01-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

i will listen to your butt dial like fbi surveillance van
daffy what what happen talked to parents like kids today beak off
diet day 1 have to remove all bad food from house was delicious
wife husband dont be too rough kids nerf minigun
aoc ocasio cortez if you think crazy now wait until i go through womenopause
kid what babies use boob draw picture
ban classics from curriculu kill mockingbird lord of flies heard of 1984 fahrenheit 451
how bad doc 99 percent chance of survival perscription for two testicles
watching part v vendetta where government creates virus seize power over people
bill gates dr fauci dr evil saw shadow 3 more months of covid 19
joe biden you aint black georgia if you dont vote for warnock

It Never Ends

tweet new trump call hoax georgia depends on public not listening to entire call

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet rakesh no one writing wrong year on 2021 checks

Quote of the Day

quote paul krugman trump election when markets recover answer is never

S&P Index 11/09/2016: 2,131.56
S&P Index 12/31/2020: 3,756.07
Cumulative Return: 76.12% (not counting dividends; if dividends reinvested, total return > 83%)

As with Dr. Fauci being the media go-to guy on Covid despite being wrong (or lying) about nearly every prediction, Krugman will remain the “expert” economist to bring on for his socialist, Deep State wisdom.

Message of the Day

message leaders inspire motivate persuade dicators frighten threaten and force choose accordingly

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