07-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sign warning decaf for dont need caffeine adult function
when man cant find zipper on vagina purse
father feeding baby picture mom
delta variant democrat crushing freedom of speech
government food stamp program not allowed to feed bears dependent
coworker delta variant you guys still playing pandemic
libertarians blocking government constitution help gop cowering
babylon bee fbi discovers building extremists organizing acts of terror

Quote of the Day

quote richard feynman rather have questions cant be answered answers cant be questioned

Message of the Day

message internet censorship russians covid january 6th domestic extremists just want no free speech

Will This Column Be Banned? – Larry O’Connor
Another Fauci Video to Be Scrubbed from the Web: Fauci Boasts About the Need of ‘Creative’ Gain-of-Function to Make ‘Organisms’

More Fun with Math

In a recent blog I mentioned how the media manipulates numbers by using a smaller base for stats, as they have for Covid percentage increases. The same technique was used to give Obama credit for economic “growth” after the Housing Crisis, and the same technique will be used to give Biden credit for economic “growth” after Covid. To illustrate, assume a GDP of $10 trillion in Year 1. A recession in Year 2 drops the GDP to $8 trillion. In Year 3, the economy recovers to $9 trillion. This is listed as a 12.5% “growth” in Year 3 ($1 Trillion/$8 Trillion) because you’re starting with a smaller base number ($8 Trillion), yet on the whole, the economy still hasn’t actually recovered to where it was in Year 1. Because of Covid, forced lockdowns of businesses across the U.S. led to a huge decrease in GDP and jobs. So now just by allowing businesses to re-open, we have “growth.” Joe Biden – our job-creating hero! 🙄

joe biden closing businesses allowing to open now called creating jobs

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet buck sexton remember democrat sales pitch biden unite america help middle class

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07-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

how think drinking look work from home mad men shameless
in star wars anyone can hop in spaceship spent 20 minutes headlights rental car
woman better driver waving backseat
build back better joe biden but first wrecking ball
joe biden not elected installed like toilet
joe biden im your dingleberry huckleberry

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet monster nash worst pyramid scheme having kids
tweet troy johnson expensive baby seats my mom right arm virginia slims
sign tired of babysitting moms grandkids

Message of the Day

message world is short staffed be kind to those who showed up

Stop Giving Attention to Spoiled, Brainwashed Anti-American Communist Athletes

if white person kneeling rapinoe center of attention
first time olympic history americans laughing cheering team lost rapinoe

As with Kaepernick, the endorsement deals will continue to pour in for Rapinoe from “woke” corporations trying to suck up to other America-hating liberals, including the ones in power passing regulations & taxes that affect their businesses. Since Kaepernick is fading from memory, China-worshipping Nike is likely destined to make Rapinoe their next spokesperson.

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Enjoy the Oxygen While You Can

Biden White House Mulling New Mask Mandates, But There’s a Catch…And It Involves the Midterm Election
Local Officials Across U.S. Re-imposing Mask Mandates
Fauci: Vaccinated May Want to Consider Wearing Masks
Psaki is ‘Concerned’ About DeSantis’ Promise of No Mask Mandates For Kids in School

liberals head sand dr fauci fraud masks dont work
masks do work manipulation tool control division illusion of safety

Fun with Math

If you start with 1 case and double it to 2 cases, the # of cases has increased 100 percent! An increase from 1 to 3 is a 200 percent increase! Ahhhhh….PANIC PANIC PANIC! If everyone is done hyperventilating, let’s observe one of the many tools of manipulation in the media toolbox…starting with a smaller base number. On July 5th official Covid cases in the U.S. dropped to 5,372. So when the numbers doubled and tripled in subsequent days (probably because the counting wasn’t done evenly through the week), the media breathlessly declared massive percentage growth in cases. Notice in the graph the numbers are tiny when you compare to the height of the Plandemic. And the media never seems to mention the number of hospitalizations & deaths, which continue to drop. You see, the Ruling Class is having trouble changing voting rules and pushing through other power-consolidation measures, in addition to the fact too many people are enjoying their return to freedom, so the fear must be re-stoked.

covid cases by day july 2021

guide to protect delta covid variant earplugs media

Quote of the Day

quote blind belief authority greatest enemy truth einstein

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