07-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

lisa simpson stop making multiplayer games dont like people
quiet during daughter performance old men muppets mst3k
wife husband doghouse extended stay
ape ate 4 snickers still an ahole
cat smudge time out generation results asss whooping
red flag laws extremists moms school board meeting
trying understand 20 years sex trafficking ruling class more creating website maxwell assange
protest shots mask mandate now my body my choice liberal
real architect jan 6th nancy pelosi
48 days liz cheney political career over
antifa protesters rural america we are coming
spiderman pointing blasey ford smollett
california raisins testify j6 hearing heart it through grapevine
maxwell cell red light camera stops blinking

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet good morning america brown jackson first black supreme court justice
tweet phone using it lock pocket facetime 10 year contact
sorry missed call havent had ringer on 10 years
tweet stength husband move furniture marriage same spot
tweet needy body vitamins water oreo

The More You Know

reminder supreme court didnt ban abortions states have say

Textbook Activist Judge

Justice Kagan warns parts of East Coast could be ‘swallowed by the ocean’ in dissent in EPA case

It’s telling that Kagan uses AOC-type climate propaganda in her dissent. Supreme Court judges are given one job – interpret law, most notably in regards to the U.S. Constitution. It’s NOT to debate the pros/cons of issues. That is the whole point of the LEGISLATIVE branch of Congress. We the People elect representatives who debate & pass laws. The Judicial Branch is supposed to be a check on the power of the other two branches, preventing them from overstepping their allotted power, which is exactly what the current Supreme Court has done the past year. Note: the recent decisions that have triggered the most liberal squealing have been ones that simply returned issues to the states and American people to decide. Put another way, in the view of leftists: Unelected bureaucrats making law: GOOD; emergency powers for governors & presidents: GOOD; removing the ability of states to create their own laws: GOOD; totalitarianism: GOOD; debating and winning majority votes for new laws: BAD BAD BAD!!!

For all the criticism of the “conservative” members of the Supreme Court, can you think of a single case the past few years where you didn’t know what the three liberal justices’ votes would be even before the case was argued?

democrat justices making the law supreme court packing

Quote of the Day

quote give a person knowledge remain fools truth requires change gaskins

Introducing the New Biden-Appointed Judge

quote supreme court brown jackson do not hold position natural rights

Reminder to Those Who Think Elections Don’t Matter

complete list of judges hillary clinton got to nominate blank notepad

Message of the Day

message dont care anyone thinks dangerous freedom level awesome

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06-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dumb dumber carpooling office gas 10 dollars gallon
daughter homework galileo poor boy from a poor family bhohemian rhapsody
vader leia daddy issue stripper outfit 3rd movie
skeletor pay good money comedians offensive i get reported
california never allowed slavery taking money never owned give never were
joe biden inflation cant be fixed overnight inflation
hoarding gas cans make up for crypto losses
obama biden begging bowing saudis trump
babylon bee pelosi avoid pain pump millionaire insider training congress
adam schiff boy who cried trump guilt jan 6th evidence this time
dominoes obama making fun trump dinner roe v wade overruled

Quote of the Day

quote einstein knowledge street one way wisdom both ways

Message of the Day

message sht hits fan need country folks more than need you

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet top gun maverick vs lightyear woke propaganda
tweet monopoly game rollong dice waiting bankruptcy
tweet forgive not wanting negotiate guns eliminate societ medical treatment

President Gaslighter

biden supreme court took away constitutional right american people

Biden Addresses Nation After Supreme Court Overturn of Roe v Wade

It’d be nice if Biden could give one speech where he’s not angrily yelling at Americans while telling blatant lies designed to tear the country apart. My eyerolls have been on overload since the decision. First of all, the court DID NOT PROHIBIT ABORTIONS! They simply said it’s up to the states, legislatures, and people to decide any restrictions (which we all know in blue states will be exactly zilch). Second of all, there is NOTHING in the Constitution that mentions the word abortion. It was all based on interpretation, whereas President Gaslighter and the Dems have been working feverishly in recent years to deny rights explicitly stated in the Constitution like “right to bear arms” and “freedom of speech & press,” “right of people peaceably to assemble.” Third, I thought the hypocrisy & gaslighting of the Jan 6th farce couldn’t be exceeded, but here we are once again with “medical freedom” shouts by the Left. Two years of mask, vax, and testing mandates–100 PERCENT of which were passed by executive order or unelected bureaucrats–are perfectly fine, but allowing democratically-elected legislators to decide any or no restrictions on abortion is tyranny. 🙄 Fourth, the Left is whining that a small group of lifetime-appointed judges are now “making law.” Do they not see the irony that the court is overturning a decision made by a different group of lifetime-appointed judges who made law? Lastly, I keep hearing that men can’t comment or have an opinion because an abortion decision doesn’t affect them, as if the potential life doesn’t have any physical or emotional connection to the father? Does this mean men shouldn’t have to pay 18 years of child support because it’s not their kid?

At least we get a temporary halt to the January 6th hearings so Dems can publically call for an overthrow of a branch of government through insurrection. 👍

joe biden abortion your body your choice covid vaccine our choice
liberals ban abortions women get them illegally gun owners

so youre telling me liberals calling for sex strike so they can have more abortions

5 Reasons SCOTUS Overturned Roe and Casey – Spencer Brown

roe casey decision supreme court why stare decisis doesnt apply

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06-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

how to change bed remove cat steps
scientists engineering gas station toilet paper
barrel monkeys used to be more fun phones
dog pillow central banks inflation putin did it
dentist biden hurts when suck constant pain
me back kids history class 15 years telling truth
paper straw in plastic wrap the green movement in a single phot
wake up call gun laws enforced centralization government
how to escape the matrix step one hammer tv
california when gun control laws dont work so you pass more
americans no one under 400k tax increase inflation 8.5 percent
pride happy month raytheon technologies mushroom clous
biden democrats rinos swamp achievements january 6th distraction

Has Anyone in the Biden Administration Ever Seen a Supply/Demand Curve or Money Supply Multipliers? 🙄

yellen biden spending didnt cause inflation

Yellen says inflation to stay high, Biden likely to up forecast

clown makeup inflation transitory good putin did it

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet drag treat like normal people toddler bar not going lick itself
tweet declare war on country disarm propagandize children destroy currency
tweet no longer referring gun control civilian disarmament framing
tweet reagan aids epidemic fauci

Quote of the Day

quote zinn historically genocides worst obeying orders not disobeying

Message of the Day

mesage hangovers are temporary drunk stories forever

For the Few Americans Who Thought KJB Was Objective

tweet ketanji brown jackson new zealand weapons ban

Ketanji Brown Jackson Gives Up Where She Stands on Gun Control Issues

While “conservative” members of the Supreme Court can be unpredictable with their decisions, there is absolutely no variance with the ones appointed by Democrats. It’s straight ideology & making up law rather than objective interpretation of constitutionality, as checks’n’balances were supposed to be designed.

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