11-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

santa peeing 2020 decoration christmas displays different this year
didnt fall for husband third leg tripped me
government can offer you security only require that you kneel libertarians thats a problem
you celebrating thanksgiving no looting rioting police carry on
joe biden sniffing us mail box
socialists living in capitalism unbearable in socialism isnt real socialism this is fine
churches thanksgiving outdoor dining not ok black friday shopping totally fine

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet kaitlyn need to get life together waiting if world ends before effort
tweet karie unable love you much as myself this is breakup

Nothing to See Here, Move Along

trump obama biden crowd vote comparisons
trying to figure out record low counties biden most votes in history
bagdad bob there is absolutely no election frauid in us cnn

Random Thoughts of the Day

Question–if you knew there was a terrorist like Bin Laden about to carry out 9/11-style or even nuclear attacks on the U.S., would you order a drone strike to take him out? I’m guessing the vast majority of Americans would say yes. Would your answer change if you knew a dozen civilians would be killed? How about if he was hiding in a daycare filled with children? How about if you had to take out several city blocks that would likely kill thousands of innocent civilians? You’re talking about saving thousands of American lives, maybe millions in the event of a nuclear attack? Would you torture several captured individuals to find a more precise location on that terrorist?

Answers would likely vary by person, but what if I told you later that intelligence was mistaken identity and the man killed had zero terrorist ties? The point is that ends-justify-the-means thinking has motivated you to take actions that you normally would never support. Even if the terrorist info was correct, each of us usually has an acceptable “collateral damage” threshold.

Consider how this relates to today’s events. Imagine you’re a leftist who sees a President in office that represents everything you stand against. You’ve bought into propaganda hysteria that the world may end soon if drastic actions aren’t taken to fight climate change. That President threatens to destroy the health care system, possibly costing millions of uninsured lives. He’s racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, fascist, and will destroy America if you don’t stop him. What actions would you take to get him out of office? Would you use lies, made-up anonymous sources, or distorted reporting? Would you censor stories that may help him get re-elected, even true and professionally sourced ones? Would you rig voting blocks in key swing states? Would you politicize a deadly virus that may kill millions of people? Would you spread Covid hysteria and suppress voices of scientific reasoning? Would you withhold vaccines and treatments until after the election?

One of the most instructive movie scenes comes from Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. Yoda is training Luke Skywalker to be a Jedi, a force for good in the world. One of his final tests is to enter a mysterious virtual cave. Yoda tells Luke he won’t need his weapons. Luke takes them anyway, and he soon comes up against Darth Vader, the evil Sith Lord that represents everything against which he is fighting. Luke takes out his light saber. Summoning all his anger and hate, he strikes down Vader, cutting off his head. As Vader lays on the ground dying, his helmet explodes. Luke looks down to see the face behind the helmet is his own. In his quest to destroy Vader, he himself has become exactly what he is fighting.

You see this type of behavior in today’s Left. In their quest to destroy Trump, they’ve played politics with a virus that will cost millions of lives. They’ve used looting, rioting, and violent intimidation tactics. They’ve thrown away 1st Amendment freedoms, voting system integrity, and so much of the foundations of American democracy. They have become what, in their minds, they were trying to destroy. If you ever wondered how people could become so evil, look inside their minds and see how easily they can justify their own behavior.

As the Left gets set to assume power in 2021, the only way to avoid becoming like them is to stick to your values and principles no matter what. Never let ends-justify-the-means thinking turn you into something you never thought you could become.


Quotes of the Day

quote yoda once you start down the dark path forever will it dominate your destiny consume you it will
quote if you let government break law emergency will create to do so

Message of the Day

message ive learned best classroom at feet of elderly person

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10-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

grandpa walking to school 1961 snow me 2020 fire explosions
michael myers lysoy spraying knives 2020
2020 presidential debate trump vs chris wallace
halloween horror movie killers what women want in man
biden trump america dumb dumber song
chris wallace hold on joe biden let me answer this one
joe biden sniffing the rock endorsement
chris farley dr fauci remember when trump restricted travel china nancy racist masks awesome
there fixed it no more global warming face mask over exhaust pipe
fbi blind birdbox when democrat voter fraud exposed
nyt we have documents to expose trump lets see them no angry
cnn scrambling find white supremacist angle amy coney barrett adopting children haiti
first debate trump vs chris wallace biden sucking thumb
rock i endorse biden for president cone of shame chain lebron james me too
chris wallace please mr vp its my turn to debate the president

Random Thoughts of the Day

In the debate, Trump was hit by Chris Wallace with the question, “How can you be against ‘racial sensitivity training?'” This was in reference to Trump’s removal of the course “Critical Race Theory” being shoved down the throats of military and government personnel. Trump should have pointed out the classic technique of the Left of naming something in a way that covers its true intent and allows opponents to be easily demonized. This “racial sensitivity training” course is nothing more than anti-American brainwashing that berates people simply for being white. Consider other examples, like Black Lives Matter, a Marxist front organization, and the Affordable Care Act, a semi-socialist takeover of U.S. health care. Yet, if you oppose, the Left can say, “You don’t think black lives matter?!” and “You’re against affordable health care?!” The name Antifa is technically short for anti-fascist. “By not supporting Antifa, are you saying you don’t oppose fascism?!” How about the term government investment? As in, “We should invest in renewable energy and education” sounds so much better than “we should spend more money we don’t have on kickbacks for our campaign-supporting big corporations and teacher unions.” Keep your eyes open for an endless stream of language manipulation.

calvin hobbes what is hate speech communist term for censoring ideas
understanding democrat terms 101 socialism climate change toxic masculinity

Tweet of the Day

tweet blm ramzpaul forming political party called do good things riot loot arson

Quote of the Day

quote truth is treason in the empire of lies ron paul

Message of the Day

message when clown juggling entertain not interest opinions social justice nfl nba mlb

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10-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

So “suspicious” packages have been mailed the last couple days to George Soros, CNN, Waters, the Obama’s, and the Clinton’s. And just be coincidence, none of them did any damage. There is nothing suspicious about these packages in my mind. Like the Honduran caravan, this is another obvious “October surprise” organized & coordinated by the Left to give them a talking point: “See, Trump is fomenting anger and causing terror attacks!” It also allows the Left to cover up actions of nut protesters in their own party, “See, both sides have crazy people!” Remember the Republican election slogan, “Jobs, not Mobs”. It has been penetrating, and these packages were a desperate attempt to blunt the effect. CNN and MSNBC now have a story to put on hourly loops all the way through the election. Don’t fall for it! Nothing happens by accident any more in the “news”.

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Twelve Days Until 11/6 Midterms


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