10-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

  1. “I don’t believe Christine Ford. I think she completely made up this rape allegation up as part of a Democrat-engineered smear campaign to destroy Kavanaugh and delay his confirmation.”
  2. “I didn’t find Ford’s testimony believable. She seemed coached with rehearsed, fake emotion.”
  3. “Ford and her attorney have been shown to be rabid leftist, anti-Trumpers. So Ford has obvious motivation to lie as Kavanaugh could sway the court conservative for decades. That plus fame, a likely book deal, lucrative TV appearances, GoFundMe donations, and more. ‘She has nothing to gain by coming forward’ may be the most ludicrous statement in this whole story.”
  4. “Most people remember nearly every detail of highly emotional and traumatic events of their lives. Why can’t Ford remember location, date/time, number of people around, who drove her home, or hardly anything else specific? Could it be because if she named something specific, it could be refuted by alibi’s or other evidence?”
  5. “Since Ford supposedly passed a lie detector test, she shouldn’t object to retaking one in a more neutral environment with tougher questions asked by a less-biased questioner, correct?”
  6. “Why does Ford have multiple GoFundMe accounts worth about a million dollars so far when her case is being taken pro bono? Surely, no one would object to tracing all the ‘donations’ to see if they’re coming from legitimate sources and not the DNC, George Soros, or some dark money group, right?”
  7. “If Ford and her attorney haven’t been coordinating & making up this whole allegation with the Democrats, there should be no problem of turning over all their phone, financial, and email records the past few months, correct? A full investigation into all connections to prominent Democrats like Diane Feinstein would easily clear everyone of any wrongdoing, correct?”

Can you think of a single politician, mainstream journalist, or public official that has verbalized any of these statements, despite the fact that most people following the story have had at least cross their minds? The reason is plain and simply, political correctness. No matter how obvious something might be, you’re not allowed to say it, or even think it!  Political correctness = fascism and thought control.

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09-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

More Thoughts on Christine Ford

I keep hearing in the media how Christine Blasey Ford is having “her life destroyed” by going public with accusations against Brett Kavanugh. How is that exactly? She is gaining worldwide fame and coddling sympathy by everyone in the mainstream media. Between her GoFundMe accounts, TV interviews, and a likely book deal, she’ll make several millions of dollars. Massive fame and fortune for making up a story and speaking on camera for a few hours? Not a bad deal. By the way, why is no one raising the possibility the GoFundMe accounts (which are over $1 million at the time of this writing) could be used to launder a payoff to tell her story?

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09-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

The Kavanaugh-Ford circus is a perfect illustration of how political correctness dangerously stifles free speech and common sense. Anyone objectively examining the facts should know this is one of the least credible public accusations in American history. It is a last-minute desperate political stunt to delay the Kavanaugh confirmation until after the midterms. Yet because of political correctness, no politician or member of the media can even suggest that fact, no matter how obvious it may be, as they’ll be labeled “anti-woman”, “anti-victim”, “insensitive white privileged male”, etc.  Even worse, when viewers at home see no one challenging Ford’s credibility, they start to doubt their own common sense views.

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