07-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

Trump officially has his 2nd Supreme Court nominee, but call me a little skeptical he can get it through the narrow Republican Senate majority, especially with John McCain out of the picture. If he’s too sick to do his job, he should resign immediately. He can send someone to proxy vote for him, but as he showed with Obamacare, screwing over Trump is much more important to him than fulfilling his campaign promises or doing what’s best for the country. I’m guessing Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski will vote ‘No’ on Brett Kavanaugh to be the hero of the mainstream press. The media will always give favorable coverage to any Republican that goes against conservative/libertarian ideals, but it’s temporary and will vanish the first time that Republican says or does anything conservative. BTW, why does Roe v. Wade always seem to be the ONLY issue that matters for a nominee as far as the press is concerned? Is the Constitution even worth a passing mention? To me, the biggest issue right now for the court to decide is Obamacare. The justification for its constitutionality was its status as a “tax”, but as of 2019, the tax penalty will be $0 thanks to a Trump executive order. He may have intentionally made Obamacare unconstitutional, sending it to a future death, which wouldn’t have been necessary if the Republican majority had done its job in the first place.

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06-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

PC Police Update

This week’s victim of the PC police is a Brewers ex-pitcher I remember watching while growing up, Chris Bosio. He was a known jokester in the clubhouse. He was fired for calling a white pitcher by his nickname, “spider monkey”, earned from the player’s workout style. Apparently, a snowflake black player heard the nickname and thought it was a reference to himself. So the Tigers fired Bosio. No 2nd chances. No chance for apology. The Tigers are a business and MUST do what the PC police say! The way this country is going, how much longer before political correctness is coded into speech laws with jail time & heavy fines for violation? Thankfully, the Supreme Court is slowly being replaced with strict constructionists that will protect an eroding Bill of Rights.

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