagle beehive
eating what you want dealing consequences later eagle beehive
cats exercise trainer visualize core stairs tripping
hooker do anything shovel snow
unpopular opinion teens doing donuts empty parking lot let them
teach man fish feed for life steal someone elses vote for you
memes on news example extremist content dont touch famous
npc liberal printing money doesnt cause inflation taxation why
liberal conspiracy theory debunked guy said he didnt do it go to college
biden whiteboard economic vision war
third paycheck afford to live government farquaad peasant fruits of labor
nikki haley dem light beer can

Biden: Find Me MORE Things I Can Make Insanely Expensive!

biden block spirit jetblue merger bankrupt remaining hike prices more

Judge blocks JetBlue-Spirit merger after Biden DOJ’s antitrust challenge

The purpose of antitrust legislation is to prevent anti-competitive monopolies. Has the Biden DOJ ever heard of Delta, United Airlines, Allegient, Southwest, and several other American and foreign airlines? In a capital-intensive industry like air travel, you must rely on Economies of Scale to keep costs reasonable. Biden has effectively prevented two relatively small airlines from combining to cut costs and compete better with the large airlines. How the hell is this supposed to help the consumer? Not only does combining cut costs, it creates much greater flexibility with connecting flights and such. It’s bad enough that airlines must contend with crippling labor unions, volatile energy prices, and stifling government regulation. There’s absolutely zero benefit to the public to preventing this merger. The market reaction was swift, with Spirit Airlines stock immediately falling 60 percent on bankruptcy fears, while JetBlue fell over 10 percent.

So, what was the Biden motivation? My guess is the bigger airlines provide far greater campaign kickbacks. It also could be an intentional effort to make flying more expensive, a nod to the climate change crazies. Why not? It’s not like it’s going to make flying their private jets more expensive.

snow private jets see greta thunberg

Climate Change & Global Warming Meme Gallery 5

Social Media Posts of the Day

x barbara lee capitol members elevator things that never happened
x every gop voter dont want haley house j6 videos feds
x daily routine question mark exclamation wtf
x musk wef misinformation top global risks

Quote of the Day

quote martin luther responsible what you duty say something

Message of the Day

message ladies nose rings piercings not attractive please stop all men

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